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Heart of Gold

Toews Lake

Who knewdating being engaged to a Stanley Cup winner could be so tiring? Luckily today is a day were Jon and I could relax for a bit. We were going to head out to a near by lake and go swimming, jet skiing, wake boarding, etc. I woke up at 6:43 a.m. I groaned as I silently got up from bed making sure I didn’t wake Jonny up. I went to the bathroom and washed up. All of a sudden my phone blared signaling it was Beth. I quickly ran to the my phone and pressed the talk button. I glanced towards Jon who just shifted in bed.

“Yes Beth.” I said walking away from Jon.

“Yea Stell uh. Do you know where the baking soda is? Stephen said you put it in the dry cabinets but it’s not there.”

“What are you using it for?”

“Well we just got an order for an event that feed 85,000 people.”

My mouth dropped. “What order?”

“Well don’t freak but um the event isn’t until the end of the month but we need it to taste test the flavors.”

“Beth don’t change the subject. What event is it? I don’t remember agreeing to an event that feeds that many people.”

“Stella. Don’t freak on me but they called in a few days ago and is asking for our top flavors.”

“Beth! What event?”

“Uh. How do I put this? Um. The Chicago Blackhawks Convention.”

I dropped my phone. Jon shot up from the bed grabbing his hockey stick.

“Stella what happened?” he said shifting his body back and forth looking for an intruder.
I bent down and picked up my phone. “Nothing. Go back to bed.” I shooed him away and he put his hockey stick back and sat on the edge of the bed.

“What!?” I screamed into the receiver.

“Stella calm down. I know you didn’t know but I thought that it would be for a good cause.”

“What cause? It’s a hockey convention for pete’s sake. Do you not know how much ingredients it would cost us? Not to mention the amount of baking time and testing flavors for everyone?”

“Stella just calm down. I’ll figure out everything okay. Don’t worry your little pretty head.”

“You better not mess this up.”

“Oh no worries. I’ll grab like some of the guys to help test out flavors.”

“I’m trusting you on this Beth.”

“You can worry about it when you come back. Your on vacation have fun and live a little. I’ll see you in a few weeks."

I sighed. Jon moved my hair and kissed the back of my neck. “Get it done. Bye.”

“Bye Stella. Oh and just remember don’t have too much fun now.” she laughed.

“Bye.” I said sarcastically hanging up my phone. Jon kissed my neck once again.


“Yup.” I sighed once again. He kissed me. I didn’t hold back.

Later in the day Jon and I drove up to Toews Lake. A lake named after Jonathan after winning the Stanley Cup. I honestly didn’t know how lucky I was to have Jonathan as a Fiancè. Jon held my hand the entire ride up there. It was so cute. See these are the times where his teammate would never actually suspect that he would do such a thing. I let out his other half where he wasn’t focused on hockey or anything at all. For half of this ride up to Toews Lake; Jon and I blasted out singing along to the songs on the radio. Only if his team would see him like this boy that would make a great locker room topic. I laughed at Jon once the song was over.

“Why can’t you be like this all the time?” I asked him. He took my hand and kissed my palm.
“Then I wouldn’t be so focused on what’s ahead of me.” With that we reached our destination.

“Jon this lake looks better than you.” I teased getting out of the car.

“Haha very funny.” Jon said grabbing our things. I walked around the car to where Jon was handling our things and kissed him on the cheek. He chuckled. “What would I do without you?” I grabbed some of the towels. “I dunno. You’d probably be lost if I didn’t go to UND.” He chuckled. “Sure.” he said sarcastically. I scoffed and hit him in the stomach. The rest of the day would be something.

“Jon are you sure about this?” I asked concerned. Jon and I had some friends that owned a boat and was willing to teach us how to water ski. I was mainly worried on Jon’s behalf. What if something went wrong? Jon walked to me after he put on his safety vest. “Stell.” he brushed part of my hair away. “I’ll be fine. It doesn’t look that dangerous. Plus I’m in the water. I know how to swim. And I wouldn’t do anything to worry you so much.” he kissed my forehead. “Okay. I guess.” “Stella don’t worry so much. If he get’s hurt it’s his fault.” Dave said trying to comfort me. I sighed watching Jon get off the boat and getting ready to water ski. I closed my eyes and prayed nothing bad would happen.

Suddenly the engine started running. I turned my head towards the back of the boat and Jon was ready to water ski. The boat moved and so did Jon. I sighed of relieve seeing Jon actually water skiing. He wasn’t that bad. He knew what he was doing so all my worries went away. “See Stell.” Dave said. “He’s fine.” “Well you never know Dave. Better safe than sorry.” he shrugged. The boat stopped after minutes of watching Jon water ski. He jumped back on the boat and ran up to me and hugged me tight. “Jon. Can’t. Breathe.” I said gasping for air. He let go. “oh sorry.” I shook my head at Jon laughing.
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