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Heart of Gold

Chicago Blackhawks Convention 2010

“Jonathan!” I called in search of my boyfriend. We were back in Chicago for the annual Chicago Blackhawks convention. I walked into our condo from a dreaded day of frosting cupcakes for the convention. He walked into the living room fresh from a shower. He glistened and water beads were still on his body.

“Yes Stella.” He said using his towel to dry his hair. “What time is the convention tomorrow?” I asked putting my stuff down. “Well I know it starts in the afternoon…”
“Oh good. That means I’ll be able to get the cupcakes down there in time.”
“Great. I know I love those cupcakes of yours.” He said kissing my cheek. I plopped on the couch and turned the tv on. Everything was alright.


“Come on! Come on! Come on!” I yelled making sure that every single cupcake that we baked, cooled, frosted, and decorated where all ready for the Blackhawks Convention. Beth was coming on the ride with me so I wasn’t doing everything on my own.

When we reached our destination, there was a bunch of tables laid out for us to put the cupcakes on. Each cupcake represented something different. We decided to put a bunch of cupcakes together to make the Blackhawks Logo. Then we made the Stanley Cup out of cupcakes. It was an interesting task up it looked better than ever.

“There’s our girl!” I heard coming from behind me. I stopped what I was doing, wiped the frosting off my hands onto my apron and set everything down to make eye contact with Stan Bowman. “Hi Stan.” I said smiling. “How’s everything doing?” He asked. Everyone in Chicago knew Jon and I were engaged especially the team itself. Who else would Jon go to for advice.

“Everything’s okay. The cupcakes you guys ordered are ready.”
“Good. They look delicious. Thanks so much for doing this Stella.”
“Oh no problem. Chicago is my home. Unless you guys decide to trade Jon or something.” I joked.
“Don’t worry Stell. From the looks of it so far. Once his contract ends we might look in to keep him for a few more years. He’s the heart that brought back Chicago the cup.” he laughed.
I laughed along hoping it would stay that way. “Stella!” Beth called out. “I’m sorry.” I said,
“I have to take this.” He shook his head. “No worries. We want those cupcakes looking neat and professional.” He left to leave me to my duty.

“Well well well look who we have here?” I heard behind me as I continued to fix and arrange the cupcakes. I looked at Beth. Don’t listen to them. she mouthed to me. I sighed and shook my head. “Hey you!” That voice grabbed my shoulders and aggressively turned me around. “What?” I said holding on to a cupcake I was placing on the table. I noticed that she was no older than 20.
“Stay away from Tazer. He’s mine. Don’t you ever think of trying to marry him. Your not even good enough for him.” With those last words she shoved me in the table of cupcakes that took forever to put together ruining the creation. A bunch of Hawks fans were now staring at us. She continued laughing in her ‘Future Mrs. Toews’ jersey which looks like she attempted to make but failed to do so. My entire body was shocked as I was covered in frosting. I was legit pissed off right now. Beth walked right up to her.
“You bitch. Why the hell did you just do that?”
“She’s legally stealing my man.” she said.
“Security!” Beth yelled. Moments later security came and saw the complete mess.
“What happened here ladies?” the man who I know as Al said. “Oh she’s just a klutz and fell onto the table.” she said trying to convince him that all of that was nothing. “Well it doesn’t look like she just tripped. I’m sorry but your going to have to come with me for a while.” She mouth just dropped. Al called in for back up as they took her away and he helped me up. “Thanks for saving my butt Al.” “Not to worry. We’re here to protect the players and their better halves remember.” I laughed at his remark. “Well I don’t know what do to now.” I said turning towards Beth and Al walked away. “Sweetie you need to change.” “Thank you captain obvious.”
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Okay so I know I promised to update last week. I tried but I had no internet for a while. Then when I wanted to post I had to do homework. Now for me it's basketball season busy as hell. I'll try to update at least once a week. If not I'm sorry. But in the mean time....