Status: D O N E !

Heart of Gold


Stella hasn’t returned yet. My mom was concerned about everything and how I was coping with everything. She decided to fly down to Chicago to see how everything was going. Stella would have loved this. Both her and my mom love hanging out or having those girl talks, especially with my mom since it was just me and Davy growing up no daughters. I started pacing back and forth worried about where she could be.

"Jonathan just relax. I'm sure she's fine." My mom said. I wasn't quite sure if I should believe her or not. I've trusted her my entire life and now when one amazing thing is here, it's just gone. My mother laid a hand on my shoulder.
"Jon, it's all trust. If she loves you she will come back."

"Mom what if she doesn't?" I sighed.

"Don't say that. She will. Just believe and trust her Jon." My mom was right. She's always right.

Now I'm in the middle of no where. No not really. I'm just somewhere in Lincoln Park. I parked my car on a side street, turned of the engine and stepped out of the car. There's nothing better than seeing the wonderful picturesque landscape of Lincoln Park. Lincoln Park Zoo was a couple blocks away from where I parked. I decided to walk in and take a look around. The cold December air hit me in the face. I looked around seeing the many kids still coming and going to the zoo, even in this December weather. It had been weeks since I last saw Jon. I had been spending the last few weeks at my sister's place in Lincoln Park. She was worried about me but at the same time she knew that I'd be upset because our father had passed. I made my way to the Kolver Lion House. I sat myself in front of Snow Leopard name Leyla. Leyla recently gave birth to a newborn cub. The zoo was sponsoring a name contest for the baby. I watched Leyla in her habitat. She was nurturing her newborn and was keeping him safe from everything. Very protective mama. When the father came around she would cover him up to protect him. It reminded me a lot of Jonathan. He was always protective of me with all of my decisions kinda like a mama leopard. I started tearing up. I needed to tell him why I've been so M.I.A. lately. I quickly ran (being pregnant and all didn't really help out with the quickness) to my car and drove all the way to our condo. Jon had two home games before Christmas break. It was perfect. I wiped my tears away resulting in red puffy eyes. It didn't matter. As I reached the Chandler I mentally kicked myself in the head for running away like a little kid.

I knocked on the door as I remembered leaving my key here. I heard different voices. Was Jon having a party? The door swung opened showing a smiling Mrs. Toews. "Stella!" she said pulling me into a hug. I heard a thud as my future mother in law hugged me. There stood Jonathan in awe. Andreé let me go and I ran up to Jon. Jon squeezed me tight. "Stella. Why'd you run away?" Tears started forming in my eyes. "I couldn't take it." I said crying through my tears. I heard the door shut, which meant Andreé left us to be alone for a while. He let go and cupped my face. "What do you mean?" I looked into his eyes. He looked like a lost puppy. He somehow looked at my facial expression as I was crying to see that I was seriously uncomfortable, so he carried me to the couch and let me sit. "Is it something bad." I shrugged my shoulders. I just continued to cry in his arms. After a few minutes I pulled away and wiped away my tears. "Jon, my my dad passed." He looked shocked. He didn't expect that coming out of my mouth. "What?" "He passed last week. The day I gave Gwen that letter my mom called. She said he wasn't doing so well. I knew I couldn't take a plane over there but I just stayed in a hotel for a few weeks to calm my nerves. This wedding thing and having a baby before the wedding seems all out of balance. Let alone with your hockey schedule. I ju jus just couldn't take it anymore." I broke down crying once more. Jon pulled me into a hug and stroked my hair. "Shh. Everything will be okay babe. We can make things work. I'll always be here for you. Nothing is ever going to break us apart." I felt the need to trust him. I have known him for a long time, there's nothing more than loving Jon.


By March came around the corner, the team was trying to keep a spot for the playoffs. Jon was in full Captain Serious mode on the ice keeping the team from losing. So far the Hawks have won 8 straight games and it was a thrill ride. Everyone was so excited. On the other hand some of the Blackhawks Better Halves have been helping with wedding preparations. Today as the guys had practice and tux fittings, the ladies were helping me with finding the right wedding gown. We went Mira Couture to find my wedding day gown. It had to be perfect with the theme and everything. Jon and I thought of a hockey themed-ish wedding considering that the reason why we'd stayed so close is because of hockey. We both love the game and I understand the ups and the downs whether the Hawks win or lose a game. Our parents thought it was a good idea. It was brought us closer together and I've sacrificed so much for Jonathan as well.

Today was the big day. Jonathan was going to sign his entry-level contract for 3 years in Chicago. That meaning him being at UND for only 2 years. Jon had promised me that he'd be with me where ever his career takes him. But this was huge. Thinking about moving from UND to Chicago, let alone moving most of my stuff from Quebec to Chicago major change.
"Stella?" Jon said entering my dorm room. "In the bathroom!" I screamed, "I'll be out in a sec." I heard Jon plop himself onto my bed which creaked as Jon shifted into a comfortable position. I opened the door and fixed my hair. Tonight Jon got back from his contract signing to grab some of his stuff for his trip to Chicago and it was also the last night I'd be able to see Jon till the end of UND. He suggested we go out tonight all fancy and stuff. There's nothing better than going out with Jonathan. "Ready?" he asked, "Whoa. You look beautiful Stell. When did I get myself such a girl." Jon continued as he walked up to me. That dress I wore blew Jonathan away even though it was basically a fancy casual date. Jon looked stunning as always. He changed from his tux to his dress shirt and dark wash jeans. Dear god why did he have to look so sexy. "Thanks stud. You don't look half bad yourself."
Jon had brought us to this cute little park outside of campus. As I got out of the car I saw a little tent set up with a picnic basket laid out. I turned to see Jon with my mouth wide opened. "Jon you didn't really have to go all out." I blushed. He took a hold of my hands and led me to the tent set up without a word. Jon had prepared us Chicken Parmesan, Cesar Salad, and some Vanilla Ice Cream for dessert. "Here we are my beautiful." He said letting me sit down as he walked quickly to the other side and grabbed the food out of the basket.
In the middle of dinner, Jon finished his food and looked at me. "May I help you?" I said as I took a sip of my water. "Come with me to Chicago." I swear as Jon said that I almost spit out the water in my mouth.


"Come with me." He took my hands, "I need you Stell. I feel like you complete me whenever
I'm in a good or bad mood. Please come with me to Chicago."

"What about UND?"

"You can transfer this semester to Chicago colleges. I hear their really good."

"What about my stuff?"

"I have arranged already."

"My parents?"

"They agreed and they loved the idea."

"What about us? Where would we live?"

"I have that all planned out. I already bought a place."

I stared at Jon for a minute in awe. He planned everything out without me worrying.

"So? What's the plan?" He asked curiously studying my face.

I smiled. "When do we leave?"

After that day, everything seemed to be going well. When we got to our little condo which by the way has a spectacular view of downtown Chicago. From this day I think that everything will just lead us by fate. If Jon was destined to be in the NHL well I'm there every step of the way.
♠ ♠ ♠
I'm sorry for not updating for a while. School has been stressing me out and I've been sick and still attending school. I found out that I'm not able to participate in sports for a few more weeks. My medication is alot in one day. I'm sorry. I swear I'll make it up to you guys when I'm on spring break.