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Heart of Gold

Craziness and Love

I stood there in shock. I could hear the team cheer Jonny on in the background. Was this really happening? Words couldn’t come out of my mouth. Someone help me out.
“STELLA! SAY SOMETHING!” Gwen screamed. I noticed as I looked around that some of the Blackhawks fans that where in the stadium cheered Jonny on as well.

“Stella are you there?” Jonny asked.

I tried to bring my thoughts together. “Huh? Oh yea. My answer is yes!”

I watch Jonny as he smiled placing that ring on my finger. Gosh he’s so adorable. He pulled me close to him. “Promise me you’ll shave when we get back to Chicago.” I asked. “Then promise me you’ll always be by my side no matter what.” I laughed. He kissed me. “That’s a promise!” Jonny gave me a piggy back ride to regroup with the other Hawks and their families. I got off and everyone started congratulating me. It’s not about me it’s about them. I mean they won the Stanley Cup. But what can I say I’m now engaged to Chicago Blackhawks captain, Conne Smythe winner, Olympic gold medalist and let’s not forget Stanley Cup Champion Jonathan Toews. Okay so it’s not that big of a deal is it?

Most of the Wachovia Center emptied out with the Flyers fans. Some were even sulking in their seats watching the opposing team celebrate in their glory in a different city. Pretty much one hour later we couldn’t stop celebrating. Doused in champagne this was probably a better celebration than the Sox winning the World Series back a few years ago. Heck yea! This was better that that. The boys were drinking out of the cup and the champagne bottles while some of the little kids sat on top of the stalls watching the adults drink in excitement. Some even pretended to drink with the empty bottles of champagne. It was funny. Gwen disappeared within the over excited hockey players. I felt something grab me from behind and picked me up. “Hey! It’s soon to be Mrs. Jonathan Toews!” Big Buff said. I laughed as Jonny came up to me and tried to get me out of Buff’s grip. He finally put me down. I was part of the family since I came to every home game and some away games. Jonny laughed, “Sorry about that” sipping a bottle “I asked the guys if it was the right time.” He brushed a strand of hair away from my face. I felt safe in his arms. Unfortunately when your fiancé’s hockey team won the Stanley Cup the team knows how to be sneaky. They poured champagne from the cup onto both Jon and I soaked completely all over. Sure I was upset but it’s an honor at the same time.

Once the partying in Philly was over it was time to head back home. Jon and Pat (Kane) saved both Gwen and I seat on the team flight back to Chicago. I sat next to Jon and Gwen. I don’t know where Gwen went. “Gwen is probably with Kaner.” Jon said to comfort me. “Jon, that makes things worse. It’s Kaner we’re talking about here.” He chuckled. “You do have a point but Kaner knows how much Gwen means to you.” “She just has to be careful.” I sighed. My eyes started closing and all I could hear was screaming in the background. I drifted off to sleep.

My eyes opened with the sounds of partying all around. I lifted my head off a table. “Hey Sleeping Beauty. Welcome back!” Gwen said. “Hey where am I?”
“Girlie your at the Pony Bar. Oh wait you were asleep. When we got back we went to grab a bite to eat, then we headed here to the Pony Bar.” “Where where’s Jonny and why do I feel hung over?” “Stella you didn’t drink at all why the hell would you feel hung over.” “Gwen where is Jonny?” “Oh right Jonny is with the guys and some fans. Here hold on.” Gwen turned the other way. “JONNY!” Gwen walked away to the group of people partying in the middle of the bar while Jonny walked up to me. “Hey babe.” He kissed my cheek. “So how’s the partying going. I see I missed a lot.” I laughed as I saw both Patricks crowd surfing. It must have been nice. Jon noticed I wasn’t myself. “Stell are you okay?” he said sitting down with his serious face on. “Jon I’m fine.”

Once it was time for everyone to leave we walked out of the back entrance since the team was told that the front entrance was blocked by the tons of fans wanting to see the cup. That wasn’t the least of our problems since it was the same in the back. As we both left the entrance there were a few like bodyguards there to make a barrier between the team and the fans. As I entered the limo I saw more fans on the other side. Boy I haven’t seen Chicago this crazy since well never. It wasn’t this crazy for the Sox let’s just say that. Jonny finally got into the limo getting away from the mob of fans. “Everyone must have liked you guys winning. No one was this crazy for the Sox” I laughed. “Besides you guys are way better. Hockey is a better sport.” “Well it’s a good thing I’m going to marry you.” He kissed me and I squirmed a bit. “Fine I’ll shave.” I smiled to myself in victory. The car ride to Jonny’s condo was mainly about wedding details and starting to plan everything. “So uh in a few weeks I get my day with the cup in my hometown. I was wondering if you would come with me?” Jonny said changing the subject ever so slightly. “I don’t know. Someone has to look after the café and help make all those cupcakes.” “But don’t you own it?”

“Yes. But someone has to manage the orders and what not. Which by the way I have to go back.”

“Why?” He started whining like a baby.

“Jon, who else is going to pay for my gas, insurance etc. Plus I want to make a cupcake in honor of the Stanley Cup win.”

The limo stopped in front of Jonathan’s condo. I walked out headed for my car. “Stella wait!” I heard Jon scream from behind. I looked back. He mouthed ‘I love you’ before heading upstairs. I smiled knowing that I would soon spend the rest of my life with that man.
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Hope you liked it.