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Heart of Gold


September came rolling around which meant the start of pre-season for 2010-2011. Jon was currently at the UC for training camp and I was at home relaxing. I turned on the TV to watch The Dilemma. Just halfway through the movie I felt a sudden pain and wetness on the couch. I knew it was time but I couldn't call Jon as of right now. I knew who to call. I picked up my phone and dialed.
"Hello, Sharp residence."
"Abby. Can you get your butt over here? My water just broke."
"Yeah, I'm on my way." She hung up.
About 10 minutes later there was a doorbell. I wobbled over there to see some of the other BBH, Carmen, Elina, Gwen, Lauren, and Dayna. "Let's go chica!" Gwen said grabbing the hospital bag Jon and I had prepared for this day. Once we got in the car, pain occurred once again. "Stell, deep breaths. In and out." Carmen said breathing with me. "Some. One. Call. Jon." I said breathing. "Already on it." Elina said whipping out her phone. "Do you think he'll make it on time?" Gwen asked. I looked up at her in panic. Dayna playfully hit her in the shoulder then rubbed my back. "Of course he'll make it on time. " she said, "I hope." she whispered. "I. Heard. That." I shouted.
"Whoa, calm down Stell, we're here."
"Elina? Anything?" Gwen asked.
"Yes. I had asked for Jonathan. They said that they would try to get him as soon as possible."
I sighed. I had just got out of the car and into the Emergency Room. "Move it people! Pregnant Lady coming through!" Gwen yelled. The others and I laughed in our embarrassment. The nurses helped me into a room for the time being. I just hope Jon was able to make it on time.

The doctor came in to check up on me while the others waited in the waiting room. The doctor told me that I had to wait a few more hours till I was ready to push.
"Now it will take a while but it will be worth giving birth to a beautiful child later on."
"I hope so." I said.
"Doctor, there are a bunch of Chicago Blackhawks players outside. Are they waiting for you Mrs. Toews?" The nurse remarked. I'm not sure how she meant it but well duh.
"Yes, I hope so."
"Well, let's hope Mr. Toews is ready for this. I'll check up on you later." The doctor said.
The nurse continued to stare at me before leaving 5 minutes later.
3 minutes later Jon came running into the door. "Stella!" he said as he ran into my room. "You didn't have the baby yet did you?" He questioned. I shook my head. He sighed.
"Oh good. Luckily we finished in time."
"Or I would have killed you."
"Hey now, at least season hasn't started yet." I sighed.
"I guess." he kissed me on the forehead.
"We made this baby together. I would never miss the birth of any of our children." he kissed the back of my hand.

Hour later Jonathan and I welcomed to the world little, Charles Jonathan Toews, or the nickname the Hawks gave him C.J. I held him in my arms as Jon took pictures with his phone. Then he took out the camera and gave it to the nurse. She took the picture. "Some family you got there." she said. I stared at her. What was her problem. She took C.J. back to the baby room where the hospital showcases all the babies that were born in the hospital. The nurse left giving me a dirty look. I scoffed. Jon turned around, "What up?" I shuffled in the bed. "That nurse just gave me a dirty look." I said crossing my arms across my chest. Jon walked toward me and kissed me on the forehead. "Trust me, there's no one else in the world, I would want right now besides you and little C.J."
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Well guys (my 32 subscribers) that was it. I hoped you liked it I'm sorry for it being really short. I didn't plan it like this but it was the best that came out. Thanks so much for reading and I hope you look forward to my other stories I have planned.

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