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Heart of Gold

Day After Winning

Driving back to the bakery was never a hassle. This time I was wrong. I looked out my window seeing a longest line in the history of lines all leading up to my bakery. This was the same bakery where I first met Jon years ago. When he first walked into my store I couldn’t actually that there was a Blackhawk there right in front of me. Not knowing that years later we’d actually be engaged. I stepped out of my car and headed towards the bakery seeing that the line got even longer.

It was packed. More than any other day of the week. As I entered the store all the customers were whispering; not only them but my workers as well. “Welcome back newly engaged!” one of my workers Beth said. “Soon to be Mrs. Jonathan Toews!” I looked around the store and everyone was cheering; some even came up to me and said congrats! I started to blush in embarrassment. Suddenly I realized I needed to work on the Blackhawks cupcake. I walked to the lab which is in the back of the bakery and I told Beth to come with me. “So how do you feel?” Beth asked as I started piling ingredients out of create the best cupcake in honor of the Stanley Cup.

After a few hours of combining and throwing ingredients around there was a bunch of commotion coming out from the front of the bakery. I walked out to the front wiping my floury hands on my apron. It was Jon. What was he doing here? Of all times? Jon looked towards me with that soft smirk of his. “Hey.” he walked over and kissed my temple. “How’s that cupcake working out?” I laughed. “It’s going okay we finished the batter all we need is the frosting.” I looked down noticed I had some frosting on my apron. I touched the frosting making sure it was on my finger and spread it all over Jon’s face. Shocked Jon just stood there while some of the fans laughed at him. “You have a little something.” I said pointing at his face. “Thank you for that welcome Stell.” I headed back to the lab while Jon stayed a while posed for pictures, signed autographs, etc. Finally I finished the cupcake. Yum! I made sure we made enough for all the people standing and waiting in line for our baked goods.

When it was time for closing Jon was excited to take me out again. Although I had to change since I was covered in flour. Once we got to our condo I quickly changed into my dress. Hair, makeup everything. As I stepped out of our bedroom Jon was standing there looking well sharp. He had his suit on and everything. “Well look at you.” He took my hand and kissed it softly. “Beautiful as always my future bride.” Always with the cheesy comments. “Not so bad yourself.” I replied. “Shall we?” He extended his hand. I reached out to grab his. We bother smiled. “We shall.” We were both dorks and we knew it. Jon flashed me that smirk. That smirk always makes my knees weak knowing that I chose the right man. Jon was always known as Captain Serious around the team, but whenever he was with me he was Captain Cheesy. I was the only one to know about this captain.

“Where are we going?” I asked fidgeting in my seat. We both were seated in Jon’s Chevy Tahoe. “I am not saying.” smirking while driving. I looked at him. “Just make sure we don’t get hurt. Your smirking over there can get us a ticket. So keep your smile small.” I teased. His smirk turned into a frown. I leaned over to kiss him on the cheek. Frown turned upside down again. “Sometimes I just hate how you do that.” he said focusing on the road ahead. “Do what?” I said playing coy. “Do like whatever it is you do to make me smile when I’m like ‘mad’ at you.” “I feel insulted.” Pulling my hand up to my chest to make the scene dramatic. He glanced over and laughed. “For the many reasons why I love you so much.” he said still laughing.

Finally after a few more minutes of driving around Jon stopped in front of Navy Pier. “We’re here.” I laughed a little. “Navy Pier?” Jon got out of the driver’s seat and walked towards my side of the car; opening my door for me like a gentlemen. “No, not just Navy Pier, come on.” He took my hand and escorted me out to the pier. “So what’s next?” I asked hoping nothing will be flying out at random. He pointed towards a boat that’s hanging out on the pier on Lake Michigan. I turned my head and smiled. “Are you for real?” I almost squealed like a little girl. Jon took my hand. “For us,” he kissed it, “tonight. Only for us.” I felt like I was going to die or something. We both headed towards the boat reserved for us. Only if this night lasted forever.
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Short and somewhat filler-ish. Trust me it'll get better.
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