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Heart of Gold

Perfect Timing

This must have been one of the most craziest parades Chicago has ever had. Sure it’s been 49 years since the Stanley Cup was last in Chicago but there was so many people there were like ambulances all over the place. We were headed towards Michigan Avenue. Gwen and I kept on taking pictures of Jon and Pat or just of the trophies. We felt like fan girls for a few minutes. “Stella.” Jon said with a firm tone. “Just relax until we’re actually there. There may be a few fans now but just wait.” he continued taking my hand.

“Guys stop grossing us out. There are children out there.” Kaner complained. Jessica playfully punched him and gave me ‘sorry’ look. I shook my head laughing a bit. “You should listen to what you said Kaner. There are cab drivers out there too!” Jon replied which caused everyone to laugh. “Touché.”

So the parade was around the corner and everyone was going crazy at the sight of the Stanley Cup. Every time Jon or Pat would hoist it up the crowd would go insane. Best parade ever. There were points in the parade where I laughed at Pat and his drunken self. “Do you think something bad would happen?” I asked Erica; one of Pat’s younger sisters. “I don’t think so. He promised no more going over the top on some things. If he did then there goes another controversy again. 2 years in a row won’t look so hot with a Stanley Cup champ.” She responded. “Oy just wait till he brings the cup back to Buffalo.” “Who knows?” We laughed it off looking towards Pat himself shaking his butt supposedly ‘dancing’ causing us to laugh even more.

The rally was really funny. Versteeg rapping, Kaner acting all weird, and knowing that there are dedicated fans out there coming from all over the place. The confetti blew up all over the place after got in everyone’s face. Honestly it could have been on of the best parades ever.

By the time the parade was over I was dead beat. I couldn’t have scream so much that I pretty much lost my voice. Ugh. This sucked big time. Jon was having a little party in his condo in celebration of the win. On our way there Jon noticed that I was quiet. “Babe what’s wrong?” trying to concentrate on the road ahead.

I sat there in silence. “Stella.” he sounded worried. “I… Can’t…” my voice was cracking and Jon snickered a bit. I hit him on the shoulder. I hummed ‘not funny’ as I looked through my bag for paper and pen. I wrote down:

Jon I can’t talk. I think I lost my voice. It hurts like hell. I may have screamed to much during the rally.

The car stopped at a red light. I showed Jon the piece of paper. “Oh. Did you scream your lungs out?” I nodded. He took my hand and kissed my palm. “How about I’ll make some of your favorite tea. I know you’ll like it.” A smile grew on my face from ear to ear. He knew me so well. “From the judgment of your facial expression. Sounds like a plan.”

When we arrived at his condo Jon headed straight to the kitchen. I seated myself on a stool watching Jon make the tea. Once the tea was don he handed me a mug while I was reading a bridal magazine Beth had gotten me when I arrived at the bakery yesterday. Jon wrapped his arms around me. “So what were you thinking about the wedding?” I grabbed my pen and paper and wrote out.

How about we hire a wedding planner?

“Do we know any?”

Uh. No but I think my sister does. I can always call her unless she became one.

“Hmm. As long as everything is right for our standards. It sounds like a plan.”

One thing. When will it take place? I wrote out.

This would be tough since the Blackhawks schedule is somewhat crazy with the roadtrips and practices. “How about next summer? Maybe in June?” I looked at Jon with a smile. He knew that his life couldn’t be perfect. I sipped my tea. What? I wrote down. He laughed. “Nothing.” Just then there was a knock on the door. Jon slipped away to answer the door. I heard a bunch of laughter and cheering. I walked over to the living room with my cup of tea in tow. “Hey Stellabear!” Brent Seabrook said pulling me into a hug without spilling my tea. I waved hello with my free hand. “Aw what’s wrong Stellabear?” Duncan Keith asked me.

Stellabear was a nickname the team gave me when they found out Jon and I were dating. Honestly I don’t know how it came up but its okay.

I flashed a look towards Jon. “Stella lost her voice at the rally today.” I sipped my tea. “So she’s writing everything down for now until her voice is back.” Jon continued. A few minutes later the entire team (coaches and staff included) were in Jon’s condo having an after party for the parade.

While everyone was ‘partying’ I stood on the patio watching everyone; grabbing a few more beers for Burish. “So Stella. Who’s going to be your maid of honor?” I jumped slightly as Gwen popped out of nowhere. I pointed to her but she didn’t seem to notice. “What your not going to tell me? I’m your BFF. Tell me woman!” I shut the fridge door closed and walked over to the group of guys waiting for another beer. Gwen followed me like a puppy. How come I lose my voice and she doesn’t? She scream just as loud as I did. Handing the guys their beer I grabbed Gwen and we headed to Jon’s bedroom. I searched for pen and paper and wrote out:

Gwen, your going to be my MOH. I lost my voice that’s why I didn’t tell you earlier.

She looked at me dumbfounded. She laughed slightly. “Lost your voice seriously. You’ve been to so many Hawks games screaming your butt off and now you lose your voice. Well that’s just great.” Now I looked at her dumbfounded and wrote out. What?

“Stella. Come with me.” She pulled me into the kitchen, opened the fridge door and grabbed the bottle of Ginger Ale. “You honestly don’t know anything about vocal chords.” Pouring a small portion of Ale into a cup and handing to me. “Now drink.” I stared at her hand holding the cup. “Don’t make me force it down your throat!” I quickly took the cup from her hand and drank it like a shot of tequila. “Now say something.” Putting the cup down I looked at her and said, “What?” “There you go!” She said walking away. I quickly grabbed her arm and pulled her closer to me.

“How. How’d you do that?”

“Stella. I’m a vocal coach for amateur singers/actors. I know how to handle vocal chords. If you texted me earlier I could have fixed this problem.”

“That’s it?”

“Yeah pretty much. You’ve seen me at the games; screaming my head off and then the next day my voice is gone. Ginger Ale is a good supplement for getting your voice back.” I walked away from her sitting on the stool in the kitchen and heard, “Your welcome.” coming from Gwen.

A few hours later the party was going on great. Everyone was having a good time. I went to grab a sweater from the stash of clothes I leave here at Jon’s place. “Stell! Not good!” I turned around and Gwen was pacing back and forth with Kaner watching her. “Pat what’s going on?” He took his hand and placed on the back of his head. “Well.” He started. “The thing is that. Uh.” “STELLA, KATELYN IS HERE!” Gwen blurted out. “What!?” I rushed out of the room forgetting my sweater seeing right in front of me Jon’s friend or ‘ex-girlfriend’ as she called herself straddling my fiancé
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Ohmagod! Drama! I don't think so.