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Heart of Gold

Girls Night Out

Later that day Jon and I were packing for the trip to Winnipeg for next month when Jon has his time with the Cup. Apparently I must have been nervous or something because I pretty much packed everything I had here at Jon’s; which was everything I owned. Sure I’ve met his parents a few times before and they love me, but this time it wasn’t just his parents. It was the whole family. ‘No worries’ I told myself. ‘We’re only going to be there for a few weeks. Right?’ Just then Jon came into the room and saw the mess. “Whoa! What did you do? Or did the closet throw up.” I laughed at his comment and threw one of my shirts at him.

“Babe it’s only for a couple of weeks. We’re going to be coming back anyway remember? For the convention.” “Right.” I said folding some of my clothes and stashing them into my luggage. Jon just sat there watching me pack. I’d look at him a couple of times but he’d look away causing me to laugh. There was a knock at the door and Jon got up leaving me alone to pack. He gave me a quick kiss before heading for the door. A few minutes later Jon came back into the room. “Hey Stell is it okay if I head out with some of the guys for a bit?” I turned around seeing half of Jon’s body in the doorway. “Yea sure. Besides I have to pack and what not.” “Okay I’ll see you later tonight.” With those words he left.

When I was finished packing I walked over to the living room and sat there bored for a few minutes. “Hey Stella!” Gwen said barging into the condo. “Did I give you a key?” I asked getting off the couch. “Nope. But Pat did.” “Go figure.” I rolled my eyes towards the ceiling. “Not the point.” She said grabbing my shoulders. “We are going to have a girls night out.” Her eyes seemed to be wander in all sorts of directions.

“Did you have too much caffeine this morning?”

“No! Come on! You should at least take some time off away from Jon. These past few days have been exhilarating.”


“Come on lazy bones get dressed.”

I did what I was told. Once I was ready we headed to Gwen car. “Where are we going exactly?” I said putting my seat belt on. “We my lovely friend are going to have a spa day.” “What? No way.” “Yes way at Spacio in Lincoln Park.” “Aren’t like spas expensive?” “It’s okay. Pat said he’ll pay for it.” “Gwen…” I was concerned that Gwen could be using Pat just for the heck of it. “No worries Stella. Pat knew how much you needed it. And as your friend I’m taking you with.” “Are you sure about that? Your not using Pat are you?” At the stop light she turned to my direction. “Stella. I would never use someone just for their money. I’m not that kind of person. If I was I wouldn’t be your friend, I wouldn’t have a job, and most likely hated amongst the entire Blackhawks team.” I sighed. “I guess your right. I do know you really well.”

Gwen parked her green KIA Soul in the parking lot and we headed towards the doors of Spacio. The environment was very relaxing. We walked up to the front desk. “Welcome to Spacio. How may we assist you tonight?” the front desk lady said with a smile on her face. “Yes. We have reservation under Toews.” Gwen said politely. The lady looked at the computer and typed something. “Oh yes. Ms. Gwen and Ms. Stella.” She up away from the computer. “Yes.” Gwen replied. “Right this way.” The front desk lady led us to a vacant room; where we were suppose to change. “Your instructor will be right with you.” she said leaving us with a smile. I looked at Gwen. “Oh you welcome.” She said. We both changed into robes and waited for our instructor. “Explain to me why the reservation was under Toews?” I asked Gwen. “Well. I don’t really know that part. Pat made the reservations not me. Ask him.” There was a knock on the door and it opened; entering the room was a tall dark haired guy who looked to be like our instructor. “Hello ladies. My name’s Mitch and I’ll be your instructor this evening.”

Mitch was great. He lead us to the massage rooms where we were able to choose what type of treatment we’d like. Gwen took the Swedish massage while I took the Hot Stone massage. For once outside of sleeping I actually felt relaxed; in my happy place not thinking about anything other than relaxation. Everything went away; Stanley Cup champions, my engagement to Jonathan, everything. By the time we were finished it was only nine o’clock.

We hopped back in Gwen’s car and headed to a local diner. “Stella. How do you feel?” I popped a French Fry into my mouth.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean that your engaged to a freaking hockey player. But not just any hockey player but a Stanley Cup winning Canadian Captain.”

“Yea. What’s your point? He’s just a person.”

“Stella I know hockey players are very nice and genuine but sometimes they can get anything they want. I mean Jon’s an awesome person but sometimes how do you know that he didn’t do anything that he’d regret. I trust him and everything but sometimes I get that like feeling he‘s going to hurt you.”

“I should say the same thing about Kaner.”

“It’s not that I don’t trust Jon I do.”

”And I’m glad you trust him. Gwen. If I didn’t trust him I wouldn’t be marrying the guy.”

“Haha whatever. It’s strange that you guys have been dating for four years and it was a time during college wasn’t it.”

Ugh. I hate running late. The only way to pay for my sophomore year here is to work. Why did UND have to be so far away from the bakery. I walked out of my dorm room closing the door behind me. While walking towards my car I searched through my purse looking for my keys. Then thud. I fell flat on the floor.

“Oh I’m sorry.” said the tall semi masculine boy carrying a duffle bag. He put it down. “I’m so sorry.” He said again helping me up. I wiped off the ‘dirt’ that was on my shirt. “It’s okay. I should have been looking it’s not your fault.”

“NO. It is my fault, I should have been paying attention to where I was swinging my bag. At least let me make it up to you. I‘m Jonathan.” He extended his hand.

“Stella.” I said shaking his hand looking at his eyes. He had the most gorgeous brown eyes I have ever seen. I didn’t notice I was staring at him when I chuckled. “Stella you can let go now.”

“Oh sorry. Haha.” I pulled away blushing. I looked at my phone. “I’m sorry Jonathan I have to leave.” I walked away towards my car; feeling a slight touch on my shoulder. I turned around to see Jonathan right behind me. “Jonathan were you following me?” He looked embarrassed a little bit. “Well kinda of but that’s not the point.” “Then what is the point?” I asked frustrated crossing my arm against my chest. “The point is that I want to take you out.” I looked up at his brown eyes. I sighed. “Fine. Now I need to get to work.” He smiled as I hoped into my car and drove off looking into the rear view mirror seeing Jonathan still standing there.

“Thanks for tonight Gwen.” I said closing her car door right outside Jon’s condo. “Hey no problem Mrs. Jonathan Toews. I flashed her a ‘WTF’ look. “Hold your horses. I’m not married yet.” “What ever.” she said driving away.
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