The New Girl Has Five Colors in Her Hair

Danny gets tricky

*Still Adeline's point of view*

After Math class Danny and I went towards our locker which is weird cos I'm his locker buddy.I saw Tom, Harry, and Dougie coming toward us. Dougie was saying something to us but I was to interested with my iPod, until Harry threw a drumstick at me which hurt.I looked up and just smiled at him evilly.

"What you smiling about didn't that hurt you?" Harry asked.
"Yeah but you never now what I may do to you retard," I replied.
"What you gonna do make out with me bitch?" he asked.
"Nope and I can't tell you cos it is a surprise so watch your back ass wipe," I snapped back.

The bell rang so I got my bag and headed toward English class with the rest of them.English class was fucking awesome the teacher really didn't care what we did so I took out my iPod once again and nudged Danny.

"Wanna listen again?" I asked.
"Sure," he answered.

Danny is so cute, especially his accent it's so heart throbbing, and his big blue eyes, Danny was perfect. He was different from other guys but he was it.

*Danny's point of view*

Adeline and I were listening to her iPod she has great taste in music which rocks!!!
The bell rang for lunch Adeline put away her iPod and asked me a question.

"You wanna come to my house today I mean I understand if you can't," she said all nervously.
"Yeah sure can I invite the guys?" I asked.
"Sure whatever."

School went by fast, the guys and I were following Adeline to her house which was like 1 block away from school and my front door neighbor. We went in her house it was huge.She had a flat screen TV and a Coke machine in her house. SWEET!!!!!!

"So what do you guys wanna do I have a game room, pool, and some other things," she said.
"POOL," Tom yells.
"Okay let me go upstairs so I can get my swim-suit on," she replied.
"Sure," we all said.

As we were taking off all our clothes except for our boxers the guys just kept staring at me which was getting kinda of annoying.

"What?" I said.
"Nothing, just that you're going to see Adeline half naked," Dougie says.
"Whatever, just because I like her doesn't mean I'm going to be perverted and all that shit," I answered back to them.

Adeline came back with five towels in her hands.

"Well, come on lets go in the pool and have fun," she said.
"Okay," we all said.

As we headed outside we stop cos we saw how big the pool was. Then we all jumped in the pool; well except for Adeline. Typical girls just don't jump in the pool when the guys do, so I guess I have no other choice but to get her in the pool the hard way.

"Adeline can you help me get out?" I asked.
"Sure," she said clueless. Yes, she's falling for my plan.

She grabs my hand and........