Sequel: The Violet Hour
Status: Finished!

Practice Makes Perfect.

Chapter One.

I was walking down the cold dark street that somehow seemed to be crowded. I was trying to find a small hockey arena where my brother's team was playing. They were playing at the Chicago Blackhawks' practice facility. It was freezing cold and I felt like if I was going to be outside in the cold one more minute, I would die. Finally I found the small arena with a few people going in and out of the doors. I made a mad dash to the door and felt some warmth. “Praise Jesus!” I yelled and threw my gloved hands in the air when I made it inside. Note to self: never walk outside in Chicago. Ever again. There were two rinks in this place so I had to ask which one held my brother's game. We totally did not have arenas like this back home. I finally pulled my green knit hat off my head once I had warmed up. I went to the seats which were metal bleachers. My butt has never been so cold. I reminded myself to say sorry to it at a later time. There were a few people already there and watching, some were older and some were younger. I still had my black jacket on and I really did not plan on taking it off. I ran my fingers through my red hair and tried to make it look not so flat. I could use a hot chai tea right now. I saw the players get on the ice and warm up. I saw my brother, the goalie, skate around. I did a quick clap for him as everyone else did. But those claps were really loud and I definitely heard some gasps. All this for a college hockey game? These people need to get out more. I looked over at the old lady that sat on the bench down from me who was knitting and she had the biggest smile on her face when she looked up. There was some ginger (hey, like me!) shaking her hand. When he looked up I started laughing. “OH SNAP!” I said giggling to myself. Patrick Kane was standing below me. No, I wasn't starstruck or anything. I just thought it was hilarious this guy was at a crappy college game. I sat there with a big old smile on my face because yeah I knew of his reputation but I he was Patrick Kane, the hockey player. I looked away from him and focused my attention back onto the ice but soon I noticed someone sitting next to me. Seriously? This whole rink and you have to sit next to me? Awkward city. I looked up to see who it was and who might my eyes catch? Patrick Kane.