Sequel: The Violet Hour
Status: Finished!

Practice Makes Perfect.

Chapter Fifteen.

“Patrick, we're not doing anything you're thinking of.” I said. “Blaine, I'll sleep on the couch if you want me to.” He said. “No, that would be rude. I think we can handle ourselves.” I said. “Well, I can try.” Patrick said with a wink. I shoved him a bit and laughed. I showed Patrick my to the bathroom and then I went in my bedroom. I put PINK purple sweatpants on and a white t-shirt on. I went to my dresser where I went to go take my nightly medicine. “What are you doing?” Patrick asked me as he walked in. “Uh, taking medicine?” I said laughing. “Are you sick?” He asked me. “No.” I said. “Well, what are you taking?” He asked me. “If you must know, nosey Nancy, it's sleeping pills.” I said. “You can't sleep?” He asked me. “Not really. I've had insomnia since I was about 16. It got really bad when I moved to Chicago but over the past few months it hasn't been too bad. I'm on a low dose.” I said. “Well, that's good. I'm sure I can make you sleep though.” Patrick said laughing. “Maybe some other time.” I said laughing. “Don't say I never offered.” He said. “Patrick, just go lay down.” I said laughing. I went into the main room and turned off the lights and locked my door. I grabbed myself a bottle of water from the kitchen which had one small light that I kept on. I checked the door again to make sure it was locked. I was pretty paranoid about that stuff since my house was robbed when I lived in Ohio when I was 16. I came home to find everything gone. I went back to my bedroom and Patrick was laying in my bed and patting the spot next to him. “I feel so dirty doing this.” I said laughing. “We're not doing anything wrong, my dear.” He said. I shook my head and laughed. I grabbed my iPod and plugged it into the speakers that were my alarm clock. “I won't make you listen to my hipster music just yet.” I said laughing. “I know how you enjoy your gangster rap.” I finished as I laid down on my bed. I had red blankets and a small black fleece blanket my mom had made for me on top. I turned off the small light in my room and then it was dark. “Now, you better not pull anything funny here, Pat.” I said as I turned to face him. I could still see him as some light from the city shown in my window. “Me? Do anything funny? Wouldn't dream of it.” He laughed. Patrick grabbed my hand and kissed me. We stayed that way for a while but I had to stop myself. I didn't want to get over excited and do something I would regret in a few hours. Patrick put his arm around me and I laid against his shoulder. Within twenty minutes I was finally asleep.

I woke up the next morning and rolled over and saw an empty spot next to me. For a split second, I felt let down. I looked at my clock and saw it was 9 AM. “EFF.” I yelled. I rolled out of bed, literally, I rolled out of bed and was on my knees and went to get back up when I heard someone coming in my room. “What are you doing, Blaine?” He asked me. “Patrick!” I yelled excitedly getting up. “Are you okay? Did you fall out of bed?” He asked me. “No, I roll out of bed. And I always yell obscene things when I get up.” I said laughing. “You're such a charming girl, Blaine.” He said laughing. I ran my fingers through my hair and walked into the kitchen. Patrick made pancakes. “You thought I left, didn't you?” He asked me. “For like a second.” I said laughing. “You didn't need to do all this, Pat.” I said as we sat down. “You didn't have to let me stay last night. I was dead tired.” He said. We ate the few pancakes that were pretty good, actually. Patrick left after breakfast to go to home and take care of a few things. I cleaned up the kitchen and I got dressed. Jeans and an old Cavaliers hoodie. Yeah, I liked basketball too. My phone started ringing when I was cleaning up my room. “Hello?” I answered. I didn't see who was calling because, well, I was too lazy to look. “Hi, is this Blaine?” The voice asked. “Yes it is. May I ask who is speaking?” I asked politely. “It's Jon.” He said. “Jonathan! What's up?” I asked excitedly. “Nothing much. I actually have to ask you something.” He said. “Sure, what do you need?” I asked him. “Well, Patrick called me earlier and asked if I wanted to go to dinner with you and him tonight.” He said. “Are you asking me if you can go?” I asked him laughing. “Well, yeah.” He said laughing. “Of course you can go, Jon! You're more than welcome to come.” I said. “Patrick didn't say anything to me yet.” I laughed. “That's typical of him.” He laughed. “I'll text him to find out what's up.” I said laughing. “Yeah, I just wanted to make sure that was okay with you.” He said. “Awh Jon. You're always welcome to hang out with me.” I said. I heard Jon laugh. “Well, I should probably get going. I'll see you later then.” He said. “Bye Jon.” I said and then we hung up. Tonight should be interesting.
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