Sequel: The Violet Hour
Status: Finished!

Practice Makes Perfect.

Chapter Fifteen.

Patrick called me an hour later and told me to be ready in an hour and look nice. How classy of him. I wore a red dress and made sure my hair was big and curly as usual. I put on lip gloss and bam! I should be strutting myself out onto Michigan Avenue and selling myself to Chicago's finest politicians. I'm just saying. I put on my long black coat and green knit cap as usual and walked downstairs and drove to the address Patrick sent me. It was a really nice restaurant this time. Nothing like I had seen before. I could hear my black flats click against the marble floor of the restaurant. I went up to the hostess and told her the name of my party and walked behind her where she took me to a small room that was dimly lit. There were candles on every table to illuminate the room. The room was painted a deep red and there were black and brown booths. I saw the back of Patrick's head and I saw Jon look up as soon as he heard my shoes and smile. I loved his smile. It was so innocent and cute. Patrick turned around and smiled. “You made it in one piece!” He said giving me a hug. “Thanks.” I said laughing. I took my hat off and my coat and sat down. “You made Jon come alone? You're a douche.” I said looking at Patrick. “Not my fault he can't get with the ladies like I can.” He said laughing. “You were quite the charmer back when we were younger.” I said looking at Jon. “Oh you know it.” He said laughing. The waitress came by and asked us what we would like to drink. Obviously, I got my tea. Patrick was smiling at her like nobody's business and she was doing the same. After she left I gave him a stern look. “Not cool, bro. Not cool at all.” I said. “What? I was being nice.” He said. “Patrick. Do not be a whore in front of me.” I said. Patrick shrugged it off and I just sighed. I looked up at Jon and he gave me a smile. We ordered our food and the waitress checked up on us every five minutes until Jon spoke up the next time the girl came around. “So, how's being Patrick's girlfriend?” He asked loudly when the waitress was hovering over us. Patrick blushed and kissed my cheek. We all talked some more and I nodded my head as Patrick and Jon talked the most. Jon tried to include me, which I thought was pretty nice. I didn't mind just listening to them. It was interesting. Patrick's phone went off while we were talking and he excused himself from the booth and went outside. “Thank you for that.” I said quietly looking up at Jon. “He doesn't need to act that way.” He said. “I'll get used to it.” I said laughing. “Why should you though? Don't conform to other people and how they act, Blaine. You're better than that.” He said. I sat there almost in shock and what I heard him say. “I won't change for anyone.” I said. “Don't get used to how he acts then. You were right in telling him off. You don't need any of that.” He said. Patrick came back and sat down. “Still trying to put the moves on my girl, Toews?” He asked jokingly. “Of course.” Jon said laughing. I joined in on a fake laugh. We finished dinner and we all walked out. “Hey, I actually have to get going. I've gotta stop downtown again.” Patrick said. “Alright, that's cool.” I said. Patrick gave me a hug and a kiss and said goodbye to Jon and then left. Jon and I were standing outside when I realized I left my cap inside. “Awh man! I left my hat inside.” I said. “I'll go in with you.” Jon said. We walked inside and into the booth and there was my green knit hat sitting on the seat. Jon grabbed it and handed it to me. “Thank you.” I said smiling. We walked back outside and he walked me to my car. “Thank you Jon. It was fun having you around.” I said. “Anytime.” He said. He gave me a hug and we stood there for a minute. He was warm and comfy. Something different than this cold weather. We stood back and looked at each other for a minute. For a split second I wondered if I just made a huge mistake. Jon ran his fingers through his hair and let out a sigh. “I should probably get going.” He said. “Yeah, me too.” I said. I got in my car and I before I left the parking lot I looked back and saw Jon standing there looking at me drive off.
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