Sequel: The Violet Hour
Status: Finished!

Practice Makes Perfect.

Chapter Eighteen.

I spent the day finishing up stuff for school and clubs. Patrick said he was too busy to go out today but he said he missed me. I was relieved that I got everything basically done but I was bored. I decided I could catch up on reading. I made myself dinner (aka left overs from having pizza the night before) and sat myself down and started reading 'Gone With The Wind.' About two hours later and I was still reading when I heard a knock at my door. I looked at my clock and it was 8:30 PM. I thought for a second on whether or not to answer it. But soon whoever was there, knocked again and I had no choice but to answer it. I got up with my book still in hand to mark it's place and standing there was Jonathan Toews. “Jon, what are you doing here?” I asked him. “Can I come in?” He asked me. “Yeah, of course.” I said. I opened the door up more and he came in and sat on the couch. He looked jittery and nervous. “What's wrong?” I asked him. “I was out with some of the guys a while ago and I saw Patrick.” He said. “Okay. Is there something wrong with that?” I asked him. Yeah, Patrick possibly lied saying he was too busy to be with me but oh well. He has friends too, I won't yell at him for that. “This is just so wrong.” He said. “Jon. You can tell me. You're freaking me out here.” I said. “He was with this girl and he was hitting on her.” He said. “Patrick always hits on girls.” I said. “Blaine, I'm trying to tell you something.” He said. “Then tell me, Jon. Stop beating around the bush.” I said seriously. “He shouldn't be doing that though. It's wrong. He's with you and he has no idea how lucky he is. You're sitting her at home while he hits on a random girl at the bar.” He said. “Jon, I can't stop Patrick. He has to figure this out on his own.” I said sighing. “You're so much better than him. You deserve better.” Jon said. “You always say this but how do you know? I like Patrick. Let's be honest, he's a step up from the last guy I dated.” I said. “Any guy was better than the last guy you dated.” He said. Jon had heard from my brother what had happened. It was his first year in Chicago and my brother thought he should tell Jon. I told everyone around me that I moved back home. I transferred schools in Chicago and started new again. Jon thought I left too. “That's very true but whatever.” I said. “Are you going to say anything to him?” He asked me. “I don't know. Maybe I'll get lucky and it will eat at Patrick.” I said laughing. “I got the money you left in my pocket.” He said. “Good.” I said. “This was such a mistake, Blaine.” He said putting his head in his hands. “You telling me? I'm glad you did. I'm glad you're around.” I said sitting up on the edge of the couch next to him. “Coming here.” He said. “I could have just called you. I should have just called you.” Jon said. “Dude, calm down. Nothing bad is going to happen because you came over.” I said trying to make him feel better. “I should go.” Jon said. He got up and left. I yelled his name as he ran out the door but he left anyway. I just sat there stunned at what happened.