Sequel: The Violet Hour
Status: Finished!

Practice Makes Perfect.

Chapter Nineteen.

I was still sitting on my couch, thinking about what had happened with Jon. He knew me so well and he had always looked out for me when we were younger. I had no idea what was going on now. My thoughts were interrupted when someone barged through my door. “Patrick! Knock first, jesus dude.” I said clutching the spot on my chest where my heart was. “Sorry. Not used to it.” He said. “What's wrong, babe?” He asked me. I hated being called “babe.” It felt so demeaning. “I talked to someone who said they saw you hitting on some broad in a bar.” I said. “She kissed me, Blaine.” He said. I hadn't even mentioned him kissing anyone. I had no idea he even did that. “YOU DID WHAT?!” I yelled. “Oh.” He said. “Patrick, I effing said hitting on her. They didn't even mention you kissing anyone.” I said. “Blaine, she was so trashed. We were just talking and she totally took it the wrong way.” He said putting his hand on my knee and moving around the coffee table to sit next to me. “You said you were busy tonight. You know I don't care if you hang out with your friends but you just like, lied.” I said. “She doesn't mean anything. I have no idea how to explain this to you.” He said. “There's no explaining. It shouldn't have happened, Patrick!” I said. I wanted to cry. “Blaine, please.” He said.

I got up and went towards my window. “Two years ago, I was dating this guy. He was amazing and I thought everything was perfect. We had been dating for a year. He had some issues with depression, anxiety, and insomnia. Those kinda made their way onto me. One week, he asked me to marry him. I said yes. Four days later, he tried to kill himself in a parking lot by overdosing on his anxiety pills. As soon as I found out, I went to the hospital where another girl was in his room. I didn't think much of it because I wasn't thinking. I found out when she left the room, he had been dating her for six months. He partially blamed me for his attempted suicide because he didn't know how to break the news to me. He left a few months later, got married, and had a kid.” I said looking out the window. “Blaine, I...” Patrick started before I interrupted him. “For almost a year, I had been seeing a therapist and on medication. Hence, you seeing me taking those sleeping pills. I was broken. I have never felt so awful in my life. I'm not comparing what you did to what he did to me but I want you to know what I went through and how what you are doing, is hurting me.” I said. “I would never hurt you like that.” He said. “Maybe that's what my ex used to say. But he did it anyways and it progressed. Patrick, I will not feel that way again. I will not have a nervous breakdown again.” I said looking at him. “I won't do that to you.” He said coming towards me. “I think you need to leave so I can think.” I said. Patrick came up to me and kissed me. “I won't give up.” He said then left. I had to talk to someone. I wasn't going to cry anymore. This is why I made sure I didn't become to attached. But maybe I was wrong and I wanted Patrick to be with me. I felt lost. I called the only person who knew me and Patrick.

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