Sequel: The Violet Hour
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Practice Makes Perfect.

Chapter Three.

I woke up next morning warm and cozy in my own bed. I didn't want to move because I was

warm and I did not want to relive that freezing night last night. I noticed my Blackberry blinking

red so I checked it. I got a new BBM (Blackberry Message). It was from Patrick! I didn't even

had him. Then I realized that is probably why it was taking so long when he had my phone.

“Good morning. Did you freeze to death?” It said. “Good morning. Nice way to sneak attack

into my phone. And no, I did not freeze to death.” I said. “Sneak attack is my middle name, if

you didn't know. How do you feel about going out tonight?” It said. “That depends. Will I be

freezing cold again?” I asked him. “Oh girl, I can warm you up.” It said. I replied with some

laughs and then a STFU. “You really know how to charm a man, don't you?” He said. “But

yes, you would not be freezing. I promise.” He said. “Then maybe we could go out.” I said.

“Good. Can I text send you the address and time later?” He asked. “Yup. Sounds good.” I

replied. I laid in bed for a few minutes and forced myself to get up. I had a bagel and worked

on my paper for my US History class. My phone started vibrating and I looked down to see I

got a new message. The name was “The Unforgettable Patrick Kane.” REALLY?! I texted him

back. “Who is the unforgettable Patrick Kane?” I jokingly sent. A minute later he replied, “Glad

to see you got the message :)” “Oh my lord, you use smiley faces. What am I going to do with

you?” I sent. “Whatever you want, girl.” He replied. I chuckled and then thanked him for the

address and time. It was already about two in the afternoon and he wanted to meet at six. I

decided to clean up my apartment and then I took a shower a got ready. I put on jeans and a

purple sweater and wore grey UGGs. I didn't wear any make up because, well, I didn't look

good in make up. People could get caked up but I liked be natural. Yeah, on special

occasions I'd put some eye shadow and lip gloss on but that was it. I thought I looked pretty

average except for my red hair. It wasn't too vibrate but it stood out a bit. I liked it like that but

I'd probably have to tone it down eventually. I put by black coat on and put my green knit cap

on again and made my way out of my apartment and down onto the street. I drove to the small

restaurant that luckily was only a couple minutes away. It was a few minutes after six, so I

hope I wasn't making Patrick wait very long. Before I got out of my car I took a deep breath,

not only to compose myself for going on my first date in a long time, but to brace myself for the

cold. I walked out and held my coat tight to myself and made my way inside the restaurant.

Once inside I looked up to the ceiling and let out a “thank you g-d” for how warm it was. There

were a few tables and some booths, all with candles on them. It was dimly lit but really nice. I

looked around and saw Patrick in a booth playing with his drink. I made my way over to him

and took my hat off. “Hey” I said smiling. Patrick got up and met me with a hug. I was a bit

taken back. “Hey there.” He said. We both sat down and I took my coat off. “Pretty cold out

there, eh?” He asked me. “I don't know if I'll ever get used to it.” I said laughing. I ran my

fingers through my hair so it wouldn't be all frizzy from my hat. “So, our date last night.” Patrick

said. I started laughing. “Didn't we have this conversation last night?” I asked him. “We didn't

get to finish it.” He said with a grin. “I don't think it counted as a first date. We've really just met.

Also, in saying that it was our first date, are you implying there will be more dates?” I said

laughing. “How analytical of you. Let me guess, you're an English major?” He laughed and

asked me. “Wrong. Political Science major. I'd like to have a minor in English but it's World

Affairs.” I said laughing. “Are you serious?” He asked me. “Well, of course. I'll be getting

ready for pre-law soon so I can get into law school.” I said. “You just don't look like a political

science student.” He said. “Everyone says that. Honestly, yeah I may have boobs and my hair

stands out but I know my politics. There really isn't much in this world I love more than politics

and history.” I said smiling. “That's pretty neat. I don't know too many people, let alone girls,

who like politics that much.” He said. “No offense but your taste in girls doesn't really have

politics in its job description.” I said laughing. “We're on a date, obviously you're my taste.” He

said smirking. “I guess you have me there.” I said sighing. We ordered food and Patrick

insisted I get whatever I wanted and I ordered myself a “ridiculously hot chai tea.” The

waitress was giving me bad looks for my order but I bet it was because Patrick was sitting

across from me. Patrick was really nice and asked me about where I was from in Ohio. I

asked him about Buffalo and about the OHL. He was a funny kid but also knew when to be

serious, or at least that's what I felt like he did. We ate our food and he continued to ask me

questions about everything. It was weird, normally I wouldn't tell anyone some of these things

but I didn't mind telling him. I think it was because he had some comic relief in there. I asked a

lot about him too. I decided not to bring up the “taxi cab” incident. I wouldn't be too harsh yet.

We finished up and Patrick paid for everything but I helped with the tip. I don't really think he

knew how to do the math for the tip in the first place. We went back outside and I pulled my

cap back on. “No gloves this time?” He asked me. I giggled, “Nawh, I forgot them.” “You know,

it's still early, would you like to do something?” He asked me. I thought about it for a second. It

was still early and it's not like I had anything better to do. “Yeah sure, why not?” I said. “Would

you like to come over to my place and watch a movie?” He asked me. I looked at him with my

eyes squinted. “Oh, I'll watch a movie but that's it. I'll let you know, I have a very nice

reputation and I don't plan on ruining, sir.” I said. Patrick laughed and put his arm on my

shoulder. “Don't worry, Blaine. I won't do that to you just yet.” He said smirking. We walked to

his car where he opened the door for me. “Well, aren't you the old fashioned man.” I said

laughing as he got into the driver's seat. “I'm a charmer, what can I say?” He said laughing.

We drove for about ten minutes then got to his building. Before he got out I raised my hand to

him. “I got the door. I've got a hand, don't worry, I got this.” I said laughing and opening the

door. I waited for Patrick and I followed him to the elevator. We didn't say anything but once

we got onto his floor and his apartment, I was pretty stunned. “Jesus, your place is epic.” I

said looking around. I mean, this kid's view of Chicago was down right ridiculous. “I try.” He

said smiling. I took my hat off and took my coat off and set it on a chair by his bar. I walked

over to Patrick's couch and sat down. “So, what are we watching?” I asked. “What kind of

movies do you like?” He asked me. “You'll think I'm a headcase if I tell you.” I said laughing.

“Try me.” He said. “I like horror movies. Wait, no, that's an understatement. I love horror

movies.” I said laughing. “Really?” He asked me. “Yeah, like they don't phase me at all. I love

them.” I said. “I like them but unfortunately, I don't own any. But now that I know this, that will

have to change.” He told me. I smiled at him. “Other suggestions?” He asked me. “I know this

is pretty cheesey but my favorite movie is 'Say Anything...' John Cusack is my future

husband.” I said laughing. “I don't let too many people know this but I do own that movie. It's

one of my favorites. And John Cusack? Really?” He said teasing me. “That movie is seriously

one of the best movies, ever. John Cusack is the bomb, yo. Don't hate on him.” I said

laughing. Patrick really did have the movie and put it on and came and sat right next to me.

No, he basically sat on me. He pulled a red blanket off the back of his couch and put it on us.

“Hey, I'm cold too.” He said smirking. I laughed and nudged him. When John Cusack's

character came on I said, “Lloyd Dobler, why can I not marry you?!” “Psht, I'm way better than

a fictional character.” I heard Patrick say. “Of course you are, Patrick.” I said looking up at him

and laughing. “Tell me, can Lloyd Dobler do this?” He asked me then he put his hand to my

cheek and kissed me. Let me just tell you, if I was standing, my knees would have buckled

underneath me. After he finally stopped and I'm pretty sure he bit my bottom lip a little bit, I

looked at him for a second out of breath. “No, I don't think he could do that to me, at least.”
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