Sequel: The Violet Hour
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Practice Makes Perfect.

Chapter Thirty.

The days following my fight with Jon pretty much blew. I was in an absolute funk. The team was gone on a road trip but returned today and I told Patrick I would pick him up. He hated leaving his car at the airport, so I told him I would pick him up. During the time he was gone, I was so bored. I realized how big of a part Patrick was in my life. But I couldn't get anything done. I tried to write some papers but they were horrible. I think at one point I realized I couldn't make them any better. Everything I said to Jon was being replayed in my mind. I picked up Patrick at the airport where he hopped right in and kissed me. I didn't see Jon at all. I wasn't really looking for him, though. I drove Patrick home and I was still sitting in the car when he got out.
“Uhm, you're coming in right?” He asked.
“Yeah, sorry.” I said laughing and getting out of the car. Not before almost getting hit by a car passing by.
“Jesus, Blaine. What's with you today?” He asked as I looked out onto the street screaming and swearing.
“I never hear you swear.” He said.
“Yes you do.” I spat back.
“Only when you wake up. That's a really hot thing to hear.” He said. I just shook my head and walked up the stairs with him. He sat his bags down on the floor and laid face down on his couch. I just laughed at him and took his bags into his room and walked back out where he was sitting on a bar stool.
“So, I've been reading just like you!” He proclaimed.
“Oh really? What book?” I asked. I was intrigued. Patrick reading was a massive concept. “Those vampire books. 'Twilight' or whatever.” He said proudly.
I went over to him and pretended to weep. “Patrick! My love, those aren't books. Read something you can learn from!” I said.
“Look, me reading is a big deal. Those books are long dude.” He said.
“I suppose. Those can be your guilty pleasures like they were mine.” I said sighing.
“You know you could have borrowed them. You know my apartment is like a library.” I said laughing.
“I know, I know. I wanted to surprise you with my reading skills.” He said laughing.
“So how was my place? Any problems?” He asked me. I checked up on his apartment while he was gone.
“Fine, nothing bad. All was in order.” I said nodding my head.
“You know, we've been dating for a while.” He said quietly while holding my hands.
“Yes, we have.” I said simply.
“We're always around each other. Either at your place or mine.” He said.
“That's very true. Patrick, what the eff are you getting at?” I asked him.
“I love you, you know that right?” He asked me.
“Dude, are you breaking up with me?” I asked him.
“No, no. I'm asking you if you want to move in with me. I mean, Blaine, would you like to move in with me?” He asked me.
I just stood there and looked at him, completely stunned.
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