Sequel: The Violet Hour
Status: Finished!

Practice Makes Perfect.

Chapter Four.

We still sat there and watched the movie after he kissed me. We talked about the different

parts of the movie and Patrick cracked little jokes about it. Not going to lie, but it was pretty

awkward when they had sex for the first time in the car. I never feel awkward when that scene

comes on but I'm pretty sure I saw Patrick looking at me with a grin when it came on. Then

eventually, the one scene where cinema changed forever. John Cusack's character was

standing outside Diane's window playing 'In Your Eyes' by Peter Gabriel on a boombox over

his head. I starting smiling and let out a massive “awh.” What can I say? The scene gets me

every time. “You're not gonna cry on me, are you?” Patrick said looking down. “No, I've

passed my crying stage when I watch this movie.” I said laughing. “Good.” He said retuning

his eyes back to the movie. I might have been thinking things but I swore I felt Patricks

knuckles against mine, like he was trying to hold my hand. After the movie we just sat there as

the credits rolled. “I haven't watched that movie in forever. I think I forgot how good it was.” He

said. “When I was younger I used to watch it every weekend. It never got old.” I said laughing.

We sat there still in silence until Patrick turned and looked at me. “I'm sorry but I really need to

do this again.” He said smirking. He pulled me close to him by my waist and kissed me again.

I started to wrap my arms around his neck. He was a fantastic kisser, it was almost a surprise.

I felt him leaning against me, I assume to push me back. I leaned on the couch arm, my arms

still wrapped around his neck. Patrick's one arm now held him up and one was still snaked

around my waist. After a while I felt his free hand go under my shirt and I shuddered as he felt

my stomach and worked his way to my back. Then I felt him try to undo my clasp. That's when

I stopped him. I sat up and Patrick leaned back and sat on his knees. “What's wrong?” He

asked me out of breath. “Patrick, I hope I didn't give you the wrong idea but I don't do that on

the first date. I don't really do it when I first meet a guy. I don't really hook up with guys. At

least, I haven't done it in a long time.” I said. Patrick shook his head. “No, I'm sorry. I shouldn't

have done that. I'm going to be honest with you here, I really haven't gone out on too many

dates unless it's to 'hook up', as you said.” He said. “Well, at least you were honest about it.

But like I said I don't really do that so I hope you know you're kinda wasting your time.” I said

looking at him. I didn't feel bad about saying it. Why should I? “I don't think I'm wasting my

time. I like hanging out with you.” He said smiling. “I do too. It's nice.” I said. We sat there for a

minute and looked at each other in silence. I really couldn't stand it anymore. I leaned over

and kissed him. Maybe a little bit more to tease him. “I don't mind that, though.” I said when I

sat back giggling. Patrick rolled his head back. “You're such a tease.” He said looking up at

the ceiling. “Depends on my mood.” I said getting up. I took the blanket from Patrick and

folded it for him. “It is late though and I probably should get back to my car.” I said. “Yeah,

you're probably right.” He said getting up. I went over and put my coat on and put my hat on.

“You and those hats.” Patrick said as he saw me put it on. “Sorry I don't feel like dying

because I caught pneumonia because I didn't wear a hat.” I said laughing. “They have those

ear muffs.” He said as he put his coat on. “Ear muffins blow. They always slide off.” I said.

“Wait, did you just say, ear muffins?” He said stopping and looking at me. “Whoops. Yeah, it's

a thing I said when I was younger.” I laughed. I saw him laugh at me. Yup, totally the last time

I would ever see him now. I led the way out of the apartment and he closed the door behind

himself and we made our way onto the elevator. He stood next to me this time, unlike before

where we stood in opposite corners. We walked out of the elevator and out of the building

and onto the sidewalk where his car was parked. When we were driving we talked some

more. “Thank you for a really nice time. I had a lot of fun.” I said when we pulled into the

parking lot and next to my car. “I did too. I'm really glad you decided to come on our second

date.” He said smirking. I giggled at his comment. “So, does this mean we can do this again?”

He asked me. “Really?” I asked surprisingly. “Yeah, really. You're a cool girl.” He said looking

at me and smiling. “Awh jeez. Yeah, I'd like to go out again.” I said. “Good, I'm glad. Can I

open the door for you at least?” He asked me. “Yeah, I guess you could do that.” I said

laughing. Patrick ran out and opened my door for me. “Thanks.” I said giggling and getting

out. I pulled out my car keys and leaned against my door. “Well, I guess I'll be talking to you

later then.” I said smiling. “Yeah, you will.” He replied smirking. Patrick leaned down and gave

me a small kiss. Nothing like what were doing earlier. “I'll call you later.” He said as we both

got into our own cars. I drove home and went straight into bed. I laid there for a little bit with a

smile on my face. This guy had a serious party reputation and I had seen him with multiple

girls before. I knew nothing would happen and I would only wind up putting myself into some

trouble but I didn't care. I was having fun. I deserved that much. I finally fell asleep after

putting my iPod on and listening to some Beach House to help myself sleep.