Sequel: The Violet Hour
Status: Finished!

Practice Makes Perfect.

Chapter Seven.

“What are you getting at, Kane?” I asked squinting my eyes. “Just some fun. I want to see you out in public.” He said laughing. “Uhm, what was dinner last night? And the hockey game?” I asked him. “Closed settings of the public eye. I want to see you have fun.” He said. “My apartment and your apartment are fun! Little college hockey games are fun!” I said giggling. “Come on. It'll be fun! Try something different.” Patrick said. “I guess. It could be fun.” I said. “That's the spirit!” He said laughing. “I'm going to go home for a bit but I'll be back in an hour. You better be looking hot by then.” He said. I struck his arm. “Hey! You better look hot, too! I don't need to take all the credit.” I said winking. Patrick got his coat on and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek. “I'll see you in an hour. Be ready.” He said and then left. I stood there for a second and sighed. I went into my room and looked at my closet. It was full of hoodies and that's not really club attire. I pulled out a pair of dark black skinny jeans and a red top. My hair was still huge and curly so I didn't have to mess with that. I put lip gloss on and that was it. I put on some Juicy Couture perfume and looked at myself in the mirror. I was satisfied. I haven't gone to a club in a while. I usually go with my friends but they're all gone for winter break. It had been 45 minutes and then I heard someone at my door. Patrick came right in when I came out of my room. “Girl, lock your doors. We're in Chicago here!” He said laughing. “I'll have to now that you just come right in.” I said with a giggle. I walked in and he just stood there. He exchanged the hoodie for a long sleeved shirt. “Wow.” He said smiling. “Slutty but not too slutty.” I said as I looked down at myself. “You sure you're not the third date get down type?” He asked me. “Well, I would have been until you said 'get down.' That closed the deal.” I said laughing. “Once again, you're being a tease.” He said. “I try.” I said laughing. “You look really good though.” He said smiling and looking at me. “I don't dress up much so...” I said letting my voice trail off. “Hey, practice makes perfect.” He said smiling. “Oh, so this is going to happen again? Dude, we haven't even left yet.” I said laughing. “Oh, I plan on it happening again.” He said smirking. “You're also fifteen minutes early.” I said. “I think you'll live.” He said. I put my coat on and I locked my door and we left. I opened the door for myself this time and off we went. I looked out the window of his black Range Rover. The city was lit up and it wasn't snowing. It was pitch black outside and still chilly. Something about it though, made me love this city even more. It was one of the reasons I decided to go to school here. To be in the city and see people out at ridiculous hours. These were things I was not accustomed to when I lived at home. We parked on the side of the road like the other cars that lined the street and I took off my coat and left it in the car. “Blaine, aren't you afraid you'll catch pneumonia and die?” Patrick asked me while taking a jab at me. “I can rough it when I need to.” I said. We walked up to the entrance and right away we were let in. Nice job, Patrick. Remind me to play in the NHL so I can get into things without waiting. The club was dark and lights were flashing everywhere but I stayed close behind Patrick. We made our way up a flight of stairs and into a room. It was a deep purple and people were packed in there. Patrick obviously knew these people. He took me over to a couch with a few people sitting there. They were some of his teammates and oh hey, I knew them.