She Was Fading


It was Roon, Ellie and the kids, Alice, Crow, Stella, and of course Delilah.

Everyone loved Stella, including Alice, which was surprising.

Delilah and Stella got along especially well; I saw them whispering to each other and laughing at their comments. I was a little worried about what was said, but was ecstatic that my two favorite people reacted well.

I had told everyone gifts weren’t allowed at the party and they were surprised when I pulled out my gifts from the closet.

Everyone seemed to love their presents (I even stopped by a toy store a few days ago to pick up some things for the kids and for Stella I got a few CDs), especially Delilah, who began to cry.

She told me “thank you” and wiped the tears away as she grazed her fingers on the typewriter.

But then she began to cry more and more. Delilah grasped her chest and my arm. “Hospital” she choked out.