What I Hate About Me

JericaXD: Jared, I want to come home. I don’t want to live here anymore. Mother and her new boyfriend scare me. Whenever I am alone with him, he hurts me. He pushes me in a pool and I sink, and right before I faint he pulls me out. He hurts me. I have cuts all over my body and bruises. He is so strong. He breaks my bones when he simply holds on to it. Save me, please.
JareJare: Does mom know?
JericaXD: Yes. She doesn’t care, she’s changed.
JareJare: Explain to me the guy please.
JericaXD: Well he’s tall and really pale.
JericaXD: He has golden eyes and short hair. He’s an attractive guy, which is why mom is with him and he’s rich. He reminds me of a sapphire.
JareJare: What about mom?
JericaXD: She’s lost her tan. She is pale with golden eyes too now. It looks like they are siblings now.