Bella's Home

One and Only

For most, their date of birth was a day to celebrate. For most, they would wake up on the morning of, greeted by their loved ones; possibly with breakfast and an old fashion 'happy birthday'. So for most, it was their favorite day of the year.

But Bella Hale did not fall under the “for most” category.

For one, Bella never knew her mother or father. At a young age she was forced to leave her home — coming-of-age came early for her family. It wasn't until a young, but rapidly aging man named Remus came across her brittle body. He had found her one day while taking a midnight stroll through a forest heavy in vegetation. Unlike her siblings, Bella did not manage to leave her home, for she was too week to do so. Instead she laid just outside her old home, completely defenseless.

Remus was able to here her soft pleas of help and rushed to her rescue. That night he took her in, promising to nourish her for as long as it took for to be fit enough to survive in the world on her own. The day he allowed her to go, Remus had grown sad. He didn't have many friends; he was too different for his own good and he liked Bella's company. Remus was even the one who gave her the name 'Bella Hale'.

“It fits,” he had said the day he named her. Bella meaning beautiful — and Hale representing that he had found hair retreated in a dense corner-like area in the woods.

He thought of that moment in time as he opened the door for her to go out and he almost didn't notice that she had yet to leave. At the time, Remus wasn't aware that she didn't want to go; that she liked having him around. He gave her the kind of affection that her mother never possessed.

When he ventured out of his thoughts, he looked at her, confusion set on his face. He didn't understand why she didn't leave; nothing good ever came from Remus Lupin, he was too unique from the rest of the world — in more ways than one.

Yet there Bella was, not moving from her spot — refusing to acknowledge the opened door.

And that was that. From then on, Bella belonged to Remus.

As the years went by, their bond grew, and their friendship bloomed. Remus never left his home without Bella. He loved showing off the Beautiful Bella. She was unlike anyone he'd ever laid eyes on. He could go on and on about his problems, and she would just sit there and listen. Bella always preferred hearing other voices over her own. But when she did use it, Remus loved it. Her voice reminded him of a soft flute, its noise singing with clarity.

But Remus rarely heard her voice more than twice a day. He didn't mind it though; it was sort of a special treat to look forward to.

For Bella, it was just a treat to be living with such a man; so kind, caring. She often wondered when he'd realize there were more important people he could be making acquaintances with. Or when he would grow tired of her presence.

And it wasn't until their fifth year of friendship, did things start to slip up. It was as if all of a sudden Remus didn't need Bella anymore. He would go places and leave her at home — and when he would return, he would look even more tired than when he had left.

Bella had sensed that something wasn't right, but he had stopped talking to her, so she never knew for sure. It was as if he was keeping something from her. He even stopped reading the Daily Prophet to her. For the hours he disappeared into the world, Bella would stare longingly out the window, waiting for his return. She needed him; she loved him. He was her rock.

But at that point in time, he showed not the slightest hint of caring. Instead, he started growing more distant, barely acknowledging Bella's existence.

It wasn't until the morning of her fifth birthday with him, did he smile at her.

“Fantastic day, isn't it, Bells?” he chirped, drinking the contents of his warm glass. “Gorgeous outside, I'd say.” Bella Hale, stared at him sharply. Was he actually talking to her for the first time in months? At first, Bella turned away, staring at nothing in particular, but then she noticed the optimistic tone his voice carried.

“I don't know about you, Bella,” he said, “But things are actually looking brighter for me. I mean, out of everything negative that has happened these past years, I think I've fallen in love.” Bella cocked her head sideways, hanging on every word that spilled out of Remus's mouth. “And the best part is, I think she loves me back! You don't know how I've longed to have that sort of affection, Bells. It's so surreal for me.”

A small noise escaped from Bella's mouth. She understood what was happening — and for once, she felt happy about it. The past five years with him, she had been his rock too; that one thing that could make him smile in the worst of times. But now he had found someone new — someone that would forever be with him. Though Bella was younger, she had not too many years left. She was a fragile companion. But his new love, she would always be there. She was his new rock.

Bella looked deep into Remus's eyes, letting him know that she understood everything that had warped their last year together. She set her head next to his cheek, and let another flute-like noise escape her throat. Remus gently sat his hand on her head and whispered, “Happy Birthday, Bella Hale.”

With one last noise, Bella removed herself from his presence and glided near the opened window. For a moment she stared at the snowy mix outside longingly. Then in the next moment, she spread her strong wings and took off into the nearly white sky. Abruptly, Remus stood up to watch his precious owl soar into the skies and into the distance.

One saddening tear escaped from his right eye. He knew his Bella would not return, but a smile formed on his lips. For he knew that his next chapter in life had just begun.
♠ ♠ ♠