Cherry Ice Cream Smile

Boys Being Boys

Roger's POV

As soon as we got settled into our limo, the conversation was immediately turned toward Darcy.

"Don't tell me I am the only one who noticed how hot Darcy was." Simon said smiling.

"She was bloody gorgeous." John agreed with one of his infamous smiles. "Damn, I should have gotten her number." he added.

"What, so you could have yet another one night stand?" Nick questioned with a smirk.

"Well of course." John said with a wink. Andy, Nick and Simon burst into laughter while I just smiled. That was John for you. I allowed my mind wander to her beautiful smile and how when she looked at me I got nervous.

I wasn't really paying attention to the conversation until Andy said "Still with us Roger?"

"What?" I said getting snapped out of my reverie. "Oh. Yeah. Sorry."

"Ya know" John said as if it were a revelation "I think our Rog has the hots for a certain someone."

My cheeks flushed but I played dumb and said "What are you talking about? Who do I have the hots for?"

"We saw you staring at Darcy." Simon said.

"So was John." I pointed out.

"John stares at anything with boobs." Nick chimed in.

"Hey!" John said looking fake offended.

"John." Simon said like he was talking to a five year old.

"I guess I'm guilty as charged." John said smiling and shrugging. I looked out the limo's window thinking they would drop the conversation.

"Don't think you're off the hook yet Rog." Andy said, as if reading my thoughts. Damn, I should've known better. It's not that I don't mind discussing women with the boys, they are my best friends after all, it's just that I am more private than they are.

"Well she is beautiful." I said quietly.

"Roger has the hots for Darcy." Simon sang dramatically, causing all of us to laugh.

"Yeah I guess I do." I finally admitted.

"Darcy St. Cloud and Roger Taylor. Hey that doesn't sound half bad." Nick said.

I just smiled as I wondered when I would see her next.
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This is my take on how a conversation between the boys would go. I don't know the boys and I'm (obviously) not a man but I hope I did ok. No hate on John intended. I love the man to death but he was a man whore in the 80's :P Please message, comment, friend request.
P.S. Sorry for the shortness of this chapter.