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She Had Me At Bonjour


She really thinks she can ignore me forever, huh? We hang out with the same people. I’m always there.

Maybe she can ignore me forever. It’s been 3 weeks and she’s doing a pretty great job of it so far. She doesn’t even look my way when everyone’s together. And to make things worse, she and Marcus are practically attached at the hip. I feel pretty out of things now that Marcus hangs out with us. It’s always Krysha and Marcus, attached at the hip; Jack and Angela doing EVERYTHING together; Rian and Kara always side-by-side; Alex and Cree trying to keep their not-so-hidden feelings for each other, but always with one another. That leaves me to be alone and uncomfortable. There are times when I would hang out with Rian and Kara and not feel like a third wheel, but it’s only because of Marcus being a lying, cheating manwhore.

“Just call a friend or something to come with us. Then you won’t be alone,” Rian suggested. I thought about it and decided it was a good idea.

“Yeah, alright.” I got up from the couch and walked into my room. I pulled out my cell phone from my jean pocket and flipped through contacts. I couldn’t find anyone who I would want to come with me. I didn’t want to bring a guy friend, but I wanted to bring someone who would get Krysha jealous. Beat her at her own game. I could call Taryn, but she’d probably get her eyes clawed out. Plus, she’s a little dull and annoys the hell out of me.

I paced around my room, cell phone in hand, trying to think of someone to bring that would make Krysha jealous. My hands were pressing random buttons on my phone, and my head was too preoccupied that I ended up ramming into my bookshelf, a few books spilling out. I snapped out of my daze and picked up the books, putting them back in their places when I noticed one of the books I was holding. It was my senior yearbook. I sat on the floor against the wall and flipped through the pages. Everything was exactly the same, nothing had faded or crumpled. I flipped over the last few pages where the notes and signatures where. I read over a few of them, but one in particular caught my eye. Her handwriting was perfect, even in the bright green ink she wrote her message in. It was the longest in the whole book, taking up a little over a page. I read it over and smiled to myself, knowing who I was going to call.

I dialed in her number, surprised that I still had it memorized. She picked up on the fourth ring.



”Oh my god, Zack?!”

_ _ _

Juliana Tuesday Nichols. Also known as my best girl friend from high school. I was the only one who called her Tuesday, so of course she knew who had called.

Juliana was the kind of girl who knew she was beautiful, but didn’t flaunt herself around. She had almost always turned guys down. She hung out with mostly boys, and only a few girls. She didn’t like all the drama that girls started.

She could kick any guy’s ass at Call Of Duty, she could skateboard as well as I can, she plays drums. Juliana is one of the most confident girls I know and doesn’t take shit from others. She’s also pretty loud and likes to brag, but not in the snotty way.

She was perfect for getting Krysha jealous, and agreed to help me in any way possible.

Everyone but Juliana was at the beach, setting up towels, blankets, umbrellas, and anything else we would use throughout the day. Krysha was still ignoring me, but she wouldn’t for long.

“So when’s your date coming, Zack?” Krysha’s head popped up from her bag, a confused look on her face.

“Uhm, sorry Alex. But I think you just said that Zack had a date coming.”

“I did. And it’s true. Why, are you jealous?”

“N-No. Just curious.” She looked back down and continued to search for something in her bag.

“PIGGY BACK RIDE!” I felt a body jump onto my back, a pair of legs wrapping around my torso and arms cupping my shoulders. I looked down at the person’s legs. They were obviously a girl, and Cree, Kara, and Krysha were all busy with something, so it could only be one other person.

“TUESDAY!” She jumped off my back and came to face me, a smile on her face. She looked basically the same, except her skin was a bit more sun-kissed then usual and her chubby cheeks were no more. Her white-blonde hair fell past her shoulders and stopped mid-back, curling the slightest bit. Her eyes looked greener then ever and still had a happy glint. She also looked a bit thinner; volleyball has done her well.

“Zachary Roar! You still remind me of a lion!”

“And you’re still really short!”

Juliana stuck her tongue out at me and laughed, turning around to face everyone else who was now staring at us.



They ran to each other in slow motion and hugged, laughing the whole time. When they finished with their moment, she hugged Alex, Rian, and Kara.

“And who are these four?”

“Marcus, Krysha, Cree, and Angela.”

“Hi! I’m Juliana!” Cree and Marcus shook her hand and Angela tackled her into a hug, which Juliana didn’t mind at all. Krysha just stood there and waved, looking at Juliana like she was investigating her.

“So Tuesday, did you bring your surfboard?”

“You know it! I can’t go to the beach without my surfboard. Come with me to get it?” I nodded and we walked over to her car to get her board.

“Krysha sure gave me a warm welcome.”

“Yeah, I was a little surprised. She’s usually so nice. Even Marcus cared enough to shake your hand.”

“I have to admit, he is cute, but he has this look in his eye that says he’s a liar. Does anyone else know about him… you know.”

“Kara and Rian, but that’s it. Everyone else would just accidentally tell Krysha and it’d be better if she figured it out or Marcus told her.”

“Good idea.” Juliana grabbed her surfboard from the back of her Jeep and locked the car, turning around and walking back to where everyone was set up.

“So how’re we gonna do this?”

“Just follow my lead, Zacky.”

Everyone was eating when we came back, so we took this opportunity to surf while the waves were high.

Juliana grabbed her wetsuit from her bag and threw it over her bikini. She reached behind her and fiddled with the zipper, trying to close her wetsuit.

“Here.” I zipped up her wetsuit and pat her head, walking over to my own bag and pulling out my wetsuit.

Krysha was watching us the whole time, occasionally taking a bite of her sandwich.

“Oooh, Zacky’s been working out!” Juliana repeatedly poked my stomach and laughed, ruffling my hair. Krysha sent a small glare her way and focused her attention on her food.

“Yeah, like the view?” I zipped up my wetsuit and laughed. It was so easy to be confident around Juliana. It was like her confidence rubbed off on you.

“Yeah! Now lets go! The waves aren’t gonna ride themselves!”

_ _ _

“That was almost as great as the time we went surfing in October! Man, I missed surfing with my Lion!”

By now, everyone had finished eating and only Krysha and Marcus was left to watch the stuff.

“Hey guys! Why aren’t you out in the water having fuuuun?”

“We thought we’d watch everyone’s stuff for a bit until someone comes back. But since you guys are here, would you mind watching the stuff while we go in?” Marcus, always the gentleman. Bleh.

“Oh no problem. Now scoot, go have fun in the water!”

Juliana and I sat down on the blankets and turned on the radio sitting by us.

“She likes you.”

“Clearly she doesn’t. She has a boyfriend and she’s been ignoring me for weeks.”

“Denial. She likes you a lot, but she’s in denial. Trust me, when she finds out about Delaney, she’ll come running to you.”

“You sure?”

“I see the way she looks at you, Always stealing glances and such. I’m sure.” She smiled at me to show she was telling the truth. Hearing that made my heart skip a beat.


“COMING JACKERS!” She looked at me and smiled. “Good luck with her. You should talk to her soon.” With that, she took off her wetsuit and ran into the water, splashing around and having fun with everyone.

“I’m gonna get some water, okay?” I looked over to see Krysha walking towards me, still soaking wet from the water. He hair stuck to her neck and water dripped down her pale skin, sending shivers down my spine. She’s so beautiful, and the way the sun hits her face and brings out the caramel color in her eyes makes it even harder not to run up and kiss her.

She walked up to the cooler and grabbed a water bottle, opening it and drinking half of it in the first sip. She capped the bottle and looked at me like I was insane.

“Why’re you staring?”

“Oh, I – uh, you just look really nice in a bikini.” What the fuck was that?!

“Thanks?” She took a seat next to me.

“You’re not ignoring me anymore?”

“Who is she?”

“Excuse me?”

She turned to face me and we locked eyes. “Who is she?”

“Juliana? She’s uhm, a friend from high school.”

“You two seem close. As close and Jack and Alex, even.”

“Yeah, she was my best friend at Towson. We went to prom together.”

“Oh.” Yeah. Oh.

“So, have you ever, like, kissed her or something?”

“I have. More then once.” Crap, shouldn’t have said that.

“Really now.” Krysha clenched her jaw and blinked rapidly. “What else have you done with her?”

“Isn’t that a little personal?”

“Just answer the question, Zack.”

“Why do you care so much?”

“Answer the question.”

“Krysha, you’re being ridiculous.”

“Answer. The. Question.”

“I don’t have to tell you anything about my personal life!”

“Just answer the question!”

“I don’t have to!”

“Answer the question!”


“Answer it!”






I heard her gasp and it got really quiet.

“H-How many times?”

“Just once, in high school. We were… young and curious.”

“I can’t fucking believe you.”


“You can’t fucking believe ME? I’m sorry, but I wasn’t the one who got completely wasted and screwed some dude she just met! I had known Juliana since we were kids. She’s my best friend. In fact, what we did brought us closer. It’s how she got so confident. Marcus is just some random guy you decided to fuck.”

“Don’t bring Marcus into this!”

“Why not? You brought up what happened between Juliana and I, so I can bring up what you did with Marcus!”

“You did the same thing I did!”

“What I did was 5 years ago and totally not the same thing you and Marcus did. You had just met the guy and fucked him, then dated him.”

“So? You screwed Juliana!”

“But I knew her! I had known her. Things were different between us, and what we did brought us closer.”

“What Marcus and I did brought us closer.”

“Oh my god, Krysha. You know what? Never mind! You drive me fucking crazy, you know that?” I got up and walked away, not sure where I headed. She just sat there, gaping at me.

She didn’t come after me, or call me, or anything. She just got up and walked back into the ocean to join everyone else.
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