Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Insanery for Weirdos

Pink paint and ducks

Marilyn's P.O.V

Oh My God! This dude is a total psycho. When we got to the Slytherin table he started to slide his foot up my leg. So I kicked him in the shin and he kicked me back and then the kicking didn't stop, oh and did I mention he has really big feet! Now I'm running for my life away from that … that creep.

I ran down the dimly lit halls and turned a corner. It was a dead end meaning I was trapped, I looked left and then right spotting some stairs going down. Seeing s I had no choice, I ran down them nearly tripping halfway down and probably taking some stone away from the stairs as well. 'I'm not paying for that.'

I could hear the heavy footsteps behind me, see the shadows on the wall and feel the breathing by- okay now this just sounds like a stupid horror movie.

I reached a door and threw it open; it was a dungeon of some sort. 'hopefully this isn't where the detentions are held.' I thought. The dungeons were even more dimly lit than the rest of the castle. I could barely see anything and it felt colder down here too. Odd. Then someone lit the torches and I heard a little snickering. A few steps forward and I saw a tall red-haired boy holding a paint brush that was covered in pink paint.

He looked bewildered. "What the hell?" he stared at me as I ignored him and searched the dungeon for a place to hide.

"No time. Got to hid. Being chased by a psychotic moron." I answered. Damn… I'm so screwed. Then I looked at the guy with a serious face and aha! I ran towards the guy and ran under his cloak.

"What the heck? Get off me!" he yelled trying to squirm out of my grasp as I had to hold of the back of his shirt under the cloak.

"Shhh! Just wait two minutes!" I whispered angry at his lack of cooperation.

Then Flint barged in, puffing quite a bit now. He glared at the red head and made a strange snorting sound.

"Weasel, you seen a girl with dark brown hair?" he snarled.

"And why would I tell you if I had seen a girl to that description?" the Weasel (?) said. "And why are you looking for a girl with dark brown hair?"

"Weasel you tell me or I'll hex you and it's none of your business." he growled. "Whatever." and with that he ran off down the hall. I relaxed as I heard his fading footsteps. I leaned my head on the guy's back. Mmmmm this guy smells really good of sweets and.. Paint. Then I started to worry again.

"Is he gone? Is he gone?" I asked peaking out from under his cloak.

"Yes bow can you please get off me." he said bored. I blushed.

"Oh, right, sure." I muttered jumping off his back.

"Thanks." he said fixing his collar. " Are you going to tell me what the hell that was about? He questioned me.

"Well, that guy was trying to flirt with me so I kicked him, and then he kicked me, so I kicked him and so forth, he's chasing me and I don't know if he's trying to kill me or rape me." I shuddered and continued. " And then I saw you as my only means of escaping the beaver man."

"By any chance do you know where the Slytherin dorm is?" I asked staring at him.

" Ummm, yeah it's opposite the great hall." he replied.

"Thanks." I said.

"And why would you thank me?" he asked suspiciously.

"'Cause your nice and you helped me." I replied.

"Yeah, but you're a Slytherin for Christ's sake." he yelled as I ran down the corridor.

"And what'd that got to do with anything?" I yelled back.

"You hate Gryffindor, and I happen to be a Gryffindor." he explained. I stopped.

"And?" I asked.

"Aghh, You're so weird." he said.

"And so are you." I said turning away from him.

"Whatever." he muttered and walked down the corridor paint in hand.

And so I walked back up the spirally staircase and went the opposite side of the great hall and followed another spiralled staircase and then followed some people with the green and black robes with the snake emblem on. As soon as I got to the common room, I walked straight up to the girls dorms, I found where they where because I followed some 4th year Slytherin girl called… hmm… what was her name? Ah I know, it was Jean. Once inside the dorm, I found my suitcase next to the far left bed and I immediately collapsed onto the bed and fell asleep. I was safe for now.

Jasmine's P.O.V

I ran away, my feet pounding on the stone floor. Why was I running from Draco…? Oh yeah we were playing tag. Ha-ha yeah right, he was being a little too much 'up in my face' for my liking. Anyway the running was becoming tiring and annoying, why did I have to run? He looks like a complete weakling. Then I saw some stone stairs leading down into the dungeons. 'Ohh, I wonder what they use this place for, hehe.'

'Ah ha here's an empty classroom.' I thought as I spotted the closed door on the left. I pushed it open which was rather hard to do as the door was too big for the frame. Anyway I crashed through the door, tripping over several cauldrons and knick knacks, I ended up on the floor facing the ceiling and soon enough Malfoy was on top of me.

"What the hell did you fall over? I already cleared the floor!" I asked.

"Shut up!" he said. Wow what a great answer.

I pushed him off me and realised the position we were in; me sprawled on the floor, him with his knees either side of my hips leaning forward with a rather sexy smirk on his face.

"Are you going to get off me or does pain make you feel hot?" I asked glaring at him.


Then I kneed him where most men have pencils and pushed him off me. He rolled over onto his back and held his… area. I stood up and put one foot on is chest and smirked proudly. And I was aware that he was getting a good look up my skirt. His eyes were wide and some tears were spilling over from the pain and then his nose started bleeding when he saw my sexy lingerie. This was going to be good.

"What are you two doing in my classroom?" a creepy low sexy voice asked… a tall male with shoulder-length black hair… as black as his eyes. He came from the far left of the room out of the shadows. I straightened up and stared at the sex god who stood before me.

"Professor Snape!" Draco stammered.

Hannah's P.O.V

"We ARE so much better than you." I pointed out, empathising the ARE.

We where in the Gryffindor common room, stood behind the red sofas that where in front of the fire. Many people in the common room were staring at us or running up to their dorms.

"We ARE so much better than you." Oliver mimicked, flicking his wrist in a gay campish way and talking in a high pitched voice.

"Uggh." I was getting frustrated with this…this…this THING is so…soooo…arrgh.


"Gees Hannah, get a grip, there are children present." Aleyna said sarcastically, motioning to a group of first years in the corner. She just loves to irritate me when I'm angry.

We ignored her and her glared at me and stuck his tongue out. After having a glaring contest with him, I couldn't take it any longer, so I pushed passed him and went up the left set of stairs. He followed suit and went to the right set of stairs. Once I got to the top and into the room labelled sixth years, I jumped onto the bed and flipped open the trunk that looked identical to my own trunk. Sifting through the case I found several items of clothing that weren't mine, like a pair of Puddlemere United boxer shorts and a…thong? I screamed and threw the clothes back into the case, slammed it shut and ran back down to the common room.

"That's my dorm and this is yours." I shouted to him.

"Yeah I kind of figured that out." he said.

I realised he was on the floor and the opposite staircase was now a slide. I trudged over to the slide and Oliver trudged over to his dorm while I waited for the stairs to change back. The whole Gryffindor house must have been watching as it had gone silent. I turned round to see everyone staring at me (except for Aleyna who was drawing).

"What?" I snapped.

Everyone then went back to whatever they had been doing and I stormed up the stairs and flopped down on to the bed were my actual case was, I hope. I threw my items of my clothing out of the case to find my superman pyjamas and then went into the bathroom and changed into them. Then I tossed everything back into the case and threw the covers of the bed open climbed in and pulled the curtains around the bed. I fell into a deep sleep, must have been exhausted from all that arguing with Oliver. But he Is cute though.

Aleyna's P.O.V

I had to ditch Hannah at the Great Hall to walk with Harry, Ron and Hermione to the Gryffindor common room and still ended up seeing Hannah and Oliver yelling at each other, arguing over quidditch in the middle of the hallway. Believe me if you ever get into an argument with Hannah over quidditch you'll never hear the last of it.

"Hey, Aleyna does your sister always argue like that?" Harry asked.

"Yeah, all the time, specially when people insult the Chudley Cannons." I replied.

"Does she support the Cannons?" Ron piped up.

"Yeah, ever since we were really small she's been a major fan. She's a little obsessed and is absolutely in love with quidditch." I said.

"Awesome." Ron said.

"Wonder who that reminds you of." Harry said to Ron and Hermione. " Oliver is also a really big quidditch fan; he makes us train for hours in the rain sleet and the snow." Harry added.

"So, are you a quidditch fan Aleyna?" Hermione asked.

"Not really, I can't do any sport to save my life. And besides, I prefer drawing." I replied taking a seat next to Hermione on one of the couches in front of the fire, after hearing that Hermione hugged me.

"You're so cute! But you like to study right?"

"Yeah, sure."

"Not another Hermione!" Ron groaned.

"I heard that Ronald." Hermione said hitting him over the head with a fat book.

"I'm sleepy, bedtime for me." I said standing up.

"Yeah me too." Hermione said and showed me the way to the girl's dorms.

"Night, Harry. Night, Ron." We both said.

"Night." they replied.

I flopped onto the bed with my case at the end of it. I then decided I better find my pyjamas and get to sleep. So I found my 'Ducks Are So Cool Like' pyjamas and changed into them. I saw that Hermione had already fallen asleep and so I crept towards the window and looked out at the sky.

The moon was out and it reflected in the water. The trees were swaying slightly and everything was quiet. I was glad that Hermione ha approached me at the table because otherwise it would have been really difficult for me to find a friend. I find it hard to talk and make friends.

I tied my black hair back and climbed into bed. 'Let's hope this year will be a good year with no accidents, like at our old school. Hannah try not to lose your temper too much, Marilyn don't get into lots of mischief and Jasmine try not to fall in love with an older man.' I yawned quietly and waited calmly for sleep to come.
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