Dumbledore's Mohawk

Chapter 2

A perplexed look swept across Harry’s face. Did he just hear that Dumbledore has a mohawk? Shaking his head at the incredulous idea, Harry laughed. “You’re joking. Stop pulling my leg, Seamus.”

“He’s not lying,” Dean loudly interjected. “We saw him when he was walking across the corridor. Just as that little Creevey. He managed to snap a quick photo of it.”

“That can’t be true though,” Hermione said with a shaky laugh. “I mean, it’s the Hogwarts headmaster for goodness sake. A wise man like Dumbledore wouldn’t do something as foolish as that. Right?”

Ron adjusted a strap of his bag and let out a low whistle. “Well, you have to have some fun in your life once in a while. He’s like over a hundred, right? Correct me if I’m wrong,” he hastily added when Hermione shot in a quizzical glance. “If Dean and Seamus claim they saw him, we should believe them. Especially if that little annoying Creevey kid got a picture of it.”

Seamus and Dean quickly nodded their head. “Just trust us,” Seamus said.

Harry decided to believe his friends. Both of them had been his fellow classmates and friends ever since he joined Hogwarts and they both were devoted to Dumbledore’s Army. “Okay, I believe you. Where is he now?”

“Harry! You possible can’t believe this,” Hermione pleaded.

“Shh Hermione,” Ron quickly ushered.

Hermione rolled her eyes and crossed her arms against her chest. “Fine, Ronald. And for your information, Dumbledore is one hundred and fifteen years old.”

Ignoring the previous comments, Dean laughed. “I’m pretty sure Dumbledore went into his office.”

“Ah, well thanks guys. I think we’ll go and have a good laugh about it. See you later,” Harry said. The rest of the gang said bye and soon Dean and Seamus were making their way to the Great Hall.

“Man, Harry. You’ve got to go and check out’s Dumbledore’s hair.”

Harry agreed. “How can I get in though?”

“Well I think all of this is complete and utter rubbish,” Hermione declared. “I mean seriously, just think about.”

“I think that you need to get out more, Hermione. There are more places than the library,” Ron said with a quick laugh.

“Guys, can you just concentrate for a minute. What’s a liable excuse for me to go into Dumbledore’s office?” Harry asked.

“You practically go there everyday,” Ron said. “Just say your scar is hurting or something.”

“That’s not something to joke about!” Hermione exclaimed shocked. “That’s a very serious matter.”

Pretending that he didn’t hear Hermione, Harry agreed to the idea. “Sounds perfect. Why don’t you two wait out here or maybe go back into the Great Hall? I think it’s about dinner time.”

“Okay. Just tell us what you see,” Ron said with a smirk. “I’ll guess I’ll have to drag this crazy one with me.” He pointed at Hermione and busted out into laughter. Even Hermione couldn’t hide a smile.

Saying his goodbyes, Harry walked over to Dumbledore’s office and stood in the familiar spot. Staring hard at the gargoyle statues, he was determined to guess the password. He was just going to say the first candy names that popped in his mind.

“Chocolate frog? Every flavor bean? Honeyduke chocolate?” Feeling frustrated, Harry was annoyed. How picky could someone be with sweets? Snapping his fingers, Harry knew the password. “Fizzing whizzbees!?”

The statues soon sprung alive and moved. Harry quickly stepped in and looked around. His jaw dropped.

Everything was different.