Dumbledore's Mohawk

Chapter 3

Harry could hardy recognize Dumbledore’s office. Once where numerous unique trinkets once stood were now replaced with floating lava lamps. There were dozens of wizard wrock posters spread around, especially a vulgar one where the ‘Weird Sisters’ name prominently stood out. Even the pensieve was gone; what now stood in it’s place was a mosh pitting leprechaun. To top it all off, there sat Dumbledore right in the middle of it all.

Albus Dumbledore sat in the middle of the room on a bright green beanbag seat. He smiled at Harry before touching the many spikes on his pink mohawk. Gesturing to seat next to him, he motioned for Harry to sit next to him.

Not knowing what to do, Harry gave an awkward smile and went forward. He sat on the seat before promptly falling to the ground. “Sir, what is going on here?”

With a twinkle in his bright blue eye, Dumbledore gave a hearty laugh. “Oh Harry, lighten up. Loosen up your tie and have some fun! Plus I’m taking you someplace special tonight.”


“To the local witch’s strip club!”

“But sir, I thought you were-”

“Gay! Of course Harry, I’m as happy as when Madam Pomfrey gave me those delightful earmuffs a few years back!”
♠ ♠ ♠
Crappy ending.