The Prince Malfoy Found His Match


I was inmy room crying because myabusive boyfriend of six years asked me to marry him and i said no then he said watch your back im warning you now. The Bad part bout that is he goes to hogwarts too. Uh-Oh im in troubleBIG-TIME.

My Dad came in my room and saw that i had been crying " What did he do" "asked me to marry him" "and you said?" "I screamed NO!!!!!!!". "OKAY ..." "mASTER SOMEONES AT THE DOOR" "ah its the malfoys" " Yaaay" " CIARA!" "SORRY" "Get Dressed Please Honey" " Thank you".
I walked down the huge winding stairs more like slid down though. " Im dizzy" "Wooooow!" " Gotch ya"
" Thanks Draco" "no problem" our parents always hope one day we will be together I DOUT IT THOUGH!.