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I Will Never Forget That Night


I woke up a short time later. That's when I heard exactly what I was afraid of.

"Look Spence. You don't even know her. We should just let them go home. They probably have a pretty nice one by the sounds of it," Alice said passionately. I stood up and waited for Spencer's response.

"Alice, why would I do that? Better yet, why would you? You found them and led them here. How would you feel if someone said to you, 'Sure you can stay. Wait, no I changed my mind. Get lost?"

"It's different, she has a home!"

"A home or a house? Ask yourself that. I thought the system taught you the difference." A long pause ensued before Spencer spoke again.

"Look, I know that you think she might be something like a long lost friend or sister or something, but stop punishing her because she was taken into a more permanent foster home OK?"