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I Will Never Forget That Night


I bolted up with a muffled gasp. The memories I had held back for so long out of concern for my mental sanity came flooding back. I could remember it now. All of it.

My father a left my mom when he found out she was pregnant, but she had stood by us. But one day the stress combined with an untreated case of cancer made her pass out one day and my twin and I couldn't wake her up. We had called 911 like our mom taught us, but it had been too late. Then when we got to foster care we stuck together, and slowly we formed a pack of kids around us. My roommate (Aly), Alice's roommate (Carly) and Spencer. Yup, Spencer was there.

When we were eight I was sent to a foster home and Alice was sent to a different one with Spencer. I never saw her again and grew up with six other brothers and sisters.

Spencer walked over to me and sat, as if he knew what had just happened. The rush and shock was overwhelming and I just sat there feeling conflicted.