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I Will Never Forget That Night


The next few days I could barely recognize myself. I was paler then any ghost and I looked ready to break down at any moment.

"Amy. What's up?" Alice asked. She didn't know that I remembered her, but she did seem to care that I had taken on a sickly appearance in the last few days.

"I - I-" but then Spencer came to the rescue.

"She's just going through some personal issues." By some unspoken pact Spencer seemed to know what I had remembered, but didn't make me talk about it. However, he had been incredibly supportive of me. Make sure I was mentally okay about every twelve hours and acting as translator for Alice.

"What kind," Alice pressed, seemingly mad she wasn't informed of our secret.

"A personal kind," Spencer shot back.

"Oh really?" Alice sounded threatening. I would have told her, but Spencer had steel in his eyes.

"Really," he confirmed. I had seen these two fight, but not like this. This fight wasn't about me. It was about them.

"What is this about?" I asked in what I thought was an authoritative voice.

"Secrets. He has so many and he will never let me in! I'm your friend. Not some backstabbing jerk out to hurt you in some ludicrously sadistic manner!" Alice stomped her foot in frustration.

"So that's why your always angry?" Spencer asked, softening almost at once. "Ali, I never tried to keep you out. I was trying to protect you. But you need to learn how to let somethings go."

"Like your stupid secret?" she asked bitterly.

"Alice you don't understand. I can remember you. And Spencer." Alice stopped, open mouthed.
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