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I Will Never Forget That Night


I woke up in a sterilized room. Blank, cold walls. The only sound was my heart monitor.

"AMY! Thank you God!" Alice said as she popped up from her position in an uncomfortable looking chair next to my bed. I gave a little jump, but I was soon smothered by her hug.

"Alice, what happened?"

"Sweety, you were shot. You saved my life. You were brilliant, but that imbecile of a bully had a gun."

"Did he get caught?"

"I don't know. I gave the police their descriptions and I haven't heard anything. I'm so sorry Amy."

"Why are you sorry? I'm the one that got me shot," I said as I pushed myself up. Alice laughed weakly at my feeble attempt to push myself into a sitting position.

"Yeah, but you did it for me." I smiled up at her.

"Any time."