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I Will Never Forget That Night


We followed the blur down some shady side streets and when it finally stopped, it wasn't Spencer. It was the girl that was with him. It was Alice.

"Why are you following us? We saved you. Did that offend you?" she asked in a menacing voice.

"N-no," I stammered. "I'm thankful. I really am."

"Then why are you here?" She stepped forward as she spoke.

"I-I don't know. I just did."The girl sighed.

"You just did. Of course." Then with a half hope full look at me she spoke again. "I take it you won't leave with out reporting us will you?"

"I won't report you, but I'm not I'm ready to leave either."

"Fine. Then my name's Alice. My associate is named Spencer. Your name?"

"I'm Amy. My friend Eliza is here to make sure I don't die." Alice laughed while Eliza rolled her eyes. Then Alice paused with strange look on her face.
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