La Vie En Rose


“Soo...what am I looking at here?”

I was now standing in front of John’s car with one hand resting on the strap of my bag. After John put Sally back in his house, he walked back out onto his driveway and stopped next to me.

“A 1960’s Mercedes sedan.” He answered with a tint of admiration in his voice.

“Does it work?” I asked, warily eyeing the car. It looked more like an antique than a working machine. In fact, it looked older than my own grandmother.

“Gigi, this is a classic piece of the 1960’s Mercedes Benz collection!” John walked over to the hood and grazed the black, shiny exterior carefully, “My grandfather gave it to me last summer. I think he finally realized that keeping it in a garage for so long wasn’t doing it justice.”

“But...does it work?” I asked again.

He laughed, pulled out his keys and walked over to the driver’s side, “Trust me, it works. Now get in.”

Featuring; John O'Callaghan from The Maine.