Everything's Magic.


You tapped your feet impatiently as the flight attendants went through the safety procedures; the ones you’d heard a million times before.

‘Let’s take off already’, you muttered, earning a chuckle from Rian beside you.

‘Calm down woman, what’s the rush?’

You licked your lips as you scrambled for an excuse.

‘Just want to finish the record’, you mumbled, turning your body away from him and resting your head on the window with a sigh. This was going to be a long flight.


‘Rian, hurry the fuck up!’ You snapped. He was driving at a normal speed, but in your opinion he was going far too slow. He just laughed at you and continued on at the same agonizing speed.

Finally, after what seemed like forever, you arrived, pulling up to the apartment where you were living whilst you were in LA. You practically threw yourself out of the car and sprinted up to the house, ignoring rians demands to help him carry the bags.

You yanked the door open and jogged inside, your eyes falling on Zack

‘Where’s Jack?’ you asked, panting slightly.

He rolled his eyes. ‘Hey Alex, missed you too buddy.’

Your rolled your eyes and huffed, not in the mood for his sarcasm.

‘His flight got delayed’ Zack informed, and you threw yourself onto the couch with a groan.

‘Well when’s he gunna be here?’ you demanded irritably.

‘Um...tommorow.’ Zack said, clearly braced for you to scream, or hit him. You didn’t though; you simply sighed and picked yourself up from the sofa.

‘I'm going to bed’, you announced, just as Rian entered the house.

‘Its 8:30’ he pointed out, face red from carrying the heavy bags.

‘So?’ you asked expectantly, stomping up the stairs. You heard their sighs but you didn’t care. You just carried on down the hallway and into your bedroom. Your crawled onto your bed and curled up in a ball, reflecting on the weekend. Sure, it had been nice to go home. You were happy that you got to spend some time with your family, and your girlfriend. It had been great to see your old friends too, but right now all you wanted was a particular friend; your best friend.

It’d been a surprisingly long weekend without him, and you just wished he’d hurry up and get his ass back to you. Sadly though, that wasn’t going to happen tonight, and so you shut your eyes miserably and tried to sleep.


You didn’t rise again until the next morning, and when you drifted back to consciousness, you became are of someone stroking your hair. Your eyes snapped open, and you let out something like a squeal when you saw Jack perched beside you. You sat up and captured him in a death grip, smiling as he laughed.

‘What took you so long?’ you grumbled, your nose in the crook of his neck.

‘Delayed’ he murmured, hands twisting in your hair. You hummed and didn’t ask any more questions. It didn’t matter anymore- he was here now.

‘Did you miss me?’ he asked. You were just about to tell him that of course, you’d missed him like crazy, but a voice at the door beat you to it. You lifted your head from Jack's neck and saw Rian and Zack standing in the doorway.

‘Of course he’s missed you.’ Zack smiled, rolling his eyes.

‘Yeah’ Rian agreed. ‘Jack, next time we go home for the weekend, you’re coming with us. Alex is a miserable bitch when he’s not with you.’

You scowled and grabbed your pillow, launching it at your friend. It missed him and he smiled at you smugly, leaving the doorway and dragging Zack with him.

‘Use protection guys!’ You heard Rian shout as he and Zack disappeared downstairs.

You rolled your eyes and shuffled into Jack's lap, wrapping your arms around his neck.

‘Get off me dumbass’ he chuckled, though as he said the words he wrapped his arms tightly around your waist, clearly not about to let you move. He started rocking you from side to side gently the way he always did, and you grinned, resting your forehead against his. Your noses touched and your eyes fell to his lips, as always.

You let out a small laugh and looked up, meeting his eyes. He gave you that look, the questioning one that you would always give each other when you found yourselves in this situation, which was often. You grinned and nodded slightly, eyes fluttering closed as his lips found yours.

You sighed as your mouths started to move together, and you twisted your fingers in his hair, keeping him close. His tongue slid out and you shakily parted your lips, bringing your own tongue out to tangle with his.

This was another one of those times where the lines of your friendship became blurred. Best friends weren’t supposed to kiss. Best friends weren’t supposed to want to kiss.

But actually, you would have been lying if you said you cared. Jack was warm and soft and...Jack.You couldn’t find anything wrong with kissing him. You wanted him, you needed him, and as long as he wanted you too, it didn’t matter that the lines were blurred. You didn’t care, and neither did Jack.
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