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A Different World


The next Jonathan was acting funny, and I think it was because of yesterday. I knew he shouldn’t have kissed me. It just makes things awkward, because I know it didn’t like it or something. He didn’t have practice, so we just relax around the house. I was getting fed up with him acting fun. So I said something.

“Jonathan why act funny?” I asked him.

“Where you gonna tell me when you were gonna leave?” He asked me. My mouth dropped.

“Who tell you! I was tell you!” I said getting angry.

“It not important who told me, but when were you gonna tell me?”

“I don’t know...” I said looking down. “I don’t know what do. I don’t want leave.” I said crying.

“I figured it out.” Jonathan said.

“What that?” I asked him.

“Elisabeth, this is gonna sound crazy, but it is the only way you can stay here.” Jonathan said. “You might want to sit down this could take a while.” We were in the kitchen just eating a piece of fruit for a snack. We walked to front room and I sat on the couch while Jonathan stood up. He was pacing around for a few seconds.

“Okay. Your visa is up in January.” Jon said.

“Yes January 20th 2010.”

“Okay, so what we are gonna do is this. You are gonna go back to Poland for a few weeks, two the most. Then you are gonna go to the Olympics for two weeks. It is seen as a vacation so you don’t get questioned about anything.”

“Why I go to Olympics that in Canada?” I asked Jonathan. I was confused.

“Because I’m gonna be on the Olympic hockey team for Canada. You can see me there. This is the other part comes in. Don’t freak out okay...” Jonathan said.

“Oh god Jonathan I already scared of what say.” I said looking at him.

“Elisabeth how much do you like me?” he asked me looking at me. “Be honest okay. Say everything on your mind.” He bent down and held my hand. His dark eyes met my light ones. I’ll tell him the truth. “What do you feel?”

“Jonathan I feel big beat in chest. My heart go really faster. I love that you have answer for questions and I understand. I love that you not angry when I not talk good English. When we not talk no sadness like that.” I said looking at him.

“Do you love me?” he asked me. I just looked lost.

“I not know what love... I never in love before, Jonathan.” I said looking at him. I started to cry. I was too overwhelmed. I didn’t know what love was, because there was nothing in my life I could ever base it off of. My dad left me. My mom hated everyone. My friends were idiots.

Then it hit me.

Katey and Patrick. That was the only thing I observed in my life that was two people loving each other. I mean they argued, but everyone argues with each other. Jonathan and I were doing that all the time.
Did I feel the the same way with Jonathan like Katey and Patrick felt?

Listen to your heart, Elisabeth.

I looked at Jonathan. He looked scared of what I was gonna say next. I didn’t feel safe without him. I didn’t want to leave him.

I knew that if I left America forever, and went back to Poland I could never find someone like Jonathan again. Someone that made me feel amazing and when we fought worthless. I guess that was love. I didn’t know what love was, but I had to guess.

“I love you.” I said quietly and hugging him. “Jonathan I not want to go.” The tears streamed down my cheeks quicker. He put his arms around me tightly. “I not want lose you again.” I was never this scared in my life. My heart never was so quick in my life. The world started to crash down on me. I realised how big everything was when I holding onto the only person I never wanted to be apart from.

“I love you too, and nothing is gonna happen to you okay? I promise.” he said. “Elisabeth you have to listen to me though. There is only one way I can keep you here and it is very drastic.” He looked at me.

“What?” I asked him.

“You are gonna have to marry me. That is only way I know you’ll be safe from ever going back to Poland. I mean you’ll have to stay in Canada for maybe a month the most, and then you can get a visa to stay with me in Chicago. If you aren’t in Chicago you are in Canada, where I know you won’t be lost.”

I was taken aback where I just sat back farther and looked at him.

“Marry? What I do in Canada why you here?”

“You’ll get use to Canada. I’ll talk to my mom, and you can stay at our house there. You’ll be okay there you’ll have my mom there.”

“But you not there?” I was confused.

“I know that, but in a month you can probably get a visa to come stay with me in Chicago until the season is over. Then we get to go back to Canada and have fun.” He said to me.

“Another month?” I said thing of what one month did to me before.

“It won’t be that long. I promise. Plus, you’ll have my family there. They will be as nice to use as I am, and my mom can help you adjust to everything.” Jonathan said trying to make me feel better. I just hugged him. “I won’t lose you.” He said quietly. “You just have to trust me okay?”

“I trust you Jonathan.” I said.

That day we spend talking about the future plans of what is gonna happen with us. He made me feel better about everything, and things seemed to lighten up.

I didn’t get any of this stuff. I didn’t think when I got to college my roommate’s boyfriend’s friend would be the person would make me fall in love. That it would only take me two months to have someone fall in love with me and ask me to marry him just to makes sure he’d never lose me. I knew Jonathan was rational this was not like him.

Maybe I just didn’t realise how much I could mean to someone?
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