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A Different World


When I woke up the next morning, Patrick was gone. In his places, was a note.

Jon had some kind of emergency meeting at Kane’s. I’ll be back after. Love you.

I sighed and crumbled up the note. Jon is probably freaking out about Lizzie going home.

After I got ready for the day, Patrick walked in with Starbucks.

“Morning babe. I brought you breakfast.” He said as he gave me a kiss.

“Mmm. Banana nut muffins and a white chocolate mocha?” I asked as I peeked into the bag.

He laughed. “Only the best for the best girlfriend ever.”

I gave him a look. He only is overly sweet when he is hiding something.

“Okay Sharp, fess up.”

He took a look drink of his coffee and gave me a blank stare. “I have no idea what you are talking about. Am I not allowed to compliment my lovely girlfriend once in awhile?”

I rolled my eyes. “You are being overly sweet. And when you do that, you are usually hiding something.” I point to myself. “Remember, girlfriend for over two years. I know you like the back of my hand.”

He sighed and sat on my desk. “Okay fine. You got my note about the emergency meeting Jon had?” I nodded. “Well it was about how to keep Elisabeth here.”

I nodded for him to continue. “Well, Kaner suggested he marry her and-“

“Hold the fucking phone. MARRY her? Is Kane on drugs?”

Patrick rolled his eyes. “Can I finish?”

I waved him on as I ate on my muffin. “Anyways, Kane suggested he marry her that way she could get a pass on living there. Ya know, once you marry a Canadian you are automatically accepted. And then get an American visa to stay here during the season and finish out school.”

“And you agreed with this?”

He looked down at the ground and pushed the rug up with his foot. “Actually, we both kind of did.”

I choked on my coffee. “You agreed for me?”

Patrick looked up at me. “Look, it’s the best solution. I know that and you do too. That is of course unless you want her back in Poland.”

My jaw dropped. “Of fucking course not. We may have started off rough, but we have become friends. I would miss her. I just wish there was another solution.”

He came over and gave me a hug. “So do I. But you know Jon, once his mind is set on something, it will happen.”

“Yeah. But if he pressures her into this plan, I swear to god.” I said burying my head into his chest.

“He no pressure me.” I heard Elisabeth say as she walked into the room.

I looked up from Patrick’s chest. “So you are okay with this?”

“Ya. I go back to home for two week. Then come back and marry. Live in Canada for bit with Jon mom.”

Patrick kissed my forehead. “I’m gonna give you two sometime. I’ll call you later.”

As he walked out the door, I sat on my bed rubbing my head.

“I wish you would have told me about this academic probation Elisabeth. I could have helped you.”

“I know. I want to figure out by self. Bad time anyway.” She said as she sat beside me.

“So when are you going back to Poland?”

“A week. Must start pack.”

“What if..” I started.

She turned to look at me. “What if?”

I looked at her. “What if I went back to Poland with you? Just until you come back. I can go to Canada with you and help you adjust as much as I can. I mean, I live there during the summer anyways with Patrick.”

Her eyes lit up and she gave me a hug. “Really? You come home and help me when return?”

I nodded. “Sure. It’s the least I can do. Besides, someone has to witness this wedding.”

For the next hour, we sat there and made plans to fly back to Poland before she received a text from Jon to meet her somewhere. After she left, I called Patrick.

“Hey babe. How did the talk go?”

I sighed. “Good, but you might hate me.”

“Do I wanna know?”

“I think this news would be best told face to face. Can I come to the condo?”

“Babe, you can always come here.”

Ten minutes later, I walked in to Patrick’s condo and sat on his lap on the couch.

“Okay babe, what happened.” He asked as he rubbed my back.

“I’m going back to Poland with Elisabeth. Then when she comes back, I’m going to Vancouver with her, try to help her adjust as much as I can before the end of Olympic break.”

“Oh well. That’s not so bad.”

I looked up at him. “You are kidding right? You do realize what this means right?”

He nodded and kissed my forehead. “Means I won’t get to see you for four weeks. I know.”

“You won’t miss me?”

He chuckled. “Every single day. But you do realize that they invented the internet and phone for a reason right love?”

I rolled my eyes and smacked his chest. “I know that ass. It’s just. Four weeks is a long time.”

“Yeah and we have had fights longer than that. We will be okay.”

I kissed him and snuggled into his chest as he held me. “I love you, you know that right?”

“Yes. Besides, think of it this way. You get to see where Elisabeth grew up. It might be a cultural shock to you.”

“Oh I know it will be. But I think she will need a friend.”

“Probably so. But that’s one of the reasons why I love you. You are so kind to others.”

We sat like that until my phone started buzzing. I looked at it and saw a text from Jon.

Can you and Sharp meet us for lunch? Say 20 minutes?