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A Different World


Kaner took me back to his condo, and we started to hit the vodka bottle pretty hard. I was getting drunk really quick.

“Why do you stay around Jonathan so much? Don’t realised he is a robot and only goes for the girls that are slutty and like have a brain though. I mean you have a brain it just works better in Polish.” Kaner slurred to me. I barely understood him.

“He always had answers to question...” I said looking at Kaner.

“I can have the answers to all of your question. Especially you being a virgin and all.” he said. I just looked at him.

“Virgin you hold that above head. Why?” I asked him.

“Elisabeth you are twenty-one, foreigner, completely in culture shock to the sinning heathens we have in Chicago. You know how extremely fuckable that is here? Any guy that meets you and knows how naive you are is gonna wanna take you to the nearest place far away from people and do dirty, hot, naughty things to you.”

Then there was big huge pounding on the door. I went to go get and it was Jonathan. “What you do here?” I asked him.

“You got her drunk Kaner?!” Jonathan said holding onto me.

“She needed it.” Kaner said.

“Let go.” I said getting out Jonathan’s grip.

“Elisabeth what are you doing?” Jonathan asked me.

“Leave alone now! I not like you anymore!” I said slurring and losing my balance. I fell to the floor.

“What?” Jonathan said trying help me.

“I help needed Jonathan! You no help anymore. You go by Ivana and leave me. I needs help. I read not good. I talk no good. I needs help. You ignore me. Hurts lot. I hard try.” I said kind yelling at him. “I hates you!”

“You don’t mean that...” Jonathan said looking at me lost. “You are just drunk and we need to talk when you aren’t drunk. Come on I’m taking you home and so you can go sleep.”

“NIE!” I yelled in Polish.

“Elisabeth you coming with me whether you like it or not.” Jonathan said picking me up from the floor and taking me out of Kaner’s condo. I tried to fight it, but he was too strong for it. He got me in the car and he started to drive me back to my school “Just because you are drunk doesn’t give you the right to act like a total moron and say you hate me when I know you don’t. I don’t know what the fuck you do in Poland when someone makes you angry you don’t say you hate them.”

“In Poland we kiss no Russian whores. We spit on them.” I said.

“That isn’t very nice.” he said.

“Russians bad peoples in Poland. Killed our people fucked up whole country.” I said.

“Oh.” He said. We got to my dorm and he picked me up and brought me to my room. When we got into my room he set me on the bed. He took my heels off of me.

“This dress so uncomfortable.” I said. “I wear this only few hours.”

“You gotta get changed into pyjamas.” Jonathan said to me.

“First draw right.” I said clasping on my bed. I closed my eyes and then I felt someone wake me up. “Co?” I mumbled.

“Elisabeth wake up you gotta change.” Jonathan said getting me to sit up. I tried to get my dress of me, but something wasn’t letting me get out of it. I was so lost. I was too drunk to even pay attention.

“You have like fifty buttons on the back of this.” Jonathan said looking at my back. “Girls and their dresses.” he was going on and I just ignored him. “Come on Elisabeth get some composure. I don’t want to have to dress you.” I tried to reach the buttons, but I couldn’t. I tried so hard.

“Dammit.” I said.

“You can’t get angry with me when you are sober for this.” Jonathan said to me as he moved me to lay on my stomach. He slowly started to unbutton my dress for me, and I was slowly falling asleep. Then I felt myself being shook. “Hey stay up.”

“Nie.” I said.

“Sometimes you are such a little kid.” he said.

“Nie.” I said. When get everything undone he got me back up. Then the door opened.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO HER?” Patrick said looking at us.

“Her drunk ass can’t change herself. Someone had too.” Jonathan said. “Leave dude I got this.” Jonathan tried covering me up.

“We aren’t telling Katey about this one. She will kill you.” Patrick said to Jonathan.

“Obviously.” Jonathan said as Patrick left.

“I go to hell for this one.” I said leaning my head on Jonathan’s shoulder.

“No you are just drunk and need help. There isn’t any sinning for that.” Jonathan said getting my arm out of my dress and pulling it down. He got my dress off of me and I really could feel his eyes all over me.

“Patrick right.” I said.

“Patrick was right about what?” Jon said.

“That you closet perv.” I said. I felt Jon smile and he let out a laugh.

“Oh Sharpy.” He said quietly. He got my night gown on me gently and then looked at me. “You need to sleep. You have class tomorrow you know that right?” he said.

“Tak at eight.” I said looking at him.

“Yeah, so go to bed it is two in the morning.”

“Jonathan you forgot bra.” I said reaching for my back. “Can’t do.” He just shook his head and got it for me. “Thank you.”

“No problem.” he said smiling at me. “We’ll talk when I get back from the road trip. We leave tomorrow right when you go to class. I’ll see you in a week.” He touched my cheek and then left the room.

Literally five minutes later I passed out and then I was woken up in the morning by Katey.


“FUCK MY HEAD.” I said loudly covering my ears.

“Change and get to class you have class in like thirty minutes.” Katey said.

I went to class barely understood what was going on, and then I went back to my room and Katey was there working on homework.

“You need help?” She asked me.

“Not really I sleep now.” I said going back to lay down on my bed.

“What happened with Jon last night?” Katey said rolling over to my bed still in her chair.

“I tell truth. I hate him. He not good person.” I said looking at my friend. “He got Ivana. I not barge in. I find someone else help me.” I said to him. Katey just looked at me with sympathy in her eyes.

“Jonathan isn’t just your friend is he? You like him don’t you?” She asked me.

“Nie, Jonathan just friend like over rest of friends. He answer all questions way I understand. He get it.”

“Elisabeth, that means you like them. Example, Patrick what do you think of him.”

“He nice person.” I said.

“You don’t like him the same way you like Jonathan.” Katey said.

“Right. Jonathan nice and smile at me.” I said to Katey.

“Exactly. What about Kaner?”

“Not like Jonathan?” I said confused.

“Exactly! Not like Jonathan.” Katey said.

“Jon just friend though.” He said.

“You usually are friends with someone before you go on dates with them.” Katey smiled. Then my phone rang like crazy. It was Elin’s ringtone.

“Hello?” I said picking up my phone.

“Elisabeth we are going shopping again. Come on I gotta get you shoes.” Elin said.

“Okay.” I said.

Twenty minutes later I was out shopping with Elin and Ivana met up with us later and all she was doing was on her phone texting. I was good at texting, and Jonathan always texted me when he had free time, but this time he wasn’t.

“Who are you texting that is so important?” Elin asked Ivana.

“Jonathan! He keeps texting me.” Ivana said looking straight at me. That’s when I felt it.

My heart broken for the first time.