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A Different World


I wish Jon would realize the suffering he has caused in the past month.

Not just to Elisabeth, but to everyone.

Just as Elisabeth was depressed, Jon was too. His game went downhill. In the past 14 games, he has only had 3 assists and was a -4.

At least he had the ability to do things.
Elisabeth hasn’t left campus, no matter what Patrick or I tried. Shit, we even had Kaner come over to try to cheer her up. Nothing was going to get her out of her funk.

Their funks had taken their toll on everyone, especially me and my relationship with Patrick. The stress of trying to help Elisabeth heal and keeping my relationship together with Pat was making me into a bigger bitch than I already was.

And poor Patrick was dealing with it from all sides. God bless him, because I don’t even know how he was still functioning.

Shit needs to go back to being normal, like yesterday.

I was laying in bed flipping through the channels when Elisabeth walked in from her last class of the day, looking glum as usual.

“How was class?” I asked turning off the television and sitting up.

“Good.” She said as she put her books on her desk and started in on her homework.

A few moments of silence passed before I got up and turned her chair around.

“Come on. We are going to get food.”

“Nie.” She said as she tried turning around.

“Elisabeth come on. It’s only food. Shit, we can even go get it and bring it back here.”

“Not hungry.”

“Bullshit. You have barely eaten anything lately. You need to eat. So you are going to do it with me.” I said as I grabbed her arm and pulled her out the door.

Getting her to my car was, to say the least, an adventure. She was resisting and, I’m pretty sure, cussing up a storm in Polish as I put her in my car. As I got in, she crossed her arms in front of her.

“Nie, I no go.”

I rolled my eyes. “Tak. You are going.”

“Nienawidzę cię.” She mumbled. (I hate you)

I smiled and patted her leg and I started to drive off campus. “Awww. You don’t mean that. Deep down inside you absolutely love me.”

When we arrived at Jimmy John’s, I heard her stomach growl.

I laughed. “And I thought you weren’t hungry.”

As we walked in, Elisabeth wandered off to a booth near the back of the restaurant and I went to go order our food.


I turned around to see Jon standing behind me.

Oh Shit.

“Jon.” I said turning back around to look at the menu.

“Are you here alone or…”

I looked at him and narrowed my eyes. “I am here picking up food for me and my roommate who hasn’t left campus for over a month thanks to you being a douche, so if you don’t mind.”

I walked up to the counter and ordered our food. As I was waiting, I sent Elisabeth a text.

Sneak out the back door and go to the car. I will meet you there.

Once the food was ready, I turned around to see Jon talking to Patrick
“Dude. I get I messed up. But she doesn’t still need to be a bitch.” Jon said.

I narrowed my eyes. “Jonathan didn’t your mother teach you it isn’t nice to talk about someone behind their back?”

“Didn’t anyone teach you being a bitch won’t get you anywhere in life?” He retorted.

“Listen here motherfu-“

Patrick stepped in between us. “Okay you two. Enough. Kate, you gotta lighten up on him.”

My jaw dropped. “Are you fucking kidding me right now? You are taking his side?!”

“Babe, I’m not taking anyone’s side, I am just trying-“

I put my hand up. “No. You know what. Fuck you both. Jon you are a straight asshole who doesn’t realize when you possibly could have the real deal in front of your face. And Patrick, of all people, I figured you would be the one to stick up for Elisabeth and me.”

I started to walk out as Patrick caught my arm at the door.

“What do you want Sharp?”

“Babe do not be mad at me over this.”

“Why the fuck not? I am allowed to be the biggest bitch to him if I want. He ruined my roommate and friend, and possibly our relationship.” I turned to start going out the door.

“Hold up. What do you mean possibly our relationship?”

I sighed. “Patrick, all we have done lately is fight. And it is killing me. Between that and everything else going on, I don’t think I can deal anymore.”

I felt the tears coming as I walked out the door and away from the love of my life.

I finally got into the car and handed Elisabeth the food as I backed out of the parking space.

She saw the tears on my face. “You okay?”

I wiped my face. “No. But it’s not important.”

“I see Patrick. Patrick make tears?” She asked.

“Somewhat yes. But let’s not talk about that. How about a movie night?”

A few hours later, we were chilling in our dorm room watch ‘Law Abiding Citizen’ when I heard a knock on our door.

“Who the hell could be here at 10 pm?” I said as I walked over and opened the door.

“What the fuck are you doing here?”

“I came to speak to Elisabeth.” Jon said quietly.

I slammed the door in his face.