If Opposites Attract, Then We Were Meant to Be

Only of You

***Billie’s P.O.V. ***
We signed? That really happened, somehow my mind does not, cannot, comprehend that.
Gilman Street is done. We can’t go back there. We aren’t welcome anymore. We’ve sold out. Larry even called us all together when he found out that we had signed with Warner/Reprise. He tried to figure out what was wrong with us to make us want to take such a huge risk. It was a giant leap from the place we once called “home.”
Well every bird has to leave the nest at some point I guess. They all step out spread their wings and fly away to become successful their own way. That’s what we were setting out to do. We wanted to find out how long we could ride this crazy train.
***Sam’s P.O.V. ***
“I think I need to go home.” I sat in the kitchen of my apartment with Lizzie. She was making a Caesar salad for our dinner while I made some vegetable lasagna.
“What for?” she asked quizzically without looking up from her salad preparations. I had not talked about home in quite some time. I knew that she was trying to remain inconspicuous and not overly curious by this sudden revelation.
“I don’t know really. I mean I can’t be sure, but I just feel like I need to go visit you know?” I stopped cooking and found myself wringing my hands in a nervous manner.
“Well, ok. Maybe if you call your dad tonight you can make some arrangements to fly out to Berkeley this week.” Lizzie quipped. “That is, as long as I get to go with you,” she added.
“Of course you can! You know I can’t leave you behind, you’d be completely lost with out me here.” I smirked.
“Ha, ha very funny,” she rolled her eyes sarcastically. Though the room was filled with our light banter the rest of the evening it did not escape my notice that when I thought about going home my heart would palpitate quickly, a feeling that I had often experienced while in the presence of a certain musician…
“Hey daddy!” I chirped into the phone. It was a rainy Friday afternoon and Lizzie was out waiting tables at the diner she worked at. I was perched on the end of my bed with the door to my bedroom closed as if I couldn’t get any privacy in my big, empty apartment. As I caught up with my dad I twirled a dark lock of hair between my fingers. I twisted my hair, untwisted it, braided it, and finally left it alone.
“So, I was wondering if I could come home with Lizzie this week. I mean I don’t want to impose if you already have plans but it would be nice to see everyone.” I said the last part fairly quickly. I guess because dad knew better than anyone that I had not seen a hand full of my old bosom buddies in quite some time. He also could sense my feelings whenever a certain friend was mentioned. Nothing got past him.
“Well sure you can Sammy! I’m sure everyone would love to see you two. You know they ask about you all the time. You should call them more, don’t be rude,” he scolded in a light tone. I could almost see my dad trying to decide if he should mention who exactly asked bout me frequently.
“Thanks dad. I-I just want to see the guys you know, they were touring last time I was home so I thought that it would be nice to see them…” I trailed off like an idiot. Man this was becoming a more awkward conversation than I thought it would be!
“I know sweetheart, I know… Well I’ve got to run but I love you and can’t wait to see you two. Tell Lizzie hi for me.” Dad seemed eager to cut the conversation short foreseeing more awkwardness from my end. God bless him!
“Love you too dad,” I muttered as I heard the phone click. My mind whirred to life and began making mental lists for what I would need to bring. Drowsily I rubbed my eyes and made my way to the shower. I had to get ready to go into work. I locked the door to the bathroom and began undressing as the shower heated up. I sighed as the warm water pelted my skin. The lighting actually made my skin appear tan. I knew this was a trick of the light though. A chuckle escaped my lips as I thought about how different my sickly pale skin would look if I had an orange spray tan. It was a pretty comical thought. However it made me realize how long it had been since I could really laugh and have a slightly funny thought. I was so broken that I rarely ever felt truly happy anymore.
Feeling nostalgic I finished my shower and wrapped my body in a towel. I walked back into my bedroom to look for my old yearbook. I flipped though the pages slowly reminiscing about high school with my best friends. And there it was. Scribbled on the page meant for autographs was the untidy scrawl I recognized instantly.
I wish I could tell you
But the words would come out wrong
Oh if you only knew
The way I felt for so long
I know that we're worlds apart
But I just don't seem to care
These feelings in my heart
Only with you I want to share

The first time I caught a glimpse of you
Then my thoughts were only of you

I hope that when time goes by
You will think the same about me
Many nights awake I lie
I only wish that you could see
I know that we're only friends
I hope this feeling never ends
If I could only hold you
It's the only thing I want to do.

The first time I caught a glimpse of you
Then my thoughts were only of you
“What do you think? Good huh? I know I’m taking up too much room in here. I just needed to write it down before I forgot. Well, I have loved every minute that we have gotten to be together since you moved here and I thought I should tell you. I love you Sam, you are my best friend that I know I can always depend on. Don’t trip when you get your diploma or I will laugh. You have been warned!”
–Billie Joe.