‹ Prequel: Fight to the Death
Status: As of 11/6/2010 chapters 27 and 28 posted. Completed.

Death Is Never Permanent

Valencia Blaire has just gotten herself into a shit load of trouble when she signs up to fight at the local club in New York City after being challenged by Sameer. Call him what you will but it isn't going to help her any. At least not now. She's already hurt because of the fire at the old school for "Juvenile Delinquents" 6 months earlier, and is not supposed to "do anything strenuous" according to her doctor...

So why is she risking her life? Why is she fighting when the odd's aren't in her favor even a little bit? And who will she fight? After all, the matches are random...


Will she "tap out"...


or win it all?


So what about Matt, Zacky and Ale? What are they going to say and think or even do....

What's gonna happen when the police get involved?

And finally when new guys come into her world.

Her life is about to change forever no matter what happens...

Sequel to Fight To The Death


"This seam is splitting, torn apart. lacerations from the thoughts of you. choking me, your words shoved down my throat. and I'm still bleeding from our first kiss. the taste so painful I'm forced to clench my fists. every time you turn around, you'll feel my presence. and when you glance up at the stars. everyone will be crashing down on you, whoa, you'll see me, the sky, calling out your name. and yet for some reason, I still absent mindedly come back for more. maybe someday I'll realize that this storm will someday pass me by." Chiodos ยป Deserving An Explanation Lyrics

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