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Status: As of 11/6/2010 chapters 27 and 28 posted. Completed.

Death Is Never Permanent

I guess I'll just cope with what I can't control.

I sat in the passenger seat of a shiny midnight blue Chevy Malibu with my parole officer in the driver’s seat, He had the pleasure of taking me to my first day at my new school. Damn him.
He showed up at 5:45 am (15 minutes ago) to “wake me up and give me my stuff.” This basically is the equivalent of him saying, ‘I’m taking you just to make sure you actually fucking go to school.'
Excuse me, but I never remembered a fucking prep school as being a “part of the deal,” do you? I mean why do I have to go there? Why not a regular high school? Oh and do you want to know the best part!?!?

Wait for it.......

I. Am. Officially- The DORKIEST looking person on the whole God damned earth...Thanks. To. Him….

I looked back down at my outfit in utter disgust, huffing silently to myself in annoyance.
I had on a black dress vest thing- that acts as a coat? (Still don't get why or how but anyways,) I also had on a deep green and metallic shiny black tie (I planned on taking it off the moment I left the damn car), a thin white, long-sleeved cotton dress shirt tucked into a green plaid skirt (also getting un-tucked asap) black leggings and ugly black 3 inch heels. My hair was a mess, well not really but it wasn't knot-free. Let’s also just mention that I had no makeup on whatsoever, so the bruises and cuts were all showing. ‘This is what I get...’ I sighed angrily, I am not a uniform girl...you all know that right? Well, just reinforcing that fact again.

I rolled my eyes as the officer commented “here we are!” all cheerfully. I took in the huge building that was surrounded by tons of land and at least 3 different parking lots, random smaller buildings, a small pond and a mini bridge.
Someone had way too much time on their hands. I swear...every single thing looked perfect, not a weed in the many flower beds or a leaf on a tree out of place. It made me suddenly feel the urge to go trash the outside pulling leafs off the trees to litter the perfectly trimmed, lush green grass, and pull apart flower pedals to do the same in the flower beds.
Welcome to Regalton Academy people.

He stopped the car long enough for me to get out and step onto the blacktop of the paved circular drop off area directly in front of the school.

“Have a great day at s-” I slammed the door harshly in his face before he could finish his sentence. After putting the strap of my school-themed green and black messenger bag on my good shoulder, I ran up the steps as fast as I could in the tall heels. Kids looked at me- some making fun of me, others looking on confused and yet finally some snickering, guys hitting each other as they watched me pass.
I walked straight inside ripping off the tie from around my neck and shoving it in a pocket in my bag; all the while also unbuttoning the top button on the neck of the suffocating shirt. I walked on from there, making my way towards the office. As a final “touch” I pulled off the starchy, stiff vest (shoving it inside the bag too), pulled out my shirt from my skirt, rolled my sleeves up to my elbows and pulled out my hidden dog tags from underneath the shirt.

“Hi, I need my schedule... and...Stuff...” I muttered after walking into the quiet and mostly deserted office. I looked around a bit…

“Oh! You are the new student, correct?” A small, rather thin lady in a black and pink suit said from behind the desk. She looked to be swimming in her outfit. Her glasses also reminded me of those ones kids would wear with the huge pieces of bright colored plastic sticking out at the sides like wings... She looked straight out of the 60’s.

“Unfortunately...” I muttered under my breath.

“Well! Um, well… I just need your full name and I'll print it out right now!” Someone took their happy pills today...no just kidding, but the thought is funny. She is way too much for her own good, sooo, so happy. I can’t take it very much longer.

“Bl- Um I mean Valencia Olivia Blaire.” As she typed what I’m assuming was my name and talked on and on about something; I however, was leaning on the counter wondering when the last time I actually used my full, full name was. Especially my first name. Valencia never really suited me; I should really think about changing my name to Blaire. After all everyone knows me by and calls me by it with the exception of a very angry Ale and my parents, which I-

“Here you go! Here's your schedule, locker information, student handbook and school rules... you need to read these and then sign these papers.” She handed me everything. Like hell I'd actually spend time reading the over an inch thick “school rules” book... please. I took them with an uneasy smile and turned walking out of the room without another word being said.

“So. Miss Beautiful is a rebel I see?” was whispered in my ear from behind me as I stood at my locker, contemplating my chances of getting out of Chemistry 2. I rolled my eyes and turned quickly around on my heel, smiling a forced smile, to look at a shaggy dirty blond haired surfer looking boy. He had blue eyes and the same uniform as me minus the skirt, leggings and heels but plus the tie (mandatory for guys), dress pants and dress shoes.

“Of course! Someone has to fucking mix up the manufactured goodie, goodie rich kids like yourself.” I said sarcastically.

“Babe, hate to break it too you but you'll be right there with us after today and the shit you're about to get for wearing the uniform like that...” He motioned to my body as his eyes continued going up and down from my head to my toes, very slowly. Perv. “And that's a bit freaking hypocritical don't 'cha think? You're just as rich as us.” He added snobbishly. I knew then, with that look on his face, that he only wanted to get in my pants. As if there would be another reason.

“True...” He was right; I probably am as “rich” as them with a couple million dollars to my name? Cue sarcasm.
These kids seemed to be the offspring of billionaires by the look of it. Me, I have absolutely nothing left at all. I turned again, shut and re-locked my locker, and walked off leaving blondie speechless.

“HEY! I was talking to you!” He yelled at my back angry. I simply responded with my favorite finger over my shoulder; not even turning to look at his reaction. Though now I regret not doing so, I want to see his expression!

The rest of the morning drug on.
I had Chemistry 2, French 1, which I was completely lost in the entire time (Why French? I have no clue, I was taking Spanish before and would be in at least year 3 in said Spanish class otherwise) and then British Literature/ Composition. Each time I entered into a class the same thing happened like deja vu.
First the teacher, oh sorry...Professor would look at me in disgust, I would smirk, they would lecture me and tell me “I'll let it slide today but next time you will have detention for dressing like that.” It didn't make sense cause I was wearing the uniform- just my way, not theirs per say. Then, I would sit wherever I was assigned to, the kids would talk about me behind my back, the professor would teach, I would be completely lost in the class, end up ignoring the “lecture” and then on to the next class for a repeat.

“Oh my...” I turned from walking down the crowded hallways on my way towards my final class before my lunch break, Criminal and Consumer Law. Another boring class.

“What?” I asked the short boy in front of me. He had a completely shaved head and blackish colored bruised looking eyes. Lack of sleep does that to a person.

“Oh my God, it is you! You’re the fucking girl from the fight-” I grabbed him, put a hand over his mouth and shoved him quickly up against the wall next to our previous stand positions.

“If you finish that sentence. I swear. I will fucking kill you.” I hissed causing his eyes to widen in horror “No scratch that! If you say another word to anyone I'll kill you.” I hissed once more at him. He was exactly eye level with me; I glared right into his eyes and felt him begin to shake under my hands which were still on his mouth and shoulder. “Got it?” He nodded numbly.
“Good!” I said cheerfully dropping my hands and smiling a real smile for the first time today. Why do I get happy when causing people pain, or scaring them to death? I think I am a psychopath when it comes to this...

“Um okay...I'm going to” He pointed towards the way he came before quickly running off. I sighed happily and went on to my CC Law class.

-Luca's Pov- ( the situation called for his pov, Lyrics are from Atreyu's Bleeding Mascara at the beginning.)

“Look how pretty she is, when she falls down” I groaned, waking up and looking half asleep, around for my phone. Somewhere. “Now there is no beauty in, bleeding mascara...Lips are quivering, like a withering rose” I spotted it in a pile on my floor with my dirty clothes.
“Ugh!” I groaned frustrated.

“She's back again!” I sat up making the random girl laying on my chest move, continuing to sleeping with her head now on the pillows instead of me. “What the fuck do you think love means?....It's much more than w-” I stumbled out of bed, tripping and almost falling but ending up keeping my balance so as to grab it and accept the call.

“What?” I snapped at the person on the other end as I rubbed my eyes and looked to my side to figure out what time it was... 11am. God, it’s too early. Way too early.

“Hey dude.”

“Alex. What the fuck do you want?” I snapped again, pissed and hating him at the moment

“Um well you know when you were talking about that Blaire chick?”

“You called me at 11 in the fucking morning to talk about her!?” I sighed and ran a hand over my face and up through my hair before looking back to the girl sleeping in my bed. A random girl I brought home after I fought last night...and NO! Nothing happened. We just slept. She is fully clothed as am I...did you really think I was that big of a whore? Come on! Sure sometimes I do but not every single night. She’s just…here. God, that just sounds bad.

“She's at my school.” For some reason my heart started beating faster and I got this weird feeling of almost happiness that he found the girl I've been looking for, for days.

-Blaire's Pov-

Currently I was sitting in lunch outside at one of the small circular tables, not eating anything but listening sometimes to the girls and guys talk around me at the table.
I met this one girl who seemed pretty cool and so I decided I'd just meet her friends just to be nice. Honestly I was bored, just messing around with my dog tags; twirling them in my fingers only listening to bits and pieces of the conversation going on around me.

“Who is that? He's been looking over here at us for a while...”

“I don't know, I don't know who he is...but my God he's gorgeous...”

“Hey Lacey go see what he wants...”

“Sure!” The white blond girl with light pink highlights giggled, jumping up and going wherever. I only rolled my eyes.

-Luca's pov-

“Can I help you?” the blond girl asked as I leaned against a tree on the boundaries of the school. Technically I couldn't go on “school property” without being considered an intruder; but there was no fence so it wouldn't honestly stop anyone. “I mean you are kind of staring at my friends and me...” She said seductively, smirking in the same kind.

“Um yeah actually you can. Can you get Blaire for me?” I watched the girls face fall instantly.

“You mean… Valencia?!” She asked in a snobby voice, I got the feeling she doesn't like Valencia much. And is that her name, her real name? I looked over at the black haired girl sitting at the table.

“Um... The black haired girl by red headed girl?”


“Then yeah. Her. Can you?”

“Fine!” She huffed and stalked off leaving me chuckling at her childish response to a turn down. I looked back over to the table seeing Blaire, or Valencia...whatever her name is, with her elbows on the table; her dog tags where laced in her hands as she moved them around her fingers. The sun hit and made them shine while the slight wind moved her long hair around her body. I closed my eyes clearing my head.

-Blaire's Pov-

“So did you find out what he wanted?” Like it’s any of your business. Nosy ass-

“Yeah actually.”

“Sooooo what'd he want?” Don't they have anything better to do?

“Hey Valencia?” I looked up at the sound of my name being spoken. “Your boyfriend wants to talk to you.” She snapped at me meanly, I dropped the necklace from my grip and the tags hit the table with a loud clink sound over some of the slight gasps in surprise.

“Wait, What? My? But I don't, have a-” I turned my head towards where she came from “..Oh shit.” I muttered under my breath, looking at Lucas standing propped up against a tree.

“Holy hell! He's your boyfriend? You are soooo lucky, he's so hot and-” I stood up, letting the tags jiggle some as they hit my stomach. I walked towards him, hands crossed over my chest. I just didn't want to have to listen to anymore of their drooling over the bastard.

Wonder what he wants now?
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