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Death Is Never Permanent

Under The Covers Is Where You'll Find Me

WARNING: I'm sure you all know what is coming or that it would at some point. This is a sad chapter; and it involves rape (though not in grave detail) so if you all don't want to read it, please don't! You really don't have to read it, just skip this chapter and read the next tomorrow. With that being said,



I woke up to a sharp pain shooting through my lower body and up into my stomach, something heavy was weighed down on top of me and I felt a gag tied tightly around my head and inside my mouth. The pressure on my head was enough to make me want to scream out in pain. It took a while for my vision to become clear again but I winced and then yelped as the pain came surging through my body again, only sharper this time.

My father...

Tears instantly sprang to my eyes and I worked as hard as I could to push him off of me with my one free hand, the other being bound to another object of what, I wasn’t completely sure.

However, it was to something heavy and not easily moveable located inside wherever we were.

My father just easily grabbed my hand, bending it backwards at the wrist making it feel like it was being broken as he continued, further and further pretending as though it were jello. My wrist, was anything but jello and cracked with a defining pop every centimeter it was forced to go.

He bit and kissed at my neck over and over again as I tried getting away, moving my head in all directions. Screaming and yelling wasn't working at all either, much to my dismay. I couldn't get loud enough for anyone to even have a chance to hear me from outside that door.

My heart was breaking inside my chest and my whole body was rippling in pain and burning up as my heart raced with thoughts about what was coming next. I couldn't get him off, no matter what I did. I would get a little bit away, he would slap me around and then it’s back to square one. I actually tried to fight against him instead of just taking it this time, I wasn’t about to go through this all over again. I wasn’t going to freeze up in fear and not even try- But I can’t get anywhere or do anything chained and tied up.

This whole situation isn't a good confidence booster to say the least.

After apparently having enough of my fight against him, he then turned me so I was on my stomach. I couldn’t do much with my broken wrist and the one connected in a handcuff sort of object was at an awkward angle underneath my body weight and the addition of him, as he was on top of my back. His weight crushed my ribs and arms further. Making the pain unbearable, my head spun in circles, and I felt dizzy, lightheaded.

I kept screaming inside my head as only muffled cries and sobs came out.
I felt his hands all over me, his hands rough and demanding. I yelped as they ventured beyond my waist; hold onto my hips in a death-grip right before a sharp stabbing pain filed my stomach. I winced every time he pulled out and shivered in the wrath of pain when he pushed back inside me.

I couldn't actually yell but that doesn't mean I kept quiet. My muffled screams were louder than before, it hurt my head I was screaming so loud inside.

I didn’t dare squirm though, knowing the pain in my abdomen and stomach would just become that much more unbearable.

-Lucas's pov-

I fidgeted anxiously at the deserted table, waiting for Blaire to get back.
5 minutes turned into 10 and by that time I was ready to go after her. It doesn't take 10 minutes to go to the bathroom.

'Maybe there is a line.’ I reasoned with myself, or ‘maybe she got caught up talking to one of her family members and can’t find an opportunity to leave.' I thought. Then it turned into 15 minutes, ‘surely she should be back by now.’ If she did get held up she would have walked away by now especially if it were her family, who she doesn't particularly care for. Hell, who in her family would even stop to talk to her for that long?! That was all I needed. I stood up, glancing around the darkened area another minute before going after her, towards the bathrooms.

16 minutes turned into 20 and I couldn't find her anywhere, I looked in the bathrooms around them, out into the crowds multiple times. I rushed around, pushing my way through the crowds of people, all but screaming her name out loud.

But she wasn’t there, she wasn’t anywhere.

Now I was scared...

She was just- she just disappeared

I didn’t want to believe it, yet I knew exactly who had her... It wasn’t a hard guess.

It's just where did he have her?

Where the fuck, do I find her?!

Panicking I began opening door after door, peeking in room after room looking for them. But there was no trace of her anywhere.

I even got out my cell and tried to call her's in a desperate attempt. I knew she didn’t have it with her but I was hoping, just hoping that I was wrong. I saw it on the dresser before we left but maybe, just maybe she got back to take it somehow; maybe she had it with her and perhaps even had the sound on to give me a clue of some sort. But it didn't work, no one picked up and it went straight to voice mail...the phone wasn't even turned on. My chest fell into my stomach with that hope down the drain.


I ran down the hallway and turned to the right, running up the flight of stairs looking for something, anything really that could tell me if she had been there. I stopped dead in my tracks as I saw tiny almost invincible, dried drops of blood. I barely even noticed it. My foot just so happened to slip a bit on a drop and smear it as I moved on. Glancing down I saw the smear. There wasn’t much blood at all, and they were tiny but still my heart seemed to stop considering she was missing, and the blood was still at least somewhat wet.

I followed the barely there trail, up another flight until it stopped and went onto another floor of the resort. I opened the door and stopped trying to listen; seeing as the carpet was red and I couldn't see the trail if there even was one anymore. It goes equal distance both ways down the hallway... but which do I go, Fuck dammit! I'm wasting time!

I chose right but after a few steps I heard a muffled scream and turned running even faster in the opposite direction, to the left.

The sounds got louder and louder until I got to a room, a hotel room. I put my ear to the door and I knew they were in there. It had to be her, it had to be Blaire! I heard the faint sounds of sobbing and the desperate muffled pleas and then the groans and grunts coming from him.

I backed up and began kicking at the door, trying to get it open somehow. I didn't have a key card to get in but I HAD to get inside no matter what.

I didn't know what to do, the door wasn't budging and he was only being rougher as he heard me out here trying to get inside. I knew because the muffled screams got louder, like sudden gasps of pain... And banging sounds became louder, like thinks were being thrown around in the room.

I did the one thing that came to mind.

I pulled the fire alarm and the place went into a wailing frenzy. I grabbed the fire extinguisher and I started hitting at the handle as security and resort/hotel workers ran down the halls getting everyone out and downstairs. It still wasn't budging but I kept at it, kicking, hitting and punching that fucking door like it was a person in the ring, one that wouldn't budge and wasn't getting hurt at all in a sense. The man i was fighting, naturally was the actual man inside, Blaire’s father…

A policeman came down the hall rushing towards me but I didn't stop.

“She... Get her out!” I gasped trying to get my breath under control. I couldn't bear to say anything else out of fear.

“Who is in there?” He demanded as I continued to hit my fists on the door again and again and again. Now there were more of them. Two policemen held me back, putting on handcuffs around my wrists in an attempt to gain some form of control on me, while I tried getting my body free. But I was tired already. I didn't, in that moment, have enough strength anymore to really get out of their grasp. Yet they finally put two and two together; figuring out that it was I, who pulled the alarm. I would probably be arrested for it but they didn't understand.

“BUT HE'S RAPING HER!” I screamed as they tried getting me to walk away from that dreaded door. They looked at me and instantly let go, opting to go towards the door instead. I sunk to the floor, them not holding me up any longer, however I pushed myself to stand on my legs once more.

A security guard was called over from down the hall, and he quickly opened the mangled door and… they entered.

Even I felt like crying seeing her in there, her dad on top of her as she was all tied up and partially exposed from her practically thrown aside dress. The police burst towards him, pulling him roughly off of her. I could tell it hurt her because she screamed a muffled scream and thrashed out, moving around a bit uncomfortably in the process.

“Let me out of this shit!” I yelled trying to get my hands free, pulling my hands apart and every which way trying to get them loose somehow. They unlocked one of the cuffs and I instantly ran in, pushing everyone out of the way. I grabbed the comforter off the bed and draped the fluffy object gently over top her, covering her body in a mess of fabric. Then I gently turned her over and she thrashed again trying to hit me with her arm and elbow. “It’s me…Blaire.” I undid the rope tied around her bloody wrist and the piece in her mouth before bringing her in towards my body. Hugging her tight, but not tight enough to hurt her…who knew how hurt she really was.

“No let me go! Don't touch me!” She fidgeted out of my arms and crawled away. Her eyes were wide and glazed over in fear and tears as her suddenly innocent looking form, looked up at me; shaking and cringing as I tried to reach out to her. I watched helplessly as she curled up into a ball with the comforter around her undoubtedly battered body. I was fuming with anger. I stalked over to the police who were dragging her father out of the room, grabbed him and pulled him back with enough force to cause whip lash while easily being able to break someone’s neck. He too easily came out of their grip, that’s real nice huh?

“You fucking bastard!” I screamed at him over the wailing sound of the fire alarm. I punched him and kept kicking and hitting him until I was pulled back and away from him. “You'll pay for fucking hurting her! How could you...” A few tears came out from the pools in my eyes and I shook with anger- my attention was brought back to Blaire as she was screaming again, one of the police officers trying in vain to come towards her.


“Don't touch me!” She screamed as she sobbed and rocked back and forth. I pushed them out of the way and walked slowly towards her.

“Blaire?...” I knelt down in front of her. She watched my every move and was in a way hyperventilating. “I won’t hurt you...” I reached out and she didn't move away so I got a little closer “He won’t hurt again, I promise you.” I started to wrap my arms around her body loosely and she flinched harshly. Still not quite touching her, touching her my arms met around her body and the extremely thick, fluffy comforter. She yelped a little but didn't say a word about me letting her go or not touching her. “I'm here; I won’t let him get you again.” I whispered so only she could hear, close to the side of her face onto her ear.

Shocking me more than ever before, she then threw her arms around my neck. I quickly grabbed onto her and held her tightly, keeping her safe. “He...he..” She hiccupped.

“I know, I know you don't have to tell me.” I brushed my hand over her head, my fingers winding their way through her knotted hair. Bringing her head to my shoulder and chest I kissed her temple and rocked back and forth, right to left- not noticing or really thinking about what I was truly doing. But I didn’t care in the least.

“I couldn't...He tied me and I...” She trailed off as I kept holding her close to me for a moment before picking her up, the huge comforter included, and carried her out of the room. Her tears soaked through my shirt and child me to my bones.

The police didn't say a word but led me amongst the commotion, towards an ambulance.

Her family was pissed, her mother ran up to me and the half closed ambulance screaming it was all her (Blaire’s) fault. I screamed all kinds of profanities at her, leaving her speechless and unmovable as I got inside, Blaire still in my arms.

I couldn't believe how conceded that woman really is, I mean I can but come on! Your daughter gets raped by your husband, her own FATHER and she doesn't believe it? Nor does she feel anything! She didn't and doesn’t give a fuck about Blaire; no wonder she hates her mother and family for that matter! They are all the fucking same!

She wouldn't let me leave her side and refused for anyone to touch her, but me. In a way I had a sick sense of pride in that fact, knowing that she trusted me enough and let me...But she shouldn't have been though that. She shouldn't be here in the hospital or in the situation where she's afraid for anyone to get close.

It took hours, yes hours to try and convince her that the doctors wouldn't hurt her. It turned out that they had her pick who could, in the end come near her and do what they needed too. She didn't want anyone to come near her, as was noted by the screaming that would occur whenever they came near, but she picked a younger woman nurse named Alexis. I'm pretty sure everyone was surprised a first year nurse was chosen but by this point they pretty much are at their wits end, and know that it’s better for Alexis to help than no one...and it’s true.

Blaire was fine, for the most part. Although she still was physically sore and beat up emotionally...I can’t even imagine. And she's been through this so many times in her life. How could someone do that, rape someone else? Your own daughter...it’s plain ass fucking disgusting.

Later on that night Ale came in, allowing me to finally use the bathroom and get some food and coffee. He also brought Matt with him. She was fine with them; though only Ale tried to hug her and touch her, taking my place... Matt kept some distance.

Matt also followed me to the cafeteria.

“Stay the fuck away from her.” He growled throwing me up against the wall. To be honest, I didn't have anything left in me, no fight at all. I was too out there, too dead tired, too worried about Blaire to give two fucks about myself at this point. And it’s taking a toll on me. I didn't want to fight him; I remember being an idiot to him and I’m sure I deserve whatever he gives me...I'm just going to let him.

“You can’t make me.” I added dully in a tired voice. He slammed my head back.

“She’s my gi- my friend, not yours so you will listen to me! She doesn’t even LIKE you!” He said harshly but I didn't care, it’s all a load of shit.

“She isn't a piece of property, you can’t-”

“I know what you did to her, Ale told me… Ever wonder why she tried shying away from you afterward in the first place? You’re no different than her dad. Just stay away from her! Leave. Her. Alone. She has enough shit to deal with, let alone your shit on top of it.” I shook my head and scoffed. He couldn't make me. “You will, or you will regret it. Leave, go home...She doesn't care about you. She hates you, just using you for her own advantage...as a “protector.” She has no one in LA anymore so she clings to the first thing she sees. There isn't going to be a chance, you won’t get her because she already is mine. Stay away from my girlfriend!” Matt growled again and I cracked. He's lying right? She isn't with him is she? I mean she never mentioned him... then again, she never really told me much about her personal life.

“Get on a plane...and leave.” His glare burned into my skin. I didn't want to leave without knowing the truth but it did make sense. She never wanted me to kiss her and she always had a sort of guilty look on her face afterwards. Even that one morning she mentioned something about someone hating her, and how ‘he’ can’t know, she felt guilty... My God he is telling the truth, huh?

“Fine.” I mumbled sadly before walking into the cafeteria. I wasn't going back, he was right...he had to be her boyfriend. Everything adds up. Him and her at the club that night I attacked him basically, him being protective... and now.

She was just using me
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