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Death Is Never Permanent

Why Even Try To End Things On A Good Note

End chapter version 2 leads to the final sequel. So if you are reading this, I love you all for wanting to continue to the next and final story in this series. Hope you like! And warning, it is suspenseful... well, sort of depending on your own thoughts.

-Blaire's pov-

I walked into my apartment later on that night and everything was dark. I spent a long time walking around just thinking about everything alone.

Shimmy said he was going out to his race thing or whatever, so tonight it was just me and my thoughts.

I locked the door and went straight to my room, crashing onto the mattress with a thump, my eyes staring up at the ceiling directly in front of me... It was like 3 am in the morning and I was beyond tired but I couldn't find myself to want to go to sleep. I didn't know what I was going to do now...I couldn't be pregnant, it wasn't part of the plan, fuck...I didn't really have a plan anyways. I groaned and turned onto my right side to face the wall laying my left arm on my side, my hand dangling down to my stomach. My fingers tapped up against the skin there.

It was a weird feeling, you know, to be pregnant.

With that one night my “father” screwed my whole life away forever, and what happens if he or she is like disabled somehow...you know? Or if it's Lucas's even...It would in a sense be a good thing to give it up for adoption and not have to deal...But that's still 7 months minimum, give or take, of my life I'll neverget back, ever. I can’t fight or make a good living... Everything is screwed up.

“Ahh” I groaned extremely loud realizing that the whole anger thing and not being able to fight will be a problem, a huge problem...I'll go crazy again.

It’s almost 4am (pacific time, almost 7 am eastern ) And I still couldn't sleep a wink. I had way to fucking much on my mind. As tired as I am, my mind was on hyperdrive-

It was around that time, that a crash from somewhere within in the apartment rang out in the otherwise deafening silence.

My heart started to beat rapidly and I turned onto my back and then quietly sat up straight, straining to hear further. 'What the hell?' I thought as fear coursed through my veins... ‘Where's Shimmy when you fucking need him!?’ I cringed; thinking of a burglar or murder... My phone started ringing from out in the kitchen where I left it, ‘SHIT!’ I mentally screamed.

I needed to get out of here, or find out who was actually out there...but what do I do?

I stood quietly before I eventually tiptoed out of the room, as something else crashed in the distance. It was coming from the living room area. So at least I knew I could stop by in the kitchen and get a knife, my next destination.

I quietly got into the kitchen, food spewed all over the place. I barely grabbed the knife when a pair of hands pulled my own hands behind my back, makeshift handcuffs in the form of rope going on quickly, tightening so tight the circulation seemed to have been taken away.

The knife was discarded in the process.

Then I was shoved roughly into the counter, I screamed in pain as my lower stomach and hips hit the hard extending lip of the hard, solid counter top.

“Shut up!'” The person hissed loudly into my ear as the obviously male (as noted by the voice) held a hand over my mouth. My eyes were wide while I tried getting away but I only ended up feeling a sharp stabbing pain in my side and heard my own muffled screams.

Worst part is that I recognized the voice...


-Matt's pov-

7am (eastern time)-My phone rang over and over again, there was just no way I was going to be able to sleep through and ignore it any longer.

“Matt, where the fuck are you?” Jimmy's frantic voice came booming through the speaker.

“I'm sleeping...So… I. Am. At. Home... Why Jim?” I groaned thinking he was calling to bug the hell out of me for no reason, just calling to wake me up and talk until I had enough and hung up on him. Thus case I would turn off my phone and make sure my bedroom door was locked because he would be calling back and trying to get inside my room in time.

“Um... Ale and Rain they... oh fuck this is hard... um... they were in a car wreck Matt.”

“What?!” I yelled, jumping out of bed quickly, shuffling about the room finding and pulling on new clothes over my boxers.

“Yeah and um Blaire isn't answering her phone either.”

“Are they okay though?” I asked hoping they were, while I also was letting the whole Blaire not answering thing go for now...she always answered it was our deal with her and now she isn't? Why? I hoped nothing was wrong with her, but right now Ale and Rain were first on the priority list.

Jim hadn't said a word.

I knew he still was there on the other end though because I could hear him breathing heavily... but he didn't answer the question.

He never did give me an answer as the silence enveloped us both.
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