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Death Is Never Permanent

A silence so sudden that I seem to hear it, I'm the rain on their parade.

-Blaire's POV-

I met Shimmy in the parking lot, or more I got there and he was anxiously waiting for me, jumping around randomly at times as he paced back and forth, case closed.

“So your friend used to live where my mom does now, huh?”

“Yeah, I guess so...” We walked inside the building.

And of course I didn't have my tags…

“Um, sorry. You can’t go in…” The man spoke harshly so we went through this whole spill and shit with the new guy guarding the door. Eventually I just scared him shit less by going to punch him, and he let me in... Some fucking good guard he is, huh? I'm gonna’ have to tell someone ‘bout him.

“You fightin?”

“Hell yeah!” I yelled over the blaring rap music as we weaved through the crowds of bodies. “When the fuck did they get a cage, how the fuck did they get a cage?” I said to no one in particular.

“First time here?” A preppy rich bitch asked in her sarcastic voice.

“No actually.” I sneered innocently, leaving it at before turning away and rolling my eyes in disgust. Then I went in search of Jermine and the new location of the infamous “booth” in the overcrowded room, with Shimmy in tow. Speaking of which, as we are on this subject; want to know how Shimmy got his name? Well there is a huge, long ass story on how he got the nickname but in short I guess he supposedly tried to escape from the Bay at one point in time and the guards caught him “shimmying” across the roof of one of the buildings out near the gate. Or some shit like that... it just stuck, unfortunately for him. Shimmy… that’s some name.

“Hey Jermine, I want in.” He looked at me strangely for a few moments taking my whole look in.

“Blaire?” I nodded and his mouth dropped.

“Holy hell, you are fucking gorgeous...where have you been the past year and a half?”

“You really want to know?” he nodded “New York...” I wasn't going to mention one word about jail, I wouldn't dare because I knew thousands of questions would come after and I didn't want to deal with it. He was a talker too. Him and Jasey gossip about people crazily. There are no secrets being able to be kept from or by them…Ever. It’s only a matter of time before they find out and tell everyone all about what happened.

“Huh... alriiighhhttt then…” He mused, knowing there was more to the story. ‘Cause, he just knows… “If you say so, though I WILL find out…” He paused and got a dazed look as he pondered over something in his mind… I know that look all too well. how many times you want in?” I thought about it for a little while.


“Okay but you’re doing both no matter what. No 'I’ll do one then see after about the other' shit, got it.” Oh he knows me way too well. I smiled at him as he said the same back at me, a huge shit eating grin.

“Yeah, and the cage?”

“You won’t be in it...don't worry sugar.” I scrunched up my nose and stuck my tongue out at him in utter disgust at him calling me sugar...just completely gross...ahhh, eww!

I looked over to see one of my friends, Rain’s, sister Jasey walk towards me with the essence of curiosity written all over her. I looked down while Shimmy was talking to Jermine.

“Blaire?” I bit my lip and looked up at her. “Oh. My. God it is you!” She squealed and attacked me. I cringed but let her actually hug me for some odd reason.

“Um. Ahh. I wouldn't touch her.” Shimmy warned, taking Jasey's arms off from around me. “She has… touchy issues?”

“What the hell? Touchy issues? That's all you could come up with...” I said slapping the back of his head.

“Wellllllll do you, or do you not have issues with people touching you, huh? HUH?” This is where the hysterics came in. He was getting in my face; I shoved him playfully laughing a bit in the process before I looked up over his shoulder and stopped instantly.
I was being… watched?

“Who is that?” I asked, never taking my eyes away from the man in question. I watched as he laughed and pointed towards me, causing me to spin instantly on the heal of my foot towards Jasey otherwise known as ‘Miss I-Know-Everybody.’ She was nosy as was made clear, she also knows everyone. Even if they are here for the first time…she just knows somehow.

“uhh-um- well... he… ahhh, umm his name is Lucas James... but he's called Luca by his friends some joke or something...I don't know... that... part.” She looked even more nervous after saying those words than the initial stutter let on. She seemed more nervous to continue in talking. “He came like the day you left and...um he sorta...well he... hetookoverasthe“King.”” She said the last part quickly making it all jumble together.

“Day I left huh?!” I mused, annoyed and beyond pissed off. I turned around and looked direct at him, nothing more nothing less in the process. I proceeded in glaring at his now smirking form, anger surging through my body in waves. “Gone for not even a fucking day and the dick come in and takes over like it’s his place.”

“It really isn't anyone's...” Shimmy said softly and in that sarcastic, trying to reason and make sense of what they really just said out loud but not believing they did, kind of voice.

“No its her's... and Ale's if you want to really get into it...no and's if's or but's about-.”

“How is he?” I whipped back around, cutting off his sentence by being more concerned with Ale at the current time. The anger quickly gone completely, for now anyways.
“Ale?” Jasey questioned and I nodded
“He's fine, he's worried about you though. Everyone thought you ran away, and then it went to them thinking you were dead. But he’s still in New York with Rain.”
“A huh, they're finally together!”
“About fuckin’ time...” I muttered under my breath, laughing. Those two deserve each other. Enough with the I’m in and I’m put sort of relationship, I know personally O am so sick of it and I’m not even in the picture-picture of the relationship, if you will. “I'm getting a drink.” God knows I need one.
“Bring me back a bottle of whiskey!” Shimmy yelled and I waved him off walking towards the bar.

“Hi Ryan, I'll have 3 shots of vodka, and a bottle of rum.” I was looking at the counter while I ordered my usual.

“Ahh, okay?” I looked up and his eyes went huge...seems to be the reaction I'm getting from everyone tonight. “Coming right up care bear!”

“Hey! What did I TELL you about calling me that you insolent little-”

“Hey.” I was interrupted.

“BASTARD!” I finished with a scream and looked bored, to my side at none other than the new #1 man on my hate list. I rolled my eyes and walked widely around him only for him to grab me. I instantly ripped my arm out of his grasp and kept on walking to my destination; behind the counter towards Ryan. He had the drinks after all.

“I hate you, you know that?” I groaned to Ryan's back as he poured a shot and handed it to me, then walked quickly back to where I came in at.

“Nope, never was told that by you before.” He said as I downed the shot in one gulp.

“Bull shit.” I slammed it on the counter and smirked while ignoring the burning sensation in my mouth, throat and stomach.

“Well care bear.” I punched him,

“Hey what did Ale tell you about physically kicking my ass?” He backed away a step and held up both hands in surrender but also in a gesture of pointing at me, accusingly.

“One, Ale isn't here so that whole ‘not hurting you in any way thing’ wouldn't count nor would I actually listen. Two, I don't give a fuck. And three, at least you admit I could kick your ass.” I held out the shot glass and he just reached down and grabbed the whole bottle, handing it to me. “Gracias mi amigo” I quickly brought the bottle of vodka to my lips and took a long swig. That was about the time I noticed Mr. “king man” staring at us and laughing underneath his breath; trying to be inconspicuous.

“Oh shut up!” I snapped and jumped up onto the counter against the wall, where there weren't any bottles.

“Do you know who you're talking to?”

“Ahh an asshole who thinks he's soooo much better than everyone else but obviously isn't?” I replied sarcastically in my usual, old smart ass tone that has gradually been coming back, taking yet another drink.

“No, little girl; I rule this place.” He snapped back cockily. I then heard my name called.

“oooohhhh, I’m soooo scared? Please, you think I give a fucking shit?” Duuh, no not even a tad bit asshole.

“You should...” He replied coyly. I jumped down, sat the bottle down and took off the dress I was wearing over ripped up grey skinny jeans and a dark purple racer back tank, setting them in the small cubbyhole under the counter of the bar. I was waiting to reply back, waiting for my own amusement and his annoyance.

Nope, still don't care.” I sneered as I dramatically sauntered past him.

I walked towards the ring only to be grabbed and turned. I reared back and punched him in the jaw (a natural reaction) and walked into the center, stretching some in the process...

He was my opponent.

Oh but of course he was! Wouldn’t have it any other way as you know.

I glared at him and his cocky self.

“AWWW, lookie at this...baby girl fightin’ the wolf. Babe if I could, may I suggest you give up now so you don't get your pretty face bruised” I watched the “wolf” and the rest of the crowd laugh hysterically and very, very loudly all together as the DJ/Announcer Trav talked...

“Oh shit...” I heard muttered a moment later, as a guy whispered in Trav’s ear. ”no... no way that's her...” Trav looked up at me and as I looked at him it seemed to have clicked in his mind just like everyone else here who I’ve been remotely close to while here about two years ago and then add some.

“...FUCK!” I smiled inwardly (and outwardly a tiny smile) as he cursed loudly into the mic. “Everyone, hey everyone can I HAAAVVVEEE your attention pahlease. We have a fucking homecoming!!” Confusion reigned through the place crazily. Everyone was looking around at each other trying to figure it out. I just looked back down at my feet ignoring the smirking faced man whose eyes still haven’t left my form.

“ The princess is in the hoooouuuusssseeee! Let's hear it for BLAIRE!” The crowds went insane, now cheering louder than before as Trav motioned to me, standing there timidly not wanting to be this noticed.

Yet, ohhh how the tides have turned buddy boy. I now watched the guys face fall and turn angry as I gave him my own smirk.

“So baby girl what brings you back to the LA scene?” Trav asked holding out his arms for a hug, then pulling me in. Luckily for us both he let go real quick.

“Unfinished business.” I said plainly looking only at the man in front of me... Luca, Lucas...whatever the hell his name is.

Goin’ down.


-Ale's POV-

I couldn't sleep the rest of the morning. I started packing instantly (at 4 in the morning mind you) and booked the first flight to LA, which wasn't for 5 more hours and then the ride and layover...hell it would take all day to get there. I just was so…Amtsy. I had to do something, keep busy; anything to get my mind off of the situation at hand.

Rain suggested me going alone to LA and not to tell the others. I don't think I could anyways... Even though I was about ready to burst out of my skin in frustration and still believe it or not, excitement. Even after disappearing for half a year I still missed her and forgave everything and anything. Then there are all the other guys. They are all happy, her coming back as bad as it is to say, would screw things up again. I couldn’t afford to tell them yet. But I still needed to see her asap before she got away again. Although I told Jasey to watch her like a hawk and follow her at the club and away from there, Blaire can slip away easily. Especially with Jasey, who gets distracted very, very easily with other various forms of gossip.

“I'll call you when I get there. I love you” I kissed and hugged Rain.

“Love you too...go find Blaire.” She smiled up at me. ‘What did I do to deserve her?’ I wondered.

“Yeah…” I sloppily kissed her forehead and she pushed me away laughing at me as she wiped at her head in the process. I laughed, knowing she wouldn’t get mad at my attempts to sheer her up somehow despite leaving for who knows how long looking for another girl on the whole complete opposite side of the country.

“See ya babe.” I yelled, getting into Blaire's Porsche and somberly backed out of the driveway; driving my way to the JFK airport. My stomach hurt with anticipation… Actually, seriously hurt.

I was happy Blaire is okay but at the same time, nervous about what she would say or do when she saw me.
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