‹ Prequel: Fight to the Death
Status: As of 11/6/2010 chapters 27 and 28 posted. Completed.

Death Is Never Permanent

Each beat pounding in my head.

-Blaire's Pov-

“Dammit Blaire!” Ale ducked as I threw my door stop (that was actually more like a large, heavy rock) towards his face with my good arm; it missed him and went through the window in the hallway by accident instead, making a huge crash with the glass breaking...opps.

It was Ale, of course it was him that found me here. Sure at first I wanted to see him but now I'm pissed he's here because he left me all alone...

“I HATE you!” I screamed as he talked to Rain on his phone. “I HATE YOU ALL!” He looked at me hurt but then again he shouldn't be here. I didn't really care at the moment.

“I know… Now where have you been care bear?” He pocketed his phone then.

“Don't you dare fucking call me THAT!” I screamed in a hiss as loud as I could. Meanwhile I was backing up with every step he took as he began walking towards me.

“Fine...” He pleaded. I could hear the hurt lacing that word.. “Please, just talk to me?” There was a huge long pause.

“Where were you Ale?” I asked sadly, solemnly with tears pricking at my eyes.

“What do you mean; I've been in New York...living with the guys on Long Island...?”

“NO! Where...” I gulped and held back tears “Where were you when I needed you? The one fucking time and you aren't there... you weren-” He hugged me but I pushed him off and looked at the floor. I think he got the picture easily, after all he'd been my best friend for a while... through everything.

“Who?” he demanded one of the only answers I couldn’t give him, in an angry yet quiet voice. His hands clenched and un-clenching at his sides.

“Where were you?” I asked again.

“Please Valencia, I don't know what you want me to say. I've been in the same place since I moved to New York.”

“...Not that night.” I whispered setting down on the thin, semi-crappy mattress; bringing my knees to my chest.

“What happened that night?” He asked softly dropping to the floor and kneeling in front of me. After he moved his head so that he could see my face- “All I know was that you were going to fight that guy-”
“Nichcoli” I whispered cutting him off.

“That asshole was your brother?” I nodded some and silence befell the room...
“It was Nich…” I said trying to comprehend my words. It still hadn’t sunken in, even after being alone in a prison cell for days on end. You have a lot of time to think, but that was the last thing on my mind at the time.

“What happened once you left babe?” He asked softly.

I stood and walked over to the corner of the room that had all my papers and stuff, I grabbed them and threw the manila folder at him before stalking into the bathroom and locking myself inside. Just to get away and be alone…again. I almost have to be now, people make me nervous.

Moments later he was banging on the door demanding I let him in.

“GO TO HELL!” I screamed, while sinking to the bathroom floor to just sit there and wait a while.

“Blaire, I didn't know! Come on, talk to me?”

“Did you even try to find me? Did you even care that I never came back?” I yelled accusingly through the door, becoming serious.

“I looked every day for months!”

“I DON'T BELIEVE YOU!” I screamed.

“Well fine, don’t... BUT I did, WE DID! Every single day until the police told us you…” His voice got soft, I could almost not hear it at all “They told us you were… probably were dead somewhere.”

“And you believed the fucking jag offs?!” I scoffed angry at the police beyond words. I was from the start but now more than ever. I was supposedly dead huh? Do I look fucking dead? HUH?!
How could anyone just say ‘let it go, your best friend or loved one is probably dead, we aren’t going to look any longer. Sorry.’ Bullshit!

“BLAIRE, I BROUGHT FOOD!” I hear from outside the bathrooms confines, ‘dammit Shimmy! Leave!! Leave, leave, leave, leave!’ I demanded in my mind but a lot of good that did because I already heard the fighting from outside the bathroom in the bedroom area. ‘Shit. Let’s go play babysitter/mediator...aren't I the one supposed to me mad right now?’

“JUST FUCKING STOP IT!” I yelled whipping open the door and seeing the two wrestling on the floor. “You don't even know each other and yet you’re seriously fighting?” I asked in a semi amused/ semi annoyed tone of voice.
They both broke away looking guilty, my God I never realized how much they are alike. I just stared from one to the other, comparing. Sure they looked nothing alike...but personality and stuff...almost like twins...’Why me? Why am I stuck with them both?’

“I um, I got food with some of the money from last night, hope um- you don't mind?” Shimmy quietly said trying to act innocently.

“Ah huh.”

“Blaire please forgive me?” Ale said, and upon thinking about it he...

“No, we'll finish this talk later...”I snapped and walked over to the bags of food mumbling incoherently. “Now however, I'm starved I haven't eaten in dayyyys. Alcohol hasn't helped much eitheerrr.” I groaned going through the bags full of delicious looking foods.

Glancing at the, Ale looked sad while Shimmy smirked cockily at him in a teasing way; most likely something about Ale getting in the “doghouse” but since Shimmy got me food, he “won” As if.
“I'm mad at you both...” I taunted and Ale laughed watching as Shimmy's smile faded fast. “just come eat?” They obeyed and soon we were eating tons of different ethnic foods. I just ate the Chinese.

“How much did you spend on this?” I asked and Shimmy became scarred. Paranoid even.
“Not that much...just about a hundred ah or... three.” My eyes widened and I held out my hand. He reached in his pocket and gave me the 7 huge rolls containing various amounts of bills.

“I should kill you right fucking now for carrying all this shit around in your pocket!” I shook my head and started counting while the bottomless pits beside me kept shoving the food in their mouths like it was their last meal, ever...


-Matt's POV-

“I HATE YOU ALL!” Was heard plain as ever; but I kept thinking about those words all that day. Blaire is alive... and she's with Ale? Honestly, I can’t speak or think. I'm like in this numb stage or something... not quite shock but after that, when you sort of believe it yet you don't really want to believe it happened after all.

I miss her.
And I have been missing Blaire for months but now I have Jenna and I love her too.
My life seems normal again, well as normal as it ever would be. I don't work, work. Although I still fight every time I go to the club...
I'm also not really this emotional sort of train wreck that I once seemed to be around Blaire, either. I no longer am so mushy gushy...eh God that fucking thought sends shivers straight down my spine. AH!
Jenna just doesn’t have that same effect on me that she had… I changed because of it.

Jenna is nothing like Blaire, she's like the complete opposite really... She hates violence in general, doesn't know I fight underground. She just doesn't really know the real me...
She's a teacher/daycare worker at some place in towards the city, she cooks and cleans and has that accent that says she is clearly from New York... she loves me, but I'm not sure if I really, really love her back... Especially now.

I think I may still be in love with Blaire...


-Rain's POV-

After Ale hung up, the guys sort of all scattered or at least Zacky, Matt and Jimmy did. I stayed standing where I was for a moment watching Johnny and Brain rummage through the cupboards, apparently unaffected...not that I would accuse them of being uncaring or some shit like that but they really weren't as close to her as Matt and Zacky... Jimmy- I think he just considers her their little angel or so he's said once before... though you know her, she really isn't.


-Zacky's POV-

I ran out of the kitchen and made my way up to my room, slamming the door behind me- it was just out of habit, I don't know why I really I slam doors sometimes. That school has really screwed me up over the past couple years…

I lay on my bed, staring up at my black ceiling splattered with little bits of color. I didn't know where to go now; what to do. We all care about Blaire, some of us more than others, but if Ale gets her to come back everything is going to turn into chaos. Hell. Actually worse than that, our own personal hell on earth is more like it.

Madison my girlfriends, knows about Blaire. I've told her about how she disappeared and how I feel about her and everything. I never lie to her, I tell her anything she wants to know...well- sort of. Madison doesn't know about the fight club or anything like that because I want to keep her away from that aspect in my life, protect her from it. She does however, know that I loved Blaire before I met her...
If Blaire came back though...

I guess I’m just worried that those feelings will come back, and I'll lose them both... (Not saying they will but lust is a bitch.)


-Blaire's POV-

“So shall we go to round 2?” I asked Ale sarcastically as the two boys in front of me finally finished eating. “And you,” I pointed to Shimmy “you owe me 2 hundred bucks.” I looked at Shimmy's now sad face and rolled my eyes. “I'm just kidding...but not with you.” I pointed again but now at Ale.

“Um, in that case im'a… im’a gonna leave you two uh- alone, and go… try to find a ”job.” I’ll be back later to make sure you… you ahh haven't-killed-each-other!” Shimmy said fast and bolted towards the door in a rush. Yet he suddenly stopped when there was a loud pounding on the door followed by the last words I ever wanted to hear.