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Death Is Never Permanent

Look at their eyes; they always seem to follow me!

“Oh fuck” Shimmy hissed running around frantically looking to find a hiding place. My eyes widened. Oh, no...


“Shimmy...” I I asked calmly, trying not to blow up. “What. Did. You. Do?” I scream-whispered, trying to stay quiet for the police were right there out my door. I continued following him on his frantic search... too bad there isn’t any furniture and basically, absolutely no place to hide in here.

“Umm...” By now I was stuffing the huge rolls of cash in my pockets trying to hide it...not that the hiding of it would help in any way.

“WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO!” I screamed now, as I ran towards Ale who was trying to push my front door shut again from its cracked position, I tried in helping so as to buy more time, but the door was already being pushed open. Rather forcefully

I pocketed the last roll just as police rushed in and all 3 of us froze with widened eyes.

The man in front made room for another police officer who went straight towards Shimmy. They didn’t even give neither Ale nor I a single look or glance and for that I was grateful believe it or not.

“Hey, I still have 2 fucking days dudes!”Shimmy yelled as he took a step backwards.

“Mr Samuel Richards you have been convicted of armed robbery and 1st degree murder, anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law...” I watched the policeman guy shove Shimmy to the floor and then handcuff his hands behind his back.

“Whoa, whoa why is he being convicted of robbery...what do you think he robbed, and when? And murder? How did you possibly know he is here?!” I frantically asked walking over to the confrontation… Timidly I was cowering from the police on the inside, on the outside I was enraged, furious- a volcano.

“Ma'am I'm going to need to ask you to calm down...

“The HELL I'm going to calm down you are in MY house, arresting MY friend without a real honest to God explanation! So please fucking tell me.” I watched everyone leave including the policeman who was holding Shimmy’s arm tightly. No one gave me any answers. Everyone was gone except for a single, new policeman, Ale and myself.

“Last night around 1 am a small convenient store was robbed at gunpoint by a man. One bystander was shot and killed. Witnesses have placed your friend as the robber and-”

“At 1 am?” I cut him off there, not the best thing to do but oh well, I just naturally do shit like that.


“But he was with me back here...” I said confused, yet being completely honest.


“Yeah...” Ale looked at me before also fleeing out the door (to go chase after them I'm assuming.) “I um, I sort of got into a fight with my ex boyfriend after I got into this major fight with the girl he's been cheating on me with. We broke up and Shimmy came here and took care of me, I was sort of a mess. We were up until around 5ish and he never left...” I lied, I would need to talk to him and get a guy and girl... Jasey most likely, to help me out on this one.

“And what time did he come around?”

“I um don't remember but he was here when I got home. I left my boyfriend's place around 9 and came straight here...”

“Okay look, we are going to have to check out your alibi's...” He had that whole uncaring, I’m just doing my job leave me alone, kind of groaning voice.

“Please, can I just talk to him quickly, tell him I'm sorry?” I did the infamous puppy dog face again; man I'm rusty at this stuff.

“2 minutes, let’s go.”


I managed to whisper everything I came up with easily into Shimmy’s ear in the 2 minutes I was “granted”, all I had left was Jasey and Jermine to talk to. In the back of my mind though, I was wondering if he really did do it...

I mean I was at the club and I didn't see him for a while, while there. It was only after the fight around 3am, I saw him again in the place; so there was that huge chunk of time in between...

“Did you do it?”I went into the jail and now whispered to him through the bars.

“What do you think Blaire?” He hissed sadly, refusing to look at me.

“I don't...I...” I didn't know what to say, I knew right then that he did it and yet I was protecting him completely... he shot and killed a guy. There was no going back, if he were to confess that he did it, now I would be put back in prison for conspiracy; and so would Jasey and Jermine.

I was so confused- disgusted. I just walked away out of the place entirely. I needed to clear my head somehow. This is usually where the fighting came in but the police are watching us like hawks... there is no way I'll be fighting again for a few days, maybe longer. I needed some sort of release.

I ended up at this little coffee shop, I used to go there all the time, at least once if not more times a day. I decided to pay it a visit, it always helped to somewhat cool me down before.... drinking all the caffeine, listening to the “coffee house music” just relaxing in general. I haven't done something to relax since I left LA.

“What can I get you.” A blond teen-aged girl smiled from behind the counter...

“Can I just have a black coffee with a shot of espresso.”

“Coming right up!” She said cheerfully, I rolled my eyes and stepped to the side waiting.

I crossed my arms in front of my body, wincing slightly at the pull in my shoulder but I ignored it, it didn't matter. Right now Shimmy was the only issue in my mind, I was in a complete daze and out in my own little universe. I didn't hear my order called nor did I see or hear the person who got my order for me. I only came to, when hands gripped my wrists and a set of arms wrapped around me from behind.

I instantly snapped back to the present and fought against the arms.

“Oh, come on. Don't make a scene...” The person whispered into my ear as their chin rested on my sore shoulder. I bit back saying anything so as to not whimper and reveal the pain he was causing me... I realized who it was.

“What do you want Lucas?” I snarled making him chuckle.

“Oh you know the usual-”

“If you don't fucking let go of me right now-”

“Whoa, whoa sweetheart you aren't going to do anything drastic and we both know that.” I heard the sarcasm dripping off of his voice “When need to talk....you will fucking talk to me Blaire.” He whispered in my ear only growling as he spoke my name, after finishing he let me go. I turned my head enough to see his face, bruised and cut up some, but then looked around us feeling stares. There were a few random people looking, but as soon as I looked towards them and made semi-eye contact, they turned their attention away. I rolled my eyes thinking I should have made a fucking scene. I wonder what would have happened then....

“Here.” He said handing me a cup of coffee. Mine I assumed. I eyed it and them him, I wasn't sure if I really, really wanted to drink it considering what he could have done to it without my noticing. Poison was the first thing- “Please, you think I'm that much of a douche bag, I didn't do anything to your fucking drink. I didn't even have time...” I grabbed it from his hand and he exchanged the hot cup for my thin arm, dragging me over to an empty booth in the far corner away from everyone else for the most part.

“Fine, what do you want?” I snapped sitting across from him sipping my wonderful coffee. It didn't taste strange...

He never answered, I looked up at him from under my eyelashes. His arms were on the table, one laying flat on it the other bent at the elbow as he seemed to be leaning towards me; his chin was in the palm of his hand. I leaned back further in the booth and stared.


“What the fuck was that last night?” He asked solemnly without moving a single millimeter, not even his stare changed. I scoffed

“What happened last night?...” I asked him back in confusion, being entirely serious. Now that I said it, that didn't really come out like I wanted it to.

“How is it that you a tiny little girl-”

“Beat your ass?” I finished for him.

“Um, no...when you say it like that you make me feel-”

“Like an idiot, a weakling, a-”

“Would you just fucking shut up and let me talk?!” He said loudly drawing attention to us at the table.

“Babe, can I give you some advice?” I leaned closer so our faces were only inches apart. “That macho, I'm better than everyone else attitude doesn't fucking work with me...” He tried to say something “ahhhh, Ah AH!” I sneered and his mouth shut. “Do you know who I am?”

“Oh let’s see...Miss Bitchy?” He smirked at that and I shook my head.

Your worst fucking nightmare.... You won’t be “king” for long. Sorry to break your pathetic little heart”

I laughed at his face and stood up, leaving him and his shocked face behind in the coffee shop. Alone.

“BLAIRE!” I heard yelled/growled in a distinct male voice behind me, making me smile even bigger and laugh internally. I stopped walking and turned around, watching him walk towards me menacingly, but I wasn't scared. Not in the least.

“Yes? What on God's green earth do you want, did I not make myself clear only minutes ago Lucas?”

“AHHH, do not call me that, only my mother does!” He looked disgusted.

“What? Not too fond of your mommy?” I kidded around, and smirked.

“Oh shove it up your fucking-”

“Well if you feel that way I have no choice. Lucas it is then!” I said skipping off again, not literally but in that ‘happy I made him fume’ state of mind. Got to love it.

“Come back here you fucking bitch!” He snarled ripping my arm pretty much out of it socket and turning me around only to throw a punch toward my face. I ducked but his knuckles still caught the side of my cheek. His rings bit into my flesh and I felt some blood going down my face.

Oh its onnn.
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