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Death Is Never Permanent

When your disguise begins to show.

I wanted to punch him but didn't have the time, evidently many people saw around us. They all came towards us instantly, and Lucas pushed me away before running away at the sound of people talking on cell phones to the police.

I blinked and brought my fingertips up to my cheek, blood was dripping down but there really wasn't that much blood, just a tiny bit really- the cuts just hurt like fuck. When people started questioning me and coming closer I ran away as well, I ran the opposite way I needed to go but I couldn't be sticking around there, not after all of this shitty police business ealier.

I needed to blow off steam; I would crack if I didn't soon. The coffee hadn’t worked for obvious reasons… If I didn't punch something I would snap on a random person. Why was I so unstable? I don't know, Lucas does something to me... He reminds me of something but I can’t quite grasp what. I couldn't figure that bit out...
Time for plan B.

After a while of running I found an older looking gym. Suddenly my hopes went up and I instantly ran towards it, going inside without so much as a second thought.
I had to sign in and stuff but the guy let me in easily, I never been to this gym before but it seemed alright. Anything at this point would be wonderful. No one was really inside, actually I was the only one besides the owner soo all worked out well.
A half hour later I was sweaty, as gross as it is, it's natural and there is no way to stop it. I had been punching at the punching bag, doing basically anything to make me fight off my anger in an attempt to ultimately relax. I realize I'm not normal in any way so when I drew a crowd… I didn't even think twice about it, just kept going with punching and kicking the bag in front of me pretending I was fighting a real person in the ring. Poor bag didn’t know what it got itself into.

Eventually I stopped and took a deep breath, groaning as I turned and wiped the sweat currently taking residence on my forehead. I proceeded in taking off my soaked through t-shirt, leaving me in only my jeans and a likewise soaked through tank top.

I briefly looked at the guys sitting or standing around in a small group to my side.

“What?” I snapped still having a snappy attitude for some reason.
I walked over to a bin that held bandages and other first aid stuff, before grabbing some white gauze and wrapping it on my once again bloody knuckles, the scabs were coming off and they were bleeding like a bitch. I hope the bag wasn’t stained…ew.

“You're some high rank shit aren't you?” What the hell is he saying, or… is he implying something?

“What?” I asked in a clueless voice even though I had a pretty good idea what he meant.

“You a fighter?” Some older guy asked. Older than me anyways, he didn’t look a day older than 26.

“No.” I lied, “I just had a bad day.”

“Its noon...”

“So? What's your point? I've been up since 5 am.” I snapped, lying once again today. They luckily had no proof whatsoever considering I had no tags on; only the bruises and cuts were their “evidence.” Though I could still very easily say I was hit, or maybe even abused by my “boyfriend-” they wouldn't know the difference. And technically it isn't lying at all. Fighting another person is abuse right? And Lucas did hit me afterall...

“I seen you last night princess...” Aww shit! Fuck! I cursed in my mind but decided to play it like I was clueless.

“I don't know what you're talking about.”

“Really? You don't remember Luca, or almost being killed... or… you almost killing him?”


“You keep telling yourself that sweetheart.” The man said plainly. I looked at him weirdly to make it seem like I still didn't know, and then turned.

“I will.” I muttered to myself after he couldn't see my face, before going back at punching the hell out of the bag in front of me, smirking as I heard a simple, lowly chuckle.

I punched and kicked at the punching bag for another (at least) 40 minutes until I was out of breath and out of steam entirely.

“Hey...” said a voice behind me. I turned quickly and saw Ale.

“How did you know I was here?”

“Well. I didn't... I just kind of was passing by heading out for coffee and heard some guy talking about- and I quote “The puny ass girl that kicked Luca's fucking ass” and so I came here to find you.” He looked down at the floor as he talked to me. He must believe I'm upset with him still, which is technically true because I am upset but not much. I'm more upset with Shimmy at the moment, the dumb ass... I don't even know how else to describe him the feeling I feel at the moment. I'm speechless in the “Shimmy category.”

“Look Ale I-”

“Blaire, I'm soo sorry. I shouldn't have given up looking, I just wish you didn't hate me because I-”

“I don't hate you Ale, I'm not really even mad at you anymore, how can I be? You didn't know where I was at all...I know you would have tried bailing me out if given the chance because that's just how you are...”

“But you’re right, I wasn't there for you the one time that you needed me and instead I was with Rain, hell I didn't even know there was a really police raid until now... none of us did. That’s why I didn't think to ask about you being convicted of something. I really am sorry babe.”

“I know; so am I. I still love you.” I smiled and walked over to him, to hug him. It was completely out of the normal for me but oh well, I'll “binge” for once. He’s my best friend in the world and I trust him more than anyone. He cautiously wrapped his own arms around my waist and let them rest against my back.


-Rain's POV-

“So where is Ale, Rain?” Matt asked for one-thousandth time in the past day and a half.
“Matt. Stop fucking asking me that! I do NOT know! Obviously he is with Blaire. Where, I DO NOT KNOW!” I lied “So stop asking me- please!”

“Fine...” He muttered grumpily and stomped out of the room.

For the past day Matt has been constantly bugging me about where Ale is and this where Blaire is. Common sense would tell you LA considering she was from there but obviously not because he hasn't figured it out yet. It was in many ways a given, but then again they still thought she ran way and so the thought of her not going where everyone thought she would, was still prominent. If only they knew...I wonder how they would take the news of her being arrested? Probably not well...

“Rain?” I heard whispered from behind me,

“WHAT MATT?!?!” I screamed, turning around to see Jinx standing there in the doorway looking scared. “Oh, I'm so sorry Jinxy sweetheart, what’s up?”

“Um, uh, well the door was open so I let myself in... I, God this is embarrassing. I sort of got into a fight with Zeke and my parents...so they kicked me out. Can I stay here for a couple nights?”

“Of course, of course!” I got up and rushed over towards him. “Come on, we have a spare room you can stay in...” I lead him up the stairs to get to Blaire's ex-room. I didn't know how the guys would react to the fact that he was staying in her room but to hell with them all. I knew she wasn't going to be coming back here anytime soon, and even if it would definitely not be to stay... so she wouldn't need a room.

“So, I heard Ale found Blaire...” I turned and saw him with a huge smile on his face.

“Yeah he did...” I said not wanting to give anything away to him.

“So she's in LA with him?”


“Yeah sure she isn't, I know she is. I talked to Jermine... he said she was there.”

“Wait, how do you know them?”

“Oh actually Zeke does... right after she disappeared he decided to call Jermine and ever since they've been talking constantly; keeping in the know of both clubs or some shit like that... I'm kind of always there too so I eavesdrop..." There was a long pause, I was speechless. "Ah so I also heard she won 'gainst the infamous Luca a few nights ago.” I stopped and turned to face him.

“Hey, Jinx. I need you to… not talk about Blaire or anything that deals with her right now, alright? None of the guys know where she is or what she’s been through and Ale doesn't want anyone to know for obvious reasons.”

“Obvious, huh?”

“Yeah, look she didn't run Jinx she-”

“WHAT? What the hell!?!? Then what happened, Rain?”

“Well...I was aboutto tell you before you decided to interrupt me!” My God all boys, every single one of them are the same... jump to conclusions, talk over you...or maybe it was just, oh heck I don't know.

“She was in jail...” I watched his face as he was confused, then realization set in and his eyes widened, his mouth dropped; his face was in absolute shock until it went red and frustration erupted in the form of him yelling at me... Someone who is innocent and has nothing to do with any police business!


-Blaire's pov (5 days after Jasey called Rain and Ale)-

“So, I'll see you later okay?” Ale said as he got into a taxi heading to the airport to go home to Long Island again.

“Yeah.” I smiled and hugged him before he went off back to New York. I watched him from the sidewalk, winding my new dog tags around my fingers over and over again before finally letting out a content sigh.

Ale wanted me to go of back with him of course... but I can’t. LA is my home; plus I highly doubt parole or whatever would transfer me. Ales going to keep my Porsche though, I really miss my baby it was hard to give her up. Though I trust Ale with ‘er, and in exchange he gave me 100,000 dollars- alls good; I was just going to give her to him considering it would put on a whole shit load of miles driving it here and I would then probably be questioned as to how I got it but he offered the money. So I'm saving it, especially for another, later on when it wouldn't be noticed as much if I mysteriously showed up owning a Porsche...

But anyways, back to the subject.
I am now officially part of Regalton Academy! (Thanks to my parole adviser I got some scholarship and am going to a fucking prep school!) I’m also working at the local Border's part time which shouldn't be that incredibly bad. I start school in 2 days and work tomorrow morning.
School is going to be very, very interesting to say the least... Prep school...wonder how that's gonna go?

Good thing is that I won’t go back to jail for not being enrolled in school or having a job, bad thing is that I'm still fighting, risking my parole. By hey, live the day like it’s your last right?

Now I just have to figure out how to fit this all into my daily life. Something’s going to have to give and I know damn well it isn't going to end up being the club and it can’t technically be school or work...so what really is left?
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