Chapter Two

Six thirty A.M. again. I woke up stretched, performed my regular morning hygiene routine, got dressed, ate breakfast, went for a jog, came back, repeated hygiene routine, and drove to work. I was quite pensive on my drive to work that morning. I was trying to fill in the blanks in my head from the previous night. I stopped at a red light.

“Gerard and Monica ate with us, they left, we had drinks, Gabe was talking about his favorite actor,” I said aloud trying to recount the events. Angry car horns brought me out of it. The light was green. I kept on driving, still trying to piece together the events. “What happened last night?” I asked myself, turning into the parking lot for us actors working on the film. I still had no answer as I parked and left my car to walk to my trailer.

“Did I really drink that much?” I asked myself. “I couldn’t have. What did Gabe do? I mean I’m an unpredictable drunk. How did I wake up in bed? Did Gabe lock the door when he left? Did he just spend the night at mine?” I stopped myself for a moment to think. “No, I would have seen him when I left the house this morning and given him a ride. What the hell happened then?!” I was feeling frustrated with myself, extremely frustrated. I even kicked at the gravel on the ground.

How could I not remember a damn thing? I could have done the unthinkable. I could have told him my biggest secret. I could have accidently raped him. Hell I could have done anything under the sun to my new, shy assistant. It was this that made me determined to ask him what happened.

I reached my trailer to see a tall figure leaning against the door. Their arms were crossed and their eyes shut. A black cap sat on their head to match the all black outfit. I slowed my steps as I approach the person. They appeared to be asleep. I was confused as to why someone would sleep outside of my trailer at one in the afternoon. I mean just about anyone from the set could bother them.

I slowly approached the person and saw that the sleeping person was Gabe. My face suddenly felt hot and my hands clammy. Something like this never happened. I never got worked up just from the sight of a person. “G-Gabe?” I stuttered in question.

His hand slowly looks up and a smile was on his face. “Afternoon querido,” he said to. I knew the last part was Spanish, yet I didn’t question what it was. “I hope you’re not hung over. You’re not needed until three thirty at hair and makeup.”

“Can we talk inside?” I asked quietly. I cocked my head to point at the door. My stomach felt queasy and I didn’t know what to do. Gabe nodded and I unlocked my trailer. We walked in and I felt an arm wrap around my middle as I shut and locked the door. “G-Gabe what are you doing?”

“Holding you,” he answered. His hand, which was quite large, rubbed at my side. His breath was in my ear and I was melting.

“What happened last night?” I asked in a breathy tone. Gabe’s hips were beginning to move and breath was slowly moving down my neck.

“You don’t remember?” he asked me. His hand stopped and I didn’t feel his breath anymore on me. “You really don’t remember? Please don’t say that.”

“I’m sorry?” I turned around to face him. His eyes looked sad.

“You kissed me Mikey. You kissed me and told me how you never feel lucky because you have everything except what you really want. You have everything except companionship,” he spoke, his voice remotely broken, “You wanted someone to be with you. Then you kissed me again and we kept on kissing. You led me to your bed but I stopped you because you were so drunk. You were drunk…” Gabe seemed to take his last sentence into major consideration. It held a lot of sadness.

“Oh,” I said softly. My eyes looked to see a saddened Gabe. My stomach was in knots and I swallowed hard. Tingles ran up around my skin. How could thing one man do this? How could he? “I don’t know how to feel or what to say.”

“I’m sorry Mikey. I’ll leave you alone.” Gabe turned quickly and began unlocking the door. He was having trouble like he couldn’t see the locks. I watched as he struggled.

“Gabe, let me help you,” I said, extending my arm in front of him. My arm was pushed back harshly.

“No, no I got it,” he cried. He was crying. I’d made the man cry. He was furiously messing with the locks.

I grabbed his arms and held them away, above his head. “Gabe please, I’m sorry. Just stop. You’re not getting anywhere,” I told him. I turned him and pinned him to the door. “Just stay a while and we’ll talk. We have until three thirty. We’ll talk.”

ᵜ ᵜ ᵜ

We spoke for nearly an hour. We kissed for nearly an hour. With only a half hour left to us until I was needed. Gabe had cried in my arms and I had fallen into his as we kissed. I felt so happy and light as I pulled away from him.

Gabe smiled. “I don’t know what we are but I’m glad to be with the luckiest man alive,” he said, pecking my cheek.

I chuckled. “Haha, very funny Gabe. Yet I am lucky, very lucky. Lucky to finally have you.” I kissed him again.
♠ ♠ ♠
Finished. Gotta admit it was not hard working with my prompt but I hope it delivers.