My Box of Secrets

Some people have secrets they won't share, but what do you do when you have so many of them, so many ideas or thoughts you wish you didn't have that you can't take it anymore? You get a box and start collecting. I started collecting, and finally, after some kind of bizzarre healing or whatever you wnat to call it, I decided to share. My Chemical Romance saves lives and I want to too. What if one secret I had, kept to myself and then decided to share, made someone else realize they weren't alone? That they could make just a little futher? That's the point of my box of secrets.
  1. The First Card
    This is how the box got started...
  2. Card Number 2: The Truth
    Coming to terms with another truth about myself that I've known all along...
  3. The Hardest Truth of All
    Probably the reason why I'm so ***ed up....
  4. Card number Four
    My truth about love