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Love in Ice




That simple four-letter word can branch off into many complicated meanings. It has enough power to alter a person's life forever, forbidding it to ever backtrack and begin on a new foot.

Once a person encounters love for the first time, nothing can be done to erase it.

Eliminating love is practically impossible, especially when one encounters it in their ever-changing surroundings.

It has permanently left its mark on the very lifeline of a person, controlling their every action.

Their every emotion.

Their every thought.

Another important fact to notice is that this little word is in itself a season: this word changes drastically and, at times, unexpectedly.

A person whose life is taken over by love should expect to have their life change in front of them in very similar, if not the same, ways.

So how does one define a word with an equally balanced amount of vowels and consonants? Another trial-and-error process of life? Something controlled by the stars, destiny-bound? The only energy of all nature?

Maybe it can be defined as an intense emotion, one that cannot--if you value your sanity--be treated as a puck on a hockey rink. It cannot be slapped around, especially such a sensitive emotion that can be easily bruised. If that is the case, then numbness should not come as a surprise.

Of course, love is usually considered a warm emotion, a heat that ignites every sense of the body and causes the heart to beat a little faster. Trust, loyalty, and happiness suddenly engulfs you when you are with that person. Your life not only revolves around that person, but that person is your life.

What happens if you are hesitant to love? Does it mean that you are doomed to have a feeling of emptiness or coldness? No.

Sometimes all it takes is a leap of courage. Chances are you will fall right into the warm feeling that someone has willingly left for you. The feeling of love.
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